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  1. maryse

    i just adore that sampler. i could easily get sucked in. although the setting up would be a serious deterrent

    that’s ok. i’ve got enough on my plate ;)

  2. Jenna

    Wow, you must be a natural weaver! Your projects are so, so pretty! It’s amazing that you completed them so quickly, too. I’m really interested to see your explorations of this craft, especially from a knitter’s point of view.

    You could use the cloth as a matzo cover for Passover ;)

  3. Siri

    Just GORGEOUS! I think you’re a natural at it. It looks like it was a really fun class, too.

  4. Joanna Kostrzewa

    Beautiful! My loom has only one heddle so I can only go up or down with every second thread of the warp, I can play around with different colors of the warp and weft though. Your sampler cloth looks much more interesting. *^v^*

  5. Nonnahs

    So cool, Lolly! What a fun thing to learn how to do- that’s awesome!

  6. Dorothy

    The scarves are all so beautiful. I love the coffee and cream look yours has most though.

  7. Tamar

    Lolly, those are absolutely gorgeous pieces! I am so glad you brought up weaving because it gave me the inspiration to pull my rigid heddle loom out of the closet. I had missed it! Now I am dreaming of doing one of these workshops. More, more! I want to hear everything. :)

  8. Leslie

    Your projects are absolutely gorgeous! It is amazing how quickly you were able to create them.

  9. Mrs.Hipp

    It’s funny, a knit-blog-friend and I were joking recently about passing up a pretty woven scarf because “Why buy it? I can just learn how to weave!” pops into our heads. We laughed because it seemed like only crazy crafting addicts like us would ever think about learning to weave instead of plunking down a few bucks for a scarf. Now here you are showing it can be done and with beautiful results. Maybe we aren’t so crazy after all.

  10. kelp!

    Gasp, I can’t believe that you completed both of those in a span of hours! I thought that weaving was much more time-consuming than that. They’re both stunning!

  11. Erica

    I love your woven pieces! They make me want to run out and get a loom…too bad I have no space for one! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. =)

  12. Dame Wendy

    Ooooo this totally feeds my obsession with getting a real full sized loom. Beautiful!

  13. Nora

    Works of art!

  14. Katarina

    Wow! Just beautiful! I really want to have a go at weaving, too. Some of my knitting friends here in Sweden have started weaving and have even set up looms in their own homes, I’m so envious! But for that we need a bigger apartment…

    I might sign up for some courses later this year, I’m so eager to try both weaving and embroidery. Oh, why does one have to work when there’s so many wonderful things one can create with textiles…?

    Good luck with your future weaving, it looks like you have a natural talent!

  15. Jan

    Very impressive, Lolly! Sounds like that workshop was well worth the time. I took a semester of weaving in college and loved it. So many interesting pursuits to tempt us!

  16. Caren

    Just beautiful Lolly! I’ve always admired hand-woven things. How fun to learn something new.

  17. Jody

    Your finished pieces are quite lovely! I would love to go to a weaving class in the future, and the we are so lucky to have the Mannings so close by!

  18. Linda

    OK, I was trying to resist the weaving thing, but you made it look easy. Your work is beautiful. I can’t wait to see what you make next.

  19. Brenda

    Very beautiful, Lolly! I’m glad you had such a good time. I think the knitting and weaving can compliment each other really well.

  20. Kim

    Lovely work.

    Your blog is one of the blogs that Makes My Day–thank you for being such an inspiration :)

  21. Leslie

    Beautiful scarves and fabulous samplers! I’m jealous and I want to pull my old 45″ loom out from under the beds and set it up again! Oh…but first…must wait for son #2 (now 22 and a college grad) to move on so I can have his room for my loom! :>)

  22. Jennifer

    Both your scarf and your sampler are so beautiful! Thanks for posting so many wonderful pictures from your class–now I have a better understanding of how looms work. I definitely want to learn how to weave in the future! :)

  23. nova

    That is some beautiful work, Lolly! While I was at my spinning class at Webs last weekend, there was a waving class going on next door, I was thinking of you and all the fabulous stuff you were learning. Nice work!

  24. Shell

    Beautiful work Lolly!

  25. astrid

    fantastic! I have done some weaving in my days :-) but it has been awhile.
    You have done a great job! Are you going to do some more weaving?

  26. dan

    Wow. All I can say is that I hope you keep it up, because you’ve created some very amazing pieces. Nice work.

  27. Valerie

    That is so amazing and beautiful! Congrats!!

  28. amisha

    lolly, these are incredibly beautiful and inspiring! how amazing to go home with a finished piece you can be proud of. and the colors… so so good!

  29. ellie

    I am so jealous. Being exiled in Texas and learning there is such a great school so near my hometown… I have dreams of doing a mother daughter weaving retreat with my mom. I might send her your posts as inspiration. :)

  30. Moni

    Lolly it’s lovely! How fun!!!

  31. molly!

    Wow Lolly, your pieces are absolutely gorgeous!! I can’t believe that you are only a beginner!

  32. Hope

    Wow, I cannot believe how beautiful it is, and you make it look so doable! Now I have to figure out how to get a loom in the Czech Republic…

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