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Conservation and Contest
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  1. debbie

    Congratulations on the article. I enjoyed reading it.

    Oh, I love that laceweight yarn. What gorgeous color.

  2. vanessa

    you go girl! Great work. Love your blog and photos

  3. Bianca

    Congrats on the article. I am happy for you!

  4. Sharon Rose

    Congrats on being published! You rock!

    Love that red… so gorgeous!

  5. Terri

    Congratulations on the article! Fantastic! I look forward to reading it…

  6. Lisa

    Congratulations on the article! Such a fascinating topic, you must have learned so much in putting it together…

  7. knit_tgz


  8. tinker

    congrats on both accounts.

  9. beth

    WAHOO On the article! I can’t wait to read it!

    I will show it to my husband and point and say

    “I know her” sorta…. !!!!!!


  10. knittingnovice

    Whoo! Congrats on the article!

  11. Josiane

    Congrats on the article! Many times I have come close to buying IK, but finally haven’t done so, even though many issues looked great. This time, I have to get a copy, if only for this article! It sounds extremely interesting.

  12. Christiane

    how cute is that , I was musing over my spring IK and what did I see : your name as a writer, congrats ! I will devour it even more . hugs Ch.

  13. Kelley

    Congratulations! On both accounts. I was lucky enough to visit conservators in action in a museum last summer and realized I missed out on one career path that might be perfect for me! (I’ve since found another!) I really enjoyed the article and now I’ll have to go look at it again!

  14. Triplet Mom

    Congrats! I loved the article! Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work.

  15. Marisol

    That is so wonderful Lolly! I have the magazine at home and simply cannot wait to go page through it now and read the article! You are an amazing writer —at least what I have experienced thus far from reading your blog. Your pictures are amazing too! Thank you so much for sharing and giving a little of yourself with every post:)

  16. Elinor

    Wow! What a lot of comments. HUGE congratulations on the article, Lolly!!!! I think it’s fantastic! I look forward to more too. ;-)

  17. Amy Scott

    Congratulations Lauren on the article! I’m interested on how to preserve what I knit so that it can be enjoyed generations later. It’s definitely on my must read list!

  18. Kristiina

    Gongratulations on your big step! I can’t wait for my copy..

  19. LaVerna

    Congrats on your by-line!That is so cool.

  20. Allison

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to get my copy :)

  21. Kenyetta


  22. monica


    And you are seriously making me drool with those prizes!

  23. Misty

    Congrats on seeing your name in print! You’re such an inspiration.

    My goodness, that Yarn Place is gorgeous!

  24. Robin in VA

    Congratulations!! I love the Yarn Place Graceful!! It’s beautiful!! It would make a beautiful stole.

  25. Dove

    Wow, that’s exciting! So many comments!

  26. molly!

    Congratulations Lolly! I am so happy that your article was publihed in IK! I’m sure it is a great article and I look forward to reading it!!

  27. Spritely Stephanie

    Lolly, super huge congratulations! What an accomplishment – it must be such a rush to see your work in print :)

  28. yahaira

    congrats lolly! I hope this means there will be lots more writing in the future! I’ll have to pick up this issue so I can read your article.

  29. turtle

    Huge congrats on the article! What a wonderful start to the new year…must mean good things will continue to follow you through 2008!

  30. Faith

    Lolly, Congratulations on the article, I can’t wait to read it!

  31. Eileen

    Congratulations! What an achievement.

  32. eva

    Loved the article! I’ve just started reading your blog recently, and it was fun to see your byline.

  33. Eileen

    hi lolly, i would love to read the article but based in the UK, could you just confirm what issue it was in? Or perhaps a ISBS number? Like to read that you follow your passion, and wish you do more of this in the future..

  34. Katie O

    congrats on getting published!!! YAHOO!!! *doing a happy dance for you*

  35. Gaile

    I was already haunting the LYS waiting for the Spring issue of IK, and now I’m even more impatient for it to arrive! Can’t wait to read your article (I also live in BC, but we are a big place, so I can’t admit to knowing Jane).

    Congratulations, Lauren and I look forward to seeing more written works from you (no pressure or anything)! Btw, where did “Lolly” come from – is it a childhood nickname?

  36. Timiae

    Hi! Beautiful yarn and blog!

  37. sabrina

    Yeah for you! Its a big deal to have something in print, not everyone can do it.

  38. claudine

    Oh congratulations, Lolly! Very exciting! I can’t wait to get my copy. Hopefully this is the beginning of many more!

  39. filambulle

    Hi Lolly!
    I read your article today, with much interest and pleasure.
    As an art historian I have always been interested in conservation, and since I am so textile-obsessed I have played a lot with the idea of using both my capacities and passion joined together… a little bit like this amazing woman is doing.
    So I admire (and envy) her. And I thank you for this article. I was so thrilled when I recognized your website adress at the end of the paper!
    I send you a big hug from Switzerland. A a little kiss too. Or two. I think you deserve them.
    Please tell Jane she is great.

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