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Open Letter
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Open Letter

Dear Sisi,

So, yeah, your birthday is tomorrow, and your gift is still not finished. However, it is close. I ran into a few issues… but it is all cleared up now. When I come to visit you in three weeks, you will have a brand new, perfect-fit (*fingers crossed*) cardigan to wear this spring. Expect a photo shoot!

Printed Silk Cardigan Progress

It should be a nice three-season cardigan. Since you live in the sunny south, you probably won’t be able to wear it in the heat of summer, but all other times of year should work. I think the coral-orange shade will be a great complement to your shiny chestnut hair. It is pretty and professional, much like you and your style. Of course, I considered green for the cardigan’s color – as you are a St. Paddy’s Day baby – but I figured that you had enough green in your closet, and maybe not enough of this color.

Sisters - Sarah and Lolly

As I am knitting it, I am thinking about you and our many memories. You have grown into such a talented and beautiful young woman. Of course, you were always cute… the freckles and the big hazel eyes :) and now, here you are preparing for a new life with your Mr. I love him too, by the way. In fact, I have a feeling that after he sees this cardi, he may commission a sweater for himself. Tell him that I can’t knit a football jersey!

So… it will be finished soon. I hope you love it. I sure love you.

Happy birthday, baby girl~



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27 Responses

  1. Hope

    you made me cry! Happy birthday Sis.

  2. no-blog-rachel

    Awww…you must be one of the nicest sisters ever! I can’t wait to see the pictures!

  3. liz K.

    What a sweet letter! Sisters are the best.

  4. Lil Sarah

    Oh Lol,
    You know I don’t mind that it’s not done. I can’t wait to see it but no worries:) I love you and I appreciate all the love that went into making this beautiful gift for me!!

  5. Denise

    What a great sis you are :-) Hope your sis lets us see some pics of her in the cardy, and Happy Birthday to her.

  6. Debi

    Happy Birthday sister Sarah! My bro is a St. Paddy’s Day baby too!

  7. Hannah (Hannahknits)

    What a lovely letter. The cardigan looks beatiful already!

    Happy birthday sister of Lolly!!

  8. sue

    Happy Birthday to Sis, beautiful sweater. Read you blog periodically and saw that you have entered into the world of weaving. Started weaving with rag rugs. Have an antique rug loom and our guild had some ladies who woven in the 30s that taught a few of us to weave rugs. Paid for my second loom doing craft shows with rugs. I would also like to recommend that you look at a good 8/4 cotton rug warp, especially for denim rags. If you plan to use the rugs and later wash them, the cotton warp will react the same in the washer as the rags. The linen could be fine but here in KS most of us use cotton for washable rugs. I get warp from Yarn Barn in Lawrence, KS. yarbarn-ks.com. There are many variations on rag rugs but do not sett your warp too spaced, the rugs slip and slide more and buckle. I have usually set mine from 8 epi and up. Sometimes I have wanted warp faced, some weft faced so the sett depends on those considerations. Also did lots of placemats, runners and coasters, etc. My rug loom has been in storage due to its size and lack of space so it has been a while. I would like to start in again and work on the RepWeave rugs. Check out Interweave Press for the RepWeave book and I think they have a good rag rug book too.

  9. stacey

    Isn’t it great to have wonderful sisters????? What a great gift….

  10. Alice

    Your sister will love it once it is all finished! And you’re right, it is absolutely the perfect color for her judging from the picture!

  11. Nonnahs

    Happy Birthday to your sis! That color is amazing- her sweater is going to be beautiful!

  12. Jenna

    Awww, so sweet. I have always been jealous of that bond that sisters have.

  13. del

    I bet she’s so happy to have a sister who knits (and weaves!). What a great gift.

  14. connie

    The cardi is looking great, Lauren. Your sister is so lucky that she gets handknits from you!

  15. Mintyfresh

    aw, sweet note to your sis. she would have forgiven you anyway, but this guarantees it.

  16. Carol

    What lovely stitchmanship! And you never know, she might need the sweater to wear in the air-conditioning in the summer.

  17. tiennie

    What beautiful sisters you two are! Happy birthday sis!

  18. Jody

    Loving that cardi!! Happy birthday to your sister!

  19. Raina Vitanov

    I just love that color…and lucky you for having a sister…I have a sister and…well…I am knitting her socks…have not got to the sweater part yet.!!

  20. christine

    from what i can see of the cardi…it is lovely. the color is stunning.

  21. Romi

    That is an awesome color! Happy birthday to your sister. :)

  22. pamela wynne

    that texture is just gorgeous, Lolly — can’t wait to see it on your sister. Happy Bday to her!

  23. Moni

    Awww! how sweet you are. I’m sure she will love it. The color is stunning!

  24. courtney

    Happy Birthday Sis! She’s just as lovely as you Lolly and will (I’m sure) love and look great in the beautiful sweater you are knitting her. I am adoring that color!

  25. Sarah

    What a sweet letter to your sister! And the cardigan, that is going to be lovely….

  26. Wanda

    Happy Belated Birthday to Sarah. Such a sweet letter to your Sis. Of course I’m sure she is just happy that you are making her such a beautiful gift!

  27. LeeAnn

    Just found your blog and Project Spectrum on Ravelry. Love them both. And this letter to your sister is so sweet. I was an only girl growing up with two brothers. I always wished I had a sis. I am now the mom of 2 sweet little girls and I get to stand back and watch the wonderful sister relationship develop between them. Your letter made me smile as I realized what they have to look forward to. Happy belated birthday to your sister!

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