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Kind of Orange
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  1. molly!

    I love that orange Silky Tweed! I used a few skeins of that in the big blanket I made last year and that color absolutely MADE the project. Nice Project Spectrum update!!

  2. Mintyfresh

    I have such a hard time seeing the orange in that Silky Tweed! It just keeps looking like bricks to me. I, personally ADORE the color orange. Oh, guess what, I didn’t mention it tonight but I think I have a project spectrum project in mind!

  3. Coleen

    Nice to see you today stranger!

  4. Josiane

    The shade you are using for your Phyllo Yoke will look great on you!
    I’m an orange lover too! As I was looking for yarn for a sweater at the yarn store last weekend, I was constantly attracted to the various shades of orange… it’s a good thing my boyfriend was there to remind me that I already have an orange sweater, and a sweater’s worth of Silky Tweed in a beautiful orange-ish yellow too!

  5. Yarn Thing

    Hey Lolly,

    Would you ever be interested in doing a podcast interview with me? There are so many things we could chat about and I think it would be a LOT of fun ;-)

    You game? Drop me a line and let me know

    Marly aka Yarn Thing

  6. Heidi

    Those sweaters are beautiful! I’ve been a little apprehensive myself about orange, but I’m coming around… Especially when it comes to all the “natural” shades of orange, that are almost brown, but not really. I also like orange that’s “skin colored”, although it freaks me out a little… :)

  7. stacey

    :) It was so good to see you!!!! Orange is the best….I need to clear some stuff off the needles so I can start knitting some firey colors!

  8. gleek

    that silky tweed is just lovely all knit up!

  9. Jody

    I’m loving your painted cardigan!
    It was so much fun to get together and catch up!

  10. Raina

    The orange is beautiful. Like you, I have begun to appreciate orange this past year. Now, I find the color empowering and sunny. Orange tulips are my favorite. That tweedy yarn looks wonderful and going by what you have knitted, it looks like it knits up really well.

  11. Tracey

    I have to say Baby Joe is the sweetest FO there.

    I hear you when it comes to orange, and that is a great shade.

  12. amanda

    Beautiful!! I finally added my newest project to Project Spectrum. Thanks for organizing it!

  13. Kat with a K

    Oh, that’s a gorgeous color. I love Silky Tweed.

  14. Leslie

    My son went through a CRAZY orange phase for literally 2.5 years, beginning when he was 18 months and insisted on only wearing this one particular orange shirt. Before we knew it, he had a whole orange wardrobe and we even painted one of the walls of his bedroom orange when we moved to a new house so that he would feel comfortable. Although he has moved on to yellow (again, after 2.5 years!), I now have an affection for the color orange as a result. :)

  15. fawn

    YUM silky tweed. I’ve really come around to orange in the last few years, too. I used to just admire it from afar, but lately I’m loving knitting with it & wearing it, too!

  16. Lisa

    I like those orange sweaters! Can’t wait to see the Printed Silk Cardigan – the Pima Silk looks like a great substitue!

    I just completed a Phyllo Yoked Pullover and I’ve worn it quite a bit – it’s a great sweater.

  17. whitney

    Those red-orange sweaters are looking fabulous! I tend to veer away from oranges, but the brownish rusty oranges are pretty fabulous…I should try to incorporate more orange into my life!

  18. lomester

    That silky tweed looks so pretty. I have an aversion to orange too, because I do not think it looks good with my complexion. However, that brick-orange color is very very nice.

  19. Mrs MJW

    Hey! I’m currently using same yarn same color. I love it. Cheers!

  20. Taueret

    I love that shade of orange, can’t wait to see the FO.

  21. Jenna

    I’m not really into orange, but I like the shades you’ve chosen. As you indicated, I think it’s because they’re mixed with another color, which takes some of the intensity out of the shade. I’ll be interested to see how these colors look on you and your sister.

    Yay meetups! Glad we had our own online meetup, too :)

  22. tiennie

    I love orange – especially the ones that you’ve picked. Yay for a fun meetup!

  23. amisha

    i LOVE that shade of orange… orange is one of my faves in general, but this shade in particular is so rich and wearable and luscious. it’s so nice to see it in spring! xo

  24. susan

    I’ve been planning to make a phyllo using the same yarn! can’t wait to see how yours comes out. and how many skeins it takes you. :) I love that rusty color you’ve got – mine’s a greenish yellow (or maybe a yellowish green) and now I’ve gotten a little bit of colorway envy…

  25. Danielle

    I too like orange but it has to be just the right shade. I still can’t get around to wearing it but I do like it for certain things….

  26. Erin

    Your sister’s cardigan looks like it’s going to be very soft and drapey! No wonder you’re working on it every chance you get!

  27. Leann

    I love your orange bathroom! I painted my craft room orange…DH affectionately nick-named it “The Pumpkinarium”. Not sure how to leave the link in the comments, but there are pictures on my blog, tagged for easy finding.

    I have yet to find the perfect orange for a sweater, but I’m always on the lookout. The red-orange you showed here was lovely.

  28. lekkercraft

    Oh I love the EL Silky Tweed, and that color is gorgeous – like a terra cotta or something!

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