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Alpaca Toppers
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  1. Jenna Pink Monkey

    They are both very cute! I also liked Sandra’s hat when I saw. Yours is nice in that rich brown shade. Alpaca is such a great winter fiber, it really seals in the warmth. Wear them well!

  2. Heather

    Love that brown, so luscious!

  3. hunnybunny

    That brown is beautiful, I’ve seen that hat before and it never appealed to me. Yours is gorgeous.

  4. Wanett

    This is very cute on you!The brown looks great with your coloring. I like the little earwarmer you knit up as well. Simple and functional!

  5. rachel i.

    lovely! i like your little earwarmer pattern too, and did you get your hair cut again? it’s looks so adorable with the earwarmer!

  6. Kessa

    Very nice! Great weekend projects!

  7. mai

    i wish i had the patience for quicker knits like these! for some reason, i only like to cast on projects that take me forever to finish. :) they look great!

  8. whitney

    What a nice hat (and earwarmer)! Alpaca is such a wonderful fiber, so nice and warm. I really like that brown, too…I think it’s such a nice color for blonde-haired people like us!

  9. Lin

    Nice knits! I like the effect of the earwarmer, and yes, purling is faster isn’t it!

  10. Heidi

    Lovely! I adore the chocolate-y color! And bobbles are the cutest thing, and so much fun to make. I don’t mind purling either, although there’s not much difference for me in speed between knitting and purling.

  11. astrid

    what a funny hat! and love the colour!

  12. Ingrid

    I really like that headband. You look so chic wearing it!

  13. Cara

    this hat is coming up in my cue too!

  14. stacey

    all wrapped up in Alpaca goodness!!!! toasty!

  15. nova

    Very cute. And it’s brown. I love brown.

  16. Sarah

    Super cute – great quick projects

  17. connie

    How satisfying to get such quick, yet lovely results.

  18. courtney

    lovely! i love working with alpaca, it’s so soft and warm, and the halo on it is just beautiful. i love the color on this…

  19. Sedie

    Love the color yarn used on these projects! They look like perfect projects for the train! Thanks for sharing.

  20. tiennie

    Those are both pretty knits! I may have to steal your earwarmer idea!

  21. Claudia

    Such cute bobbles!!! Isn’t alpaca lovely!!?

  22. Macoco

    I love your twiggy bobble hat. I’ve made two of them so far, and they’re definitely a fun knit. And what a bonus that you got an earwarmer out of the project as well!

  23. Mimi

    I am glad you like the alpaca. I do like that brown…

  24. Prunila

    Cool haircut, you are more and more modern allthetime. I love the last picture Lolly!

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