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Trial and Error
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  1. Carrie

    I’m a long time reader and almost exclusively lurker, but I wanted to jump in and say that Frog Tree yarn is some of the most gorgeous yarn I’ve seen in a LONG time. Your photo of the knitting is very well done — I’ll be anxiously awaiting more shots of the project in progress. The yarn looks like it knits up like a dream!

    And as far as the weaving, you’ve got a great attitude — always a learning curve in a new craft, no mater how much we want it or how much we think “hey, I can do this, no problem!”

    Anyway, great work as usual and thank you for sharing!!

  2. whitney

    So sorry to hear about the alpaca-as-warp fiasco! I’m finding I have similar problems with spinning as compared to knitting…it’s just not as easy (nor is it even possible, sometimes) to go back and fix mistakes! Wow, maybe knitting really is the perfect craft :)

    Your version of the Printed Silk cardigan is looking lovely!

  3. Leeann

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful shade of orange. That yarn is just gorgeous!

  4. no-blog-rachel

    Well now you’ve inspired me. And reminded me that I have a sweater’s-worth of Frog Tree Pima Silk in my stash! How could I have ignored it for over a year?

  5. Heather

    Trial and error, right? Yikes…glad you’ve picked yourself up and dusted yourself off and are moving on, love that FT Pima Silk!

  6. Lin

    The frog tree yarn looks so nice, love the colour too! I know what you mean about the learning process as I am trying to teach myself drop spindleing, a little part of me just wanted to be an expert straight away! We learn from our mistakes too don’t we. Thats why I always frog if I am not happy!

  7. astrid

    oh yes: excellent choice. She must love it.

  8. Terri

    All that wonderful yarn can now be used as weft instead of warp or pillow stuffing….. I use thrums (the ends of the warp) all the time to add bits of color and texture to my weaving. Others have tied thrums together to make a lovely yarn with texture where the knots are! And the part that you did weave I’m sure that you can make into some useful item…..a small bag, a placemat, lots of possibilities.

    Happy weaving,

  9. Zarah

    Darn! You need to get some experienced weavers reading your blog, so they can leave you comments about mistakes like that. Luckily, you’ve still got the magic touch when it comes to knitting! Your sister is a lucky girl to get that sweater as a present.

  10. Stacey

    It’s nice to read about weaving here since I know so little ablout it. You’re always so descriptive…it’s educational! I can’t wait to see your sisters sweater…one month? Wow. You can totally do it though…

  11. *karen

    I’m intrigued by the frog tree silk. I’m boring and always use the same old yarns I’ve always used. I can’t wait to see your FO, I bet it will be gorgeous and I’ll gladly eat my words about the spring IK patterns.

  12. Sasha

    It’s how we learn, right? So nevermind about the ‘snip snipping’of your weaving project. That’s the beauty of having several craft obsessions, when one isn’t working out so well, you can gain comfort and fun from your other projects in the meantime! :)

  13. Sue

    The cardigan does look gorgeous. I really like your knitting and your stitches look so even too. I am sure your sister will absolutely love it too.

  14. Miss Scarlett

    Ack! What a shame.

    The cardigan is stunning though – your fabric is so lovely.

  15. Karen

    I second Terri’s comment — there are plenty of things you can do with the leftover alpaca. These pieces can still be used for weft. Have you tried weaving on cardboard? You could easily use the cut pieces for that. Or, you could tie them together, alternating pink and white, and leaving an inch or two tail at each knot, then knit a scarf with the tied ends sticking out randomly. At our guild we sell “Magic Balls” of yarn that are just that — left over yarn bits, a meter or two in length, tied together. We use random yarns in coordinating colors. People knit them up into scarves and triangle shawls. You might have long enough pieces to weave 2″ weave-it squares that you can use as decoration on other projects.

  16. Josiane

    Oh, that looks like a great yarn, and makes for a gorgeous knit! I’m glad you’ve mentioned it, because this cardigan is the garment I liked best in this issue of IK, and I’ve just found out today that my newest LYS carries Frog Tree Yarns…
    As for the weaving, well… you have lost some pretty yarn, but you’ve never lost everything when you’ve learnt something!

  17. kat

    I found your rasta hat so cute. I tried logging on to the link you provided but they don’t have the pattern up anymore. Is there any way that you would still have it? I would love to make one for my brother. Thanks for your help and good job!


  18. courtney

    what a bummer about the alpaca, so sorry that it didn’t work out. however, the new color choice is really nice, very sophisticated…i can’t wait to see how it turns out!
    i love the sweater you are working on for your sister, she’s a lucky birthday girl!

  19. gabriella

    ooh i’m totally digging the printed silk pattern, and that frog tree is such a gorgeous color! i didn’t know about project spectrum but one of my blog visitors saw the photos i just posted of my recently-completed lace design project and noted that the color fits your seasonal designation! so there you go. :) gabriella

  20. connie

    I’m sorry the alpaca didn’t quite work. I’m sure you’ll put the remainder to good use though! And thanks for the mention of my sweater :) I am *thrilled* you’re making it and I hope you and your sister will like the final result. The sleeves were a pain for me, all that k1p1 rib! The twisted stitch pattern is much more fun.

  21. Brenda

    Too bad about the alpaca weft. But now you know.

    The yarn for the sweater is really lovely and sounds very comfortable to wear. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out; it is such an attractive pattern.

  22. tiennie

    That yarn color is just gorgeous!

  23. alyssa

    The Frog Tree is gorgeous, but (and quite possibly because I just can’t wear that shade or orange), my favorite is the burgandy. I’m not a weaver, but I’m vicariously and thoroughly enjoying your journey.

  24. stacey

    that stinks about the weaving, but like you said, you need to give it the same time you gave your knitting!

    that is my favorite cardi out of the new IK!!

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  26. Reflexology London

    …always inspiring ! the Frog tree is great !

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