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Doormat: Walk All Over Me
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  1. Anne

    I love it!

  2. Linda Wirick

    You are so creative and I truly enjoy your site. You give me so much confidence that I will learn to weave sometime in the future.

  3. Kirsten

    You are really cranking out the weaving projects! Love the rug.

  4. Dorre

    I Love it !! That is incredibly cool looking!

  5. Heather

    So funky, I love it! And if you have feline approval, well then you’re all set:)

  6. Dee

    I love the linen fringe at the ends. It looks pretty rugged. I think you’ll be able to get a good long use out of it.

  7. Lauren

    What a great project! I love it.

  8. Shell

    I love that rug!!! Great job!

  9. jillian

    That’s rad! And all the better for being not perfectly square of “flat”.

  10. lucy

    WOW! Gorgeous rug. You continue to amaze me with your out of the box projects!

  11. melissa

    it’s perfect! what a beautiful repurposing of old jeans! i love it.

  12. Christine

    So cool! And I just love how you recycled something into functional craft.

  13. heather

    Fantastic! love the furry feet enjoying your hard work; well done.

  14. mick

    I love how it turned out! So warming by the door, especially since it’s handmade. Very nice!

  15. erica

    Oooh, very cool. I’m sure it will be enjoyed by all feet who walk upon it. The highest compliment will be when a furry animal decides that your rug is wonderful enough to take a nap on.

  16. Peacock Chic

    Wow that came out so great!! You are driving me crazy with the weaving thing though. I am now scoping out looms which can lead to NO GOOD…at least where money is concerned :O)

    Thanks for the inspiration

  17. Macoco

    The doormat is beautiful. It’s great to have something homemade to greet you and your guests! I’ve always had a love of rag rugs, but I think I’m particularly fond of your denim one.

  18. Sarah


  19. Julia

    I love it!! It looks better than the kind you buy at the store…the color gradations are soo pretty. I bet it will last a long time, that denim will hold up!

  20. magnusmog

    It turned out beautifully, I’ve a feeling it will age well too.

  21. Kim

    Nice one, Lolly!! I love the way the denim translates into that rough, ragged rug. Happy Spring to you!

  22. LizKnits

    That is one fabulous doormat. What a way to be welcomed home.

  23. Kristine

    Love the rug! You are so talented and I am in awe!

  24. mai

    wow, i love it! it looks so great!

  25. ann

    That’s fantastic! What a great sight to greet you when you come home.

  26. debbie

    i love the denim ruggedness – lovely job!

  27. Mouse

    How Cool! I’m now sitting here telling myself how much I do NOT need another hobby like weaving with a huge loom.. but that rug is so awesome! I have rag type rugs all over the house.. they’re my favorite kind because they have sort of a rustic look to them.

  28. allie

    Wow! I love it! The denim and linen are just such a great combo and it should hold up forever! Now you’ve made me curious about weaving.

  29. Kay

    Very good-looking rug! Great job!

    My sister and I have been buying hand woven denim rugs from a shop in our home town in southern MN for several years. And I can tell you they are very durable plus they are washable! What wears out is the warp. And even that lasts a long time.

  30. kelly

    Wow! I love it!

  31. Meredith

    I think it looks fabulous! What a great idea.

  32. Josiane

    A wonderful new life for your old jeans! The rug is beautiful!

  33. Taueret

    I know I already said so on teh rav, but I LOVE YOUR RUG!

  34. Nina

    Nostalgia-fest over here — the first house I remember living in (Powder Mill Road, Silver Spring, MD) from age 3 through 5 had a woven denim throw over the couch we had in our screened in porch. Or maybe it was a rug… regardless, woven denim something sturdy, useful, and beautiful (even to a 3 to 5 year old) figured prominently in my memories of being a youngster in that house. Yours is beautiful and sturdy looking — I hope you and your loved ones enjoy it as much as I enjoyed that one so many years ago!

  35. melissa

    this is such a great project. i love the picture with the kitty paws! :)

  36. Adam

    That is such a great doormat! And what a great use for old jeans too!

  37. Sonia

    I love that your pets were immediately all over this new rug. Guess they have good taste and can appreciate a piece of handmade home decor!

  38. Rachael

    This is an absolute GEM of a rug! I really love your weaving!

  39. Sarah

    Love the mat and your feet photos :o )

  40. Nicole

    Fantastic! I think it looks great. It’s so pleasing to the eye to see a material you’ve seen a million times used in a completely different way.

  41. Sheila B.

    Dazzling~and the Grande Finale of the Paws!

    You have every reason to be BURSTING with pride!!!!!

    Recycling par excellence.


  42. Sarah

    Amazing, as always. I have loom envy now! And I love, love, love the paw shots of the canines, felines, and people! ;)

  43. gleek

    great rug! i love it!

  44. Amber

    Looks pretty awesome!

  45. courtney

    very impressed! denim is such a strong material that i’m sure that will last forever! it’s good to see it being used by the whole family!

  46. Nonnahs

    That’s fantastic, Lolly! I love that it’s repurposed, and it looks so freaking cute, to boot! So, so cool!

  47. eunny

    I love this! I love how organic it looks…like it just grew there. And I love the little gallery of the feet that will use it :)

    I can’t believe that you did that in like one weekend!

  48. Kassia

    Love it!! It looks great. :) My mom weaves rugs; she uses cotton string (I think) for the warp and strips of wool cloth. Her loom is quite a bit larger than yours, it goes up to 4 ft wide. I’ll have to ask her to make me a denim rug, I love yours! :D

  49. lekkercraft

    LOVE it! It’s so very aesthetically organic. Really, really neat-looking :)

  50. ~Kristie

    Wow! I think it’s so wonderful to be adorning your home with something you made, and it turned out amazing. You are an extremely talented woman.

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