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Doormat: Walk All Over Me
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  1. caitlyn

    It looks totally gorgeous and cozy, Lolly!!! *Fantastic* job!

  2. Moni

    Lolly, this is absolutely lovely! wonderful work!

  3. Stacey

    I spy hockey skates and a stick! Nice looking rug though ;)

  4. liz K.

    It must feel incredibly resourceful. I bet everyone in your family wants one now!

  5. Poppins

    I couldn’t figure out what you were going to do with old jeans that would look good, but this is awesome! Bold and modern and yet fun to walk on. Great thinking, L!

  6. Sandra

    ohmygosh, i LOVE it. sooo cool!

  7. tiennie

    Your rug is so awesome! Very cool.

  8. Jeanann

    How incredibly cool is that! You are such a talented artistic person Lolly and you are making me want to run out and buy a small loom to fool around with (in addition to the spinning wheel I want). I also love making functional things. You should also feel good because you are recycling something that might have been thrown away by someone else.

  9. Rosie

    This is great! You are really making me want to learn how to weave. :)

  10. LeAnne

    Totally awesome way to recycle!!!!

  11. Erin

    Great idea! It looks awesome.

  12. Jenna

    Wow, that came together so fast! It’s functional, eco-friendly and so charming. I love it and I hope it lasts for many days.

  13. Jodie

    I love the rug! The linen looks much thicker than I thought it would be. Would you be able to knit with it? I’m always curious about knitting with weaving yarns.

  14. kt

    Fantastic. I’ve been hoarding my husband’s old jeans for some time now….you’ve inspired me to walk away from the computer and cut strips. I’m going to try to knit something in the same vein! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  15. Kelli

    I have been saving blue jeans for years. I was wondering how wide did you cut your strips? And could you recommend sources of information for weaving with rags made from blue jeans?

    Thank you, Kelli

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