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  1. Erin

    As usual amazing beautiful work. You never fail to impress with your projects. And if my blue eyes don’t deceive me, the E you’ve been eluding to all weekend is in fact Eunny Jang, which in turn, turns them absolutely green with envy.

  2. megan

    Your projects are gorgeous! The whole handweaving process looks fascinating and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what else you do.

  3. Elise

    Those are lovely! I think there are going to be a lot of people eyeing a weaving class at Mannings, including yours truly.

  4. Carole

    They are beautiful, Lolly!

  5. tina

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOh……. smorgeous!!! I don’t blame you, I’d wear that lovely scarf every chance I could (and then some!)

    So, how are the plans coming for that floor loom?????

  6. knitography

    Beautiful! No doubt you have just motivated a few other people to learn to weave. I find the process fascinating but worry the initial set up would drive me insane!

  7. whitney

    Wow, both of your handwoven projects look so amazing! I would never guess you hadn’t woven before, seeing them. And only 3 hours for the scarf? Incredible!

  8. ann

    Gorgeous! I love the deep plum in the first scarf. No wonder you’re so captivated with weaving!

  9. Kim

    They’re absolutely gorgeous!

  10. christie

    What an awesome class and an awesome experience! You’re inspiring me to try it!

  11. jillian

    Stunning! No way those like the first projects.

  12. jillian

    Look like, I meant to say :)

  13. tiennie

    Lolly – there is no end to your amazing creativity! Your work is always so gorgeously photographed too!

  14. mai

    i can’t get over how beautiful your scarves are!

  15. Christine

    Beautiful! Both projects are wonderful. I didn’t know you could weave that amount of cloth with a pattern in just a few hours. Looks like you had a great weekend.

  16. Elemmaciltur

    You are evil, because I now want to learn how to weave. :-p

  17. Marlyn

    What Elemmaciltur said.

  18. Beverly

    Oh, how lovely your weaving is! I’ve been stalking the Webs site, looking at their weaving classes, and this makes me want to take one even more. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  19. Jennifer

    Oooh – what gorgeous first projects. I love the group shot. I bet it was as much fun as it looks.

  20. Lisa

    By the look of those projects, one would think you’ve been weaving for years. Beautiful!

  21. brooke

    The twill sampler is gorgeous!

  22. Ginnie

    Wow! The twill sampler looks so intricate–I can’t believe you finished it in a day. Beautiful!

  23. Allegra

    They are both lovely!

  24. Megan

    You make me want to learn how to weave! I am definitely going to try and take some classes at the Mannings- it looks great.

  25. mel

    Really beautiful. How amazing to make something so lovely on your first go! Savor it!!

  26. Zarah

    Your weaving is awesome! I’m certainly interested after seeing your work and the weavers in New Mexico earlier this year. Keep the inspiration coming!

  27. Sue

    Wow, how amazing is the work you have completed. They are both beautiful and I am sure that you will produce many more amazing ones too. I love the group shot and how different everyone’s projects turned out too.

  28. lucy

    WOW! Both scarves are gorgeous Lolly. Really nice weave on the sampler one.

  29. Laura

    Awesome! Way to learn yet ANOTHER skill!
    I have used that Farmhouse before and loved it. FYI, it grows after washing thanks to the cotton content.

  30. Marilyn Terrell

    Absolutely outstanding.

  31. Lin

    What lovely fabrics you made. Might need to try weaving one day!

  32. Heidi

    Oh, they are both so gorgeous! The blue one looks a bit like linen fabric, and the color is amazing. I love all the different patterns of the sampler cloth. It wouldn’t look as great if the whole thing were woven in the same pattern. Nice job! Now you’ve made me want to take up weaving… :)

  33. textillian

    Great stuff! The class at the Mannings is a wonderful class. It is the class that I took to learn to weave over 10 years ago. Tom is a great guy and a great teacher. Whenever anyone expresses an interest in learning to weave, the Mannings is where I send them.

    Glad you had such a great time.

  34. Kirsten

    Beautiful Lolly! You inspire me to give weaving a try!

  35. Ruth

    Really, really nice. I took a weaving class … gosh, it’s been more than a year ago … and enjoyed it tremendously. The only thing that has stopped me from buying a loom is that we have nowhere to put it.

  36. Emily

    Wow, Lolly! Those are beautiful!

  37. stacey

    How fun!! Both projects are amazing – the second one though – all that detail and the patterns – what inspiration!

  38. Martha H

    Your projects are lovely! I, too, have tip-toed into weaving after purchasing a rigid heddle loom last year. The time you spend on the warping really, really makes up for itself during the weaving process. What fun!

  39. Sarah

    Lolly – they are lovely! What a fun skill to learn.

  40. jane

    …you had me with pictures of the looms in the workshop.

  41. Suzanne

    Beautiful work Lauren. It looks like you had a really nice time.

  42. Alice

    Wow, you’re so talented I can’t get over it :) The patterns in the sampler are just absolutely gorgeous… WOW.

  43. tina

    Lolly, you know that you inspire me in so many ways!!! Your blog is forever a highlight in my day!

    Thanks so much for your generous spirit and creative soul!

    I’m passing on a “You Make My Day” award to you—— check the blog today at http://www.knittingcontessa.blogspot.com for the details!


  44. Gail

    Beautiful. I’m jealous.

    Years ago I gave away a childrens Harrisville tabletop weaver. I could kick myself now!

  45. Kristin

    Oh, wonderful scarf – and lovely breadcloth!

    My great-grandfather (whom I never got to meet) used to have a weaving company, back in the 20s and 30s. My grandfather still remembers the looms and talks about them often.

  46. courtney

    Your weaving is beautiful! The blue scarf looks like it will be a very practical and useful piece in your wardrobe, and I love the subtle way the Mountain Colors faded in and out of each color, it really added depth to the weaving.
    The “bread cloth” (and I do hope that’s what you’ll use it for!) is lovely. The herringbone pattern is my favorite and looks so crisp. I love the colors you chose, they are modern, sophisticated and very versatile.
    Also, there is a really simple whole grain bread recipe in the new Nigella Lawson cookbook, aptly named “The Lazy Loaf”…its yummy and good for you, you should check it out.

  47. sacie

    lovely scarfs. love the colors.

  48. Macoco

    I love all of the subtle pattern changes in your sampler. The depth of color in your purple heart scarf is beautiful.

  49. Sarah

    Oh such lovely work – so glad it was a great weekend

  50. Mimi

    Nice job, Lol!

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