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Muy Caliente
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  1. Mystele

    Just lovely. The colors are warm & earthy. Nice choice.

  2. Kelly

    It is *so* fun to watch you learn this wonderful new craft. :-) Thanks so much for sharing the great photos (another awesome inspiration!) with us. I think that your “muy caliente” turned out muy bueno!

  3. Kate

    It’s so wonderful to watch the progress. Your piece turned out beautifully (and I love the handknit socks :) )

  4. Hege

    The yarn you used it so beautiful!
    I’ve been reading all of your weaveing post, and I really need to clear out some stuff in my craftroom so I can get room for a loom or two. I have two looms sitting and waiting for me at my grandmother’s house
    You make it look so easy :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Erica

    That’s so pretty! I love the colors, and the stitches are so wonderfully dense and even. It’s really fun to see how different yarn looks woven than it would knitted. Just one more way to revel in fiber. =)

  6. Heidi

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the colors, and the way they come together in the fabric. It reminds me of the rag rugs my grandmother used to weave. She had a giant loom in the attic, and made her rugs out of old clothes and scraps of fabric. We still have at least 10 of her rugs at our summer cottage. They are great for keeping the floors warm when it’s a bit chilly outside in May/June.

  7. Sarah

    A really lovely piece – loved hearing the inspiration for it too

  8. Kristin

    Oh, gorgeous – and so fiery!

  9. ~Kristie

    I’ve never had the desire to weave .. but you’re making me feel a bit of a “burn” for it. My husband would kill me! :-D

    It’s beautiful. The colors are amazing and I’m excited to see all your future projects.

  10. KSee

    What a wonderful color. I am enthralled watching you advance in your new weaving.

  11. Shell

    Love those colors! Congrats on the quick set up and weaving off. Can’t wait to see how they look after felting.

  12. Kelly

    lolly is absolutely awesome! I love the colours and how it worked up. Your seriously getting me in trouble because now I want to weave!!!

  13. lucy

    your new talent is amazing. The colurs on this piece are amazing too. WOW!

  14. Poppins

    Felting it and making coasters? Fabulous idea, Lolly! The colours work so well with the texture, sorta the way variegated yarns shine in seed stitch.

  15. Wendie

    My goodness that is gorgeous!

  16. Elinor

    Wow, phenomenal! The colors are amazing. That’s really beautiful work.

  17. Anne

    Yup, you’ve definitely gotten the bug. There’s a great book on rep weaving by Joanne Tallarovic (called Rep Weave and Beyond) if you like those techniques. It’s a nice bit of eye candy even if you want to just look at the pretty pictures too. :)

  18. Heather

    Honestly, you are a one of a kind pan-fiber enthusiast!

  19. LizzieK8

    How very pretty! Be sure to take lots of pics after the fulling and cutting are done!

  20. Faerielady

    *Sigh* I am soooo envious of that loom :) However, at least I am able to see the beautiful things you make! I love the colors… great idea to felt it slightly and make coasters or something along that line.

  21. jillian

    So pretty! And you get to make great “usable” items from a sample again. I love how you can use stash knitting yarn.

  22. Rebecca

    PERFECT for Project Spectrum! It looks like you are having fun with your new ‘toy’.

  23. liz K.

    I’ve really been enjoying your adventures in weaving lately — and I really enjoyed seeing your byline in Interweave Knits, too!

  24. Wanett

    This looks great! The rich colors woven so tightly together really make a strong statement. Very much like a sunset or a flame.

    You are a very fast and enthusiastic learner =0)

  25. Kessa

    Beautiful! Love the spicy colors!

  26. Cindy

    Beautiful! I’m loving seeing all your new weaving projects – although now I’m just yearning to learn how to weave even more!

  27. Alice

    It’s gorgeous! It’s amazing how toned down the woven fabric is. I love it. You really have a knack for this!

  28. Moni

    That is gorgeous Lolly! I’m really enjoying your weaving adventures!

  29. Jody

    That yarn is gorgeous! I love it!

    By the way – I JUST got my new Interweave today – congrats on your article! It was very well written – awesome job!

  30. whitney

    It looks lovely! It really does look like fire. It’s so fun getting to watch you learn this new craft!

  31. Kiva, Southern Girl Musings

    I love the colors…it is such a joy to vicariously try weaving through your eyes/hands.

  32. Taueret

    Looks great, were you amazed? I still can’t ever picture how yarns will look when woven, and sometimes, like this, they just.look. awesome.

  33. k

    gorgeous! I’ve been thinking about getting back to the loom, and your project is very inspiring! Very nice work.

  34. Jennifer

    Me gusta! I love the texture and the colors.

    And congratulations on your article in IK! I enjoyed reading it.

  35. ellie

    How lovely! I think you’ve inspired me to weave with my handspun rather than knit.

  36. Carol

    That is a lovely colour combo! Very nice piece.

  37. Sneaksleep

    Ah, just the warmth I needed on this cold, blustery day. Thanks for sharing!

  38. Anne Lindenfeld

    Lovely! I never thought I would muse about weaving myself, but this piece of yours has done the trick. Oh, but please don’t cut it up — make it into a table runner or something. It is so beautiful, and the pattern has such a wonderful flow!

    Thanks for your wonderful blog. I am an avid reader and love your wool work and photos!

  39. stacey


  40. astrid

    you make such great photo’s!

  41. tiennie

    How beautiful!

  42. connie

    You are really attacking your new hobby with Gusto! I love Colinette yarns, but never know what to do with them. The skeins of Colinette I have are all still in skein form. I find them the most pleasing that way! But I love your solution. Can’t wait to see the final results :) Did you have to learn this technique or was it obvious given your Mannings training? Forgive me if it’s a stupid question. I know *nothing* about weaving.

  43. Mome-rath

    Gorgeous. I was wondering how the variegated yarn would look when woven, instead of knit—beautiful! And it behaved in such a surprising way, ay least for me.

    P.S. Congrats on the fantastic article in the new Interweave Knits! Great work!

  44. nova

    Muy caliente, indeed. The color combination is beautiful, it’w roking up to something very lovely!

  45. Jenna

    So gorgeous! I don’t know the right vocabularly to describe what your’e doing, but I love how the rows look so nicely stacked. The colors look fantastic! It’s also interesting to see how yarns I’m used to seeing in knit form work up in weaving.

  46. Brandy

    That looks glorious. I’ve caught the spinning bug only recently, but I remember trying to set up some way to weave stuff even when I was 4 or 5 years old. Maybe weaving is my true calling.

  47. Nyxxie

    What kind of weaving loom do you have?

  48. Norma Hawthorne

    What wonderful acuity you have! Congratulations. I am a fiber artist and jeweler working with master weavers Federico Chavez Sosa and his son, Eric Chavez Santiago, to offer 4-day intensive weaving and natural dyeing workshops in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca, in their home studio for small groups of weavers, knitters, artists, and teachers in 2008. If you know of anyone interested in this special experience, please tell them about it. All “credentials” are on the website: http://www.oaxacaculture.com Muchas gracias, Norma

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