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Simple Pleasures
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  1. Manda

    Pretty photos! I love the waterfall shot. Your weekly walks make me pine for the forests back East. California is beautiful, but I miss walking through the PA woods. Just lovely.

  2. Sarah Jackson

    That looks wonderful and peaceful – all of it. I spent mine at Ikea and then at the Asian market with my kids, surrounded by way too much humanity and then at a baby shower where there was way too much stuff. All together, just too much. Your photos are like a cool drink of water to me today.

  3. Heather

    Wow, I really miss that area for all the beautiful scenery! How interesting about the deer – how awesome to see so many at one time on foot!!!!


  4. Dee

    Beautiful pictures. I love the deer pic. You are making me miss “home” too.

  5. Josiane

    The Namaste Knitters meetup really sounds like it was awesome! It makes me wish I was closer, so that I could attend the next one…
    This waterfall is gorgeous, so full of life!
    It sounds like you’ve had both a relaxing and invigorating weekend, that’s the best kind of weekends!

  6. Miss Scarlett

    What an ideal weekend!

    The waterfall picture is just gorgeous and I love the ruins of the Mill.

    This weekend I really did next to nothing. Read, knit a mitten that will have to be frogged and napped. Not too exciting. ;-)

  7. tiennie

    That looks like a wonderful weekend!

  8. Mintyfresh

    Beautiful hike. I really need to do some yoga again. I’m actually craving it–though it used to be an integral part of my life, i don’t often crave it. I spent my weekend with Pam, but you’ve seen all the documentation of that visit!

  9. Hannah (Hannahknits)

    I found your blog some time ago through Ravelry and have been reading it from time to time but now it is time to leave a comment here. (Sorry for my sometimes pour english)

    What a lovely blog you have! Your writing is very nice and the pictures are beautiful. Your weekend sounds like a very nice one.

    I also have been hiking this weekend on Sunday. Not as long as you though. Here in The Netherlands it was rather cold weather: around 6 degrees celsius (that is 43 degrees Fahrenheit) but it was a sunny day.

    And: we also saw a few deer. It was a group of four. Because we didn’t move we good get a good look at them before the run off. I didn’t had the chance to take pictures though.

    On Saturday we were searching for a new bike for my sons birthday (next month) and we also visited a nice town called Zwolle (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zwolle ) together with my (soon to be) husband. We did some shopping there, had a drink in a café and had a nice (vegetarian!) dinner there before we went home again.

  10. MaryjoO

    your lotus positions look great. I’m a member of your Ravelry group but haven’t read it in a while (still doing PT for frozen shoulder issues). I’m too far away geography wise to join you all, but it’s fabulous you can get together. And what a hike — gorgeous!

  11. Meg

    What a great way to spend a weekend! I do miss the outdoors in the winter. Luckily, I took my first shot at cross country skiing this weekend. I can’t wait to go again, but we need snow first!

  12. Jody

    Wow! I didn’t know about that waterfall in Patapsco. Ill have to check that out. What trail did you take?

    I had a great weekend – Sarah S came down for a visit :)

  13. Leann

    Beautiful pictures. We spent the long weekend away in Mystic, CT – the first trip to New England for this east coast transplant! We made the most of the weather and spent the rainy part of Monday at Mohegan Sun losing money and getting a massage (DH) and a facial (me). We took our doggie for a walk in Olde Mystick Village and that, coupled with this beautiful post, is inspiring me to start taking advantage of our surroundings and trying to get out into the wilderness more. Too much time is spent cooped up in the house. And while sitting in my comfy knitting chair, puppy at my feet, and a movie on the tv is one of the most relaxing ways I can think to spend my time…life is surely about more than that. Before I know it, we will have left the east coast for TN to raise our family and I will not have really experienced the beauty I know is hiding somewhere around here. That cannot pass.

  14. Nicole

    Well, as you know, I spent a large part of it curled up on the couch with some lovely cocoon. But I also did manage to get out for some fresh air. The snow and the sun were just too good to pass up, I went cross-country skiing in the woods. Heavenly.

    Looks like your hike was heavenly too. And knitting and yoga? A perfect match. I’m going to have to add my name to this group on Ravelry!

  15. Ingrid

    What a great idea to have a knitting/yoga group. Hmmm. I may just start a local chapter . . .

  16. Dana

    Sounds like you had a great weekend! I envy your knitting meetups- I seem to be a lone knitter out here, with no knitting friends my age!

    Our weekend was spent snowboarding and with family. Though your 70 degrees sounds nice, I hope it stays cold in NY for 2 more weeks so we can hit the slopes again.

  17. alyssa

    What a lovely weekend! The photos are great, especially those of the bridge and the dilapidated building. I’m always intrigued by the lost homes/schoolhouses, etc. I see while out driving wherever we’ve lived.

    My weekend was one of the rare laid back ones, spent mostly knitting, surfing Ravelry and watching movies.

  18. stacey

    70!!!!! So jealous! We hit 50 and I was ready to break out the shorts! It poured all day though. What a waste…..that looks like a great park -

  19. Sarah

    What gorgeous photos of your walk in the woods. Thank you for sharing. And what an inspiration to start our own weekend ritual of taking purposeful walks.

  20. caroline

    Aww, I really wanted to go to the Namaste Knitters meetup, but I work on Saturdays.

  21. Phoe

    What a gorgeous waterfall! This weekend I spent resting an injured shoulder (no knitting either, that sucked) and falling in love with the architecture of Bath.

  22. caroline

    Oh, I thought the Ravelry post said it was on Saturday, not Sunday! I know nothing about yoga but have been wanting to try…. is this meetup novice-friendly?

  23. Tuulia

    The pics are just gorgeous!

    Our weekend? Two words, tax return….

  24. Moni

    fun! I wish I lived in Maryland so I could join you and the other Namaste Knitters! And that hike you took! how beautiful! I am kind of jealous. We have too much snow and ice still to go out hiking. I miss my weekend hikes! However, Raf and I went snow shoeing for the first time this past weekend and had so much fun. I think we are addicted. It’s a great way to get out and experience the outdoors in the winter.

  25. Tally

    I’ve spent the weekend at my nearby buddhist meditation center Semkye Ling. Topic was metta – compassion. Made some straight forwards walk in my free time and took a lot of red/orange photos.
    (not blogged yet outside of my mind, but will do so).

    Hey, I’m part of the Namaste Group also and want to practise yoga with you!


  26. Jenna

    I love the photos from your walk, especially of the waterfall! What a great way for you to explore new areas right near your own home. The yoga sounds great, too. What a great way to combine your interests.

    I went to a fiber festival on Saturday and enjoyed a long walk around different neighborhoods in the city yesterday on my extra day off. The weather was sunny and warm here, so it was a great way to enjoy the day.

  27. Nonnahs

    Over the weekend I managed to accomplish a couple of tasks that I’m glad to have out of the way- my first dentist appointment in quite a while (no cavities!) and I did my taxes (refund!) – so that feels good. Also got together with a couple of friends to knit on Saturday, which was great, and had a nice dinner with B, as well.

  28. Ande

    loll-ers! Yoga and nature and wild animals and historical architecture in one weekend? How do you do it? It looks so lovely!

  29. Hawkesley

    It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I love the photos, especially the bridge photo :-)

  30. Lin

    The waterfall is beautiful and such a great idea for the yoga, it pars well with knitting I think! You don’t want to hear about my boring, frantic essay writing weekend, I need to manage my time better to do walks like you at the weekend!

  31. Janet

    Ahhh – just beautiful!

    Much better than how I spent my weekend… hospital waiting rooms don’t make for great blog pictures.

  32. Lizzy B

    I think that is the exact waterfall where my hubby brought me to propose many years ago! It’s a great park and Wonderful to hike and picnic in. Great photo ops too. You brought back many memories for me with that photo. Thank you.

  33. scoutj

    I forget. It was either completely forgettable or it’s the wine…..

  34. JohannaL

    The first picture is amazing, beautiful!

  35. JohannaL

    Uups, I ment the waterfall picture :)

  36. (A)mandaW

    Great to meet everyone last weekend! Lovely pictures.

  37. Suzanne

    You always have the best pictures!

  38. Joan

    Wow! I stumbled across your blog when I did a google search for rag bags. I was panning down your blog and saw the photos of the waterfall and bridge and said to myself that it looks like Patapsco State Park! So when I went up and started reading I saw that I was right!!!! I live in Ellicott City and grew up here. I remember it well before Hurricane Agnes came through and washed the road away! I am also a knitter, and rubber stamper, and have just learned how to do socks! Can’t wait for Socktoberfest!

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