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Getting There
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  1. hunnybunny

    The afghan is gorgeous, the colors are so rich. It looks snuggly can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. Lindsey

    That afghan is going to be absolutely amazing when finished!

  3. Amy Artisan

    Lovely knits in progress! I find I always seem to do a few quick projects in the midst of the larger ones. Since finishing the back half of my sweater I’ve done 2 quick knits plus 2 dishcloths & cast on for another pair of socks – time to swing back to the sweater. :)

  4. mai

    i already commented on your flickr photos, but the komb afghan is looking great! i can’t wait to see it completed.

  5. jessica~

    …the ninth of SIXTY? Oh, my. The colors look fabulous!!

  6. stacey

    that is going to be one smashing afgan!!!!!

  7. Janet

    The blanket is so beautiful. You have such a great eye for color.

    I fear that if I endevored to knit that (without copying you exactly), it would look kitchy (I envision something similar to my grandmother’s acrylic primary color granny square blankets – which I love, don’t get me wrong, but they aren’t something I really want in my living room as an adult).

    So – beware – if I ever get the idea in my head to knit a blanket, I’ll be a big copycat…

  8. Alice

    That looks amazing so far, Lolly! You’re making me want to drop everything and start and afghan right now! I love it :)

  9. debbie

    i’m loving the progress shots of the afghan….i want to knit one….

  10. Karen B.

    Such an intriguing look to this knit afghan! Far away from the usual, and I like it.

  11. meg

    lolly, i love the way the afghan is turning out. i cannot wait to see the end project.

  12. Marisol

    Your Komb Afghan is coming out beautiful! What yarn are you using again? Did you select specifc colors or are you de-stashing as you along using what you have built through the years?

  13. Sarah

    Big baby heads, hehe! That’s why I’ve only ever knit cardigans for babies, and why I have no plans to knit anything but cardigans in the immediate future. I do like the idea of buttons on the shoulders, though.

  14. Kristyn

    I love that afghan! What a special gift for your friends.

  15. jodi

    That afghan is shaping up beautifully. I’m in awe.

  16. Hillary

    I love the way the afghan looks. The colors and the pattern are really cool. I just got the Berroco book to make Joyella – a sweater made of hexagons.

  17. margaux

    wow that’s gorgeous! i am all about the hexagons too, i’m just about getting into crocheting them together for a shawl… it’s really such a great shape and i love how it plays out into the different knits!

  18. tina

    Komb is really working up beautifully—- gorgeous!!!!! Orderliness and a surprise element, two very nice things working together in a project!

    Can’t wait to watch it progress………….

  19. Jenna

    Good thing you’ve got a year to give a wedding present, right? :) With all those beautiful colors in play, I’m sure Becca will be thrilled with that gift. Of course, it’s natural to need to have quick fulfillment when you’re working on such a large project. I’m sure both the hat ans sweater will be adorable!

  20. Brenda

    Great projects! The colors of the hexagons really are nice together and good for PS earth.
    I love blue with yellow; what a cute combo for a baby boy’s sweater.

  21. Kara

    Ooh, so pretty! That blanket looks like a piece of art!

  22. Cindy

    That is the prettiest blanket I’ve ever seen. I thought I wanted to make the Babette blanket, but I think I’ve changed my mind after seeing this. Lovely!!!!!!!

  23. Dorothy

    All beautiful knits. I like the warm earthy-ness of the afghan.

  24. Julia

    Such pretty hexagons! Great colors.

  25. Mintyfresh

    Seriously: How do you keep it all straight? You’re always working on so many awesome things!

  26. Heather

    Hooray for quickie projects! But that afghan will be so worth it…

  27. Christine

    Lolly, I still just can’t get over the colors of that afghan–so beautiful.

  28. windloop

    The Komb Hexagon Afghan is absolutely beautiful!!

  29. erica

    Wow, your friend receiving the afghan will absolutely love it. It’s amazing and so beautiful.

    I love baby knits and the quickness of the baby sweater.

  30. Dana

    Yes, buttons to make room for big baby heads are a MUST! Your coworker will appreciate a handknit gift that is also easy to get on the baby!

  31. Miss Scarlett

    9 of 60?!
    Whoa – that is a lot of afghan. But it is going to be stunning – it already looks great.

  32. Lin

    “sigh” I wish that I could take such gorgeous photos. The colours in the afghan are so nice. :)

  33. astrid

    wow! I never seen knitted hexagons! I did crochet hexagons, but never saw a knitted version: looks wonderful!

  34. lucy

    I can definetely see why you’re in love with the Hexagons. They quite irresistible. Good luck cleaning up your wips…am doing the same!

  35. tiennie

    Absolutely gorgeous!

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