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Yarn Thoughts
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  1. Barb

    I can’t wait to see what you whip up with all these lovelies!

  2. kimmen

    Just make sure you spool off the linen, not wind it off like you would a cone. I run a dowel through a shoe box and let the spool turn freely. Linen has a lot of twist and if you wind it off you will end up with a major mess. If you have warp breakage, spritz the warp with water as you weave. Linen is much stronger when damp, and will break if too dry. good luck on your rug.

  3. Josiane

    I love the springy colors of the CotLin! A little bit of orange popping here and there would have looked great with the jean rags, but using only the natural linen will be beautiful as well, and will confer a more classic look to your rug.

  4. Lin

    That is great being newly inspired with the stash! I do like the combination of the colours in the cones.

  5. stacey

    the weaving will be a great way to use up stash that you can’t figure out what to knit with!

  6. Debi

    I’m so glad you’re finally using it! It’s knitting up in a very pretty fabric too! It’s so weird, I haven’t used my Tess either and I was just thinking about digging it out of the stash. We must be on the same wavelength :)

    I love your plans for the linen and the soft spring colors!

  7. magnusmog

    It’s amazing how an interest in one craft can lead into another. Knitting, spinning…..now I’m tempted by your enthusiasm for spinning:)

  8. heather

    lovely yarns – nice to see them used in so many interesting ways. Fiber really is a versatile medium.

    Why delay happiness – indeed!

  9. Alice

    Gorgeous colors! Everytime I see orange pop up in one of your posts, I am so drawn to it!

  10. Amber

    I thought about that after I got home, that we didn’t take any photos! Oh well, next time!

  11. Kristin

    Gorgeous Habu. I fondled it last time I was in Glasgow. It’s so nice…

    I like the orange – beige – green combo. And the socks. They look fun.

  12. lomester

    Oh those Habu tempations! I have been in that position once… or twice… I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

  13. Jenna

    On the Stash and Burn podcast, they talk a lot about the knitting fantasies, where you dream about the items you want to make with your yarn. Well, it sounds like your fantasy life has now doubled! It’s so great to know your yarns have so much more possibility now.

  14. tina

    I love the yarn, love the colors, love the chatter about temptation, but do you know what I love best???

    Seeing that sweet sock on the dpn. I have decided that I am not ever going to be a 2 socks at a time girl, ever. I do not like it whatsoever. I miss my dpn’s. A Lot. Sigh.

    Can’t wait to see the rug as it goes. I finally wore out my last handwoven throw rug last year, it gave me over 20 years of hard service.

  15. Nonnahs

    The CotLin is beautiful! Yay- more yarn to love!

  16. sarah b.

    Seeing that yarn makes me realize that I have some yarns that would probably work great for you for weaving. I got them on WEBS sale some time ago thinking I’d knit with them, but they really aren’t suited for that. Email me if you’d like me to send them along to you…they are just taking up room in my stash closet!

  17. Sarah

    That is some lovely yarn…. really looking forward to seeing the denim rag rug.

  18. Christie

    Someone used your sweater picture on wikihow…just wanted let you know.

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  21. Susan

    good luck with your weaving

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