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  1. Sheila

    Oh no – you are making me want to learn to weave and that is so bad on so many levels (no room, no loom money, no need!)

    The neckwarmer is lovely!

  2. ashley

    Beautiful!! Love the new weaving.

  3. margaux

    really lovely lolly – you’re coming along with the weaving! i am also in the midst of “cleaning house” and god only knows what older knitted FOs will emerge!! :-)

  4. stacey

    how neat – that strobe light effect is amazing! don’t you love cleaning out and finding things? (and getting rid of stuff!) i try to do a major clean once a year if I can….the weaving is beautiful – i can’t wait to see what you do next….

  5. nova

    We have begun our annual house-cleaning (it takes a few months, actually) and we have been finding some very scary things. I am doubtful about finding anything useful or fun. You are really getting the hang of this weaving thing Lolly! It’s very impressive.

  6. Raina Vitanov

    I love the beautiful colors in the projects. They go with this months fire element. The woven piece (the last picture) is beautiful. I have not woven anything since my attempts in grade 10 a gazillion years ago…definitely time to try again.

  7. Rebecca

    Nice shots, Kris! You are looking great, Lolly! Love the haircut! I always enjoy it when you blog about the photography details since that is my parallel knitting hobby. I’m going to check out that stobist kit.

  8. Jody

    Great job on the weaving! It will definitely be an adventure! Keep up the practice and you will definitely get better and better.

  9. jane

    Yay for velour-y man made fibres! Fun to fondle, knit with and pet afterwards.

  10. gleek

    love the photos. they really make your eyes look surreal!

  11. Stacey

    You are also making me want to weave! But alas, not money for that. Maybe I could just find someone that would let me use their loom…

  12. jillian

    Your neck will be snuggly everyday!

  13. Kristin

    Ah, yes, cleaning. I’m always surprised what I find when I tidy up. Keep up your weaving – looks good!

  14. The Purloined Letter

    Love the weaving! You’ll have to teach me how.

  15. tina

    I shall say this once dear Lolly—

    we shall not speak again of what lurks under the bed!

  16. Alice

    I love all the photos. You look so pretty, but kind of sad/pensive/wistful at the same time… all the looks are great.

  17. Sarah

    Don’t you just love it when you find things you forgot you had? It’s like a treasure hunt.

  18. tiennie

    Those look so good on you! A new project and an old one – perfect!

  19. Jenna

    Girl, you look feee-irce in those photos! The combination of the lighting and your expressions really show a different side of you. I like it :)

    I love the colors of both of the neckwarmers and think that, despite the materials, they both look really nice! One of the nice things about having the woven neckwarmer draped around you in that way is that it hides all of its sins. Really, I don’t see a thing wrong with it and I think it looks fantastic. Keep on practicing!

  20. Sara

    Check the cord holding your front apron bar to the loom. Is it evenly distributed? And enjoy your Baby Wolf! It’s a great loom.

  21. LizKnits

    Great photos!! That red woven fabric looks super… your a natural at weaving it appears.

  22. Izumi

    Nice neckwarmers!
    VERY nice color :)

  23. Lin

    The colour is lovely and the woven fabric has such a nice texture. I have a bag of knits under my bed too so you are not the only one!

  24. Taueret

    nice weaving and I like that dark red colour! I too am very naughty about swatching when I knit, but I *do* make a sample when weaving, usually. I’m not sure why that is!

  25. Kirsten

    Such lovely and dramatic photos. Now I want a Strobist Kit! I think cranberry is definitely your color! Those neck wraps look fabulous on you.

  26. Teresa

    Beautiful-you and the scarf!

  27. Mimi

    I do like the photos but I wanted one of your smile. Too many upset Lolly faces…

    I prefer you smiling.

    I am excited to see your loom someday!

  28. Jessica

    Hey! I think I made the same neckwarmer, possibly in 2005, only with some red handspun. It’s such a great little project when you’ve only got a tiny bit of some special, or super-soft, yarn. And it’s so cute on you, too! :)

  29. Miss Scarlett

    Your woven neckwarmer is lovely. It really suits you and it seems it is a great project for learning.

  30. materfamilias

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to welcome me to Project Spectrum. So many wonderful ideas on your site (and your foray into weaving is inspiring to watch).

  31. brooke

    The woven neckwarmer is beautiful – red really is your color. I look forward to reading your posts – thanks for “making my day”. :)

  32. lekkercraft

    love these photos, and i’m loving watching all the weaving you’re doing!

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