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Mildly Marled
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  1. jess

    love how the hexagons are looking, Lolly! The socks– I love that colorway!

    One of my sisters and her husband went to the maple syrup thing at Cunningham Falls this past weekend as well! Hope you and Kris had as fun of a time as they did (I wish I had made it too). :)

  2. Moni

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love it! The marled yarn is beautiful.

  3. tiennie

    Your projects are always so beautiful and beautifully photographed too!

  4. Josiane

    This afghan is simply stunning! Your yarn choice is both inspired and inspiring.

  5. Bells

    That’s really quite beautiful. I have to agree with you on marled yarns. They have a lovely subtle appeal to them. Well done.

  6. Julia

    Those colors are *beautiful*!

  7. mai

    the blanket looks beautiful so far! the yarn looks awesome with the pattern

  8. MaryjoO

    I like the hexagons a lot — a definite “update” on the style!

  9. Kris

    The hexagon afghan looks awesome so far! Maybe one day I’ll try to conquer a feat like that! Keep us updated, I’m eager to see the end result! ;)

  10. whitney

    I love these marled projects! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  11. Amanda

    The afghan is spectacular. The two colourways work so well together. I’m really looking forward to seeing this finished!

  12. andrea

    oh my! that blanket is lovely lovely lovely! i can’t wait to see the finished product

  13. Bec

    This is just beautiful. Thank you thank you thank you! And the anticipation makes it even cooler, especially since I get to watch it in progress. I’m glad you’re enjoying the process, because it certainly is turning out to be a time investment!


  14. Nonnahs

    That is going to be one lovely afghan! The marled yarns blend so well together!

  15. astrid

    beautiful afghan: realy your colours. When you knit the hexagons separately, you can blog them one by one. Blogging the whole blanket will be a huge job. Good luck.

  16. Jenna

    I would say that you’re into the majorly marled yarns! They are so pretty with their subtle color effects. Both projects are looking great, especially the afghan. I am gla,d however, that you’re back in the sock spirit. I don’t have a pair on the needles now, and it’s making me anxious. I don’t know how you went so long without!

  17. lucy

    Your wips are looking great! I love how you have both a small and big project to work on!

  18. Carol

    Really beautiful! and if you want it bigger down the road, you could always add a border of some kind…just sayin’

  19. Kathy

    I’m looking forward to seeing your blanket finished. I like the pattern, yet I don’t. I enjoy modular knitting, yet I don’t. I want to start another modular project and have been eyeballing this one, yet…well you know. :) It might help me to see a completed one before I make a decision.

  20. Nicole

    Mmmm… I love marled yarn too.

    Beautiful colours as always.

  21. pamela wynne

    Crazy about that afghan!! It must be satisfying, too, to be able to complete small chunks of it at a time — my problem with most afghans is that they’re just so HUGE and interminable.

  22. Erin

    I guess I missed the post about the afghan because it totally took me by surprise when I saw it. It’s awesome! I can imagine it gets a little bit tedious with all those hexagons, but still, very cool!

  23. Diane

    I love the afghan! Such beautiful colors and what a cool pattern. Sorry I don’t comment as often. I still read your blog regularly, just now with a baby on my lap, which makes typing challenging!! Hope you have a happy spring!

  24. katie m.

    Gorgeous afghan! Gorgeous socks! I really like the stripes …

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