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Esau’s Soup
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  1. Preita

    Look’s delish! I think I may have to get that cook book now! :) I love how we can see your reflection in the spoon in the last picture too :) Nice touch

  2. Susan

    Look yummio!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

  3. Julia

    Yum!! Thanks for sharing =)

  4. Heather

    Oh hooray for recipes that allow you to break out the zester!:)

  5. Ginnie

    Mmm… that sounds and looks delicious! Great photos!

  6. Terri

    Mmmmmm….mmmm. I’ll have to try that one! Looks like it fits right in with the Project Spectrum…

  7. *karen

    Yum! That really does look sumptuous.

  8. LizKnits


  9. KnitXcorE

    a few hours ago, i happened to come across an awesome site for heirloom beans.
    you just gave me a reason to order more. thanx!

  10. Kat with a K

    Oooh, looks great!

  11. tina

    I am valiantly fighting this dreadful bug—– and the soup looks extra delish! Surely something that photographs so well must be yummy!

  12. lekkercraft

    oh yummy – bookmarking now!

  13. Sarah


  14. leandra

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! I love lentils and will translate, convert and cook this after work!

  15. Elemmaciltur

    So yummy!

  16. stacey

    mmm – perfect for cold weather!

  17. Kristin

    That looks delicious – thanks for posting the recipe.

  18. Erin

    Mmmm, that looks great. I’ve been looking for a good, hearty vegetarian soup to warm me up during this snow storm we’re getting!

  19. alyssa

    Oh, that looks fantastic! Tonight and tomorrow’s dinners have to be eaten on the run, but I think this should fit the weekend nicely!

  20. leslie

    this looks fantastic. i am so making it! thank you, lolly!

  21. whitney

    Mmm, this looks delicious! And it looks like a perfect application for the best birthday present my husband ever gave me: the stick blender! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  22. Jody

    Thanks for the recipe – it looks yummy!

  23. Josiane

    I’ll have to try this variation on my usual lentil soup! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  24. Jenna

    I’ve made a similar soup in the past and it is filling and yummy mcyum. Thanks for sharing! People need all the encouragement they can get to put more legumes in their diet.

  25. deb

    This looks great! I love soups at any time of year, but especially now. I was just about to post about the ribbolita I made over the weekend. Maybe it’s time for an all soup post:)

  26. Lucy

    I made a big pot of your soup this weekend (after thinking about it for a few days) and it’s completely wonderful. I didn’t blend it, as I don’t have a food processor, but it’s good chunky too!

  27. kate

    ooh! i’m definitely going to make this this week – i have half a bag of lentils left over from making samosas a couple weeks ago. must take advantage of the last of hot soup season.

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