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Five Things
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Five Things

Carol of Knitted Kitty recently asked me to answer one of the “Five Things” memes that make their way around the blogs. I always enjoy reading the answers, but I so rarely think about actually posting any information on my blog. Thinking of five things is pretty challenging, actually. However, I gave it a try.

Weekend Walk 3/24

  • In recent months/years, I have taken up a very romantic notion of moving to the countryside and keeping bees. My grandfather kept bees, and now my uncle keeps several hives on his property near the national forest in Alabama. I have read quite a bit on the subject and could probably even keep a small hive on our suburban land (i.e. postage stamp), but I do fear that some of the neighborhood children would disturb the hives and I would have angry bees and angry parents to ameliorate. One day, I will be a beekeeper…
  • Friday afternoons are amazing for a whole host of reasons. Of course, there is the whole TGIF/weekend thing… however, my favorite thing about Friday afternoons really has nothing to do with the upcoming free days. I am a huge fan on the radio program, Science Friday, that comes on my local public radio station at 2:00pm and runs until 4:00. I catch the first hour on their website, where all of their shows are archived for free, and usually listen to the second hour live on the car ride home. About 80% of my reading list is based on reviews and author interviews that I have heard on the show… so yeah, I love it. Some of my stand out favorites from recent months: Michael Pollan on In Defense of Food, Diane Ackerman on The Zookeeper’s Wife, Alan Weisman on The World Without Us, Amir Aczel on The Jesuit and the Skull. I read Pollan’s and Weisman’s books the minute I got my hands on them, and the others are waiting by the bedside. Kris and I listen faithfully every Friday – he likes is just as much as I do!

Beech Tree

  • Indian food is probably my favorite cuisine. I did not grow up eating Indian food, but when I moved to the DC area at age 17, I was exposed to a large number of “ethnic” restaurants that had not existed in the small town that I grew up in. The piquant flavors and spicy herbs are my favorite characteristics of Indian food; plus it is easy to find vegetarian entrees on the menu! Luckily, there are three great Indian restaurants within five miles of my house. We make Indian quite a bit at home too, utilizing our fresh veggies and herbs from the garden and market. We even had a stroke of luck and made a pretty good version of chapati.
  • Last year, we headed south - this year we are heading north. We will be visiting Nova Scotia in late May and early June. I have not been to Canada before, so I am very excited about this trip. We are planning to tour the whole province, including Cape Breton Island. Hiking, biking, and lots of photography are planned, and maybe even some camping. We will be spending some time with Ingrid and her family (I am so excited to meet her!) She tells me that May is still chilly enough for a sweater, so I am thinking that my Phyllo Pullover will be a great garment to bring along… once I finish it!

Red Bridge

  • In grade 7, I began playing the French horn in the middle school band. I actually started out playing the flute (my mother had one from her year’s as a flutist in school band) but my band director told me that my “lips were better suited for a brass instrument” (whatever that means!). So, I made the switch and moved to a very different section of the band. I caught on pretty well, and stuck with it for a few years, even getting “first chair French horn” for a short stint. When I moved to high school in grade 9, I was part of the marching band, where I switched between the trumpet, and the “marching horn” aka the mellophone, and also was part of the concert orchestra with the French horn. The competitions and the marching were a lot of fun, but as the school work and other extracurricular activities ramped up, I decided to quit playing in the band. I  played the horn for a little longer, but eventually returned my rental. Now, twelve years have passed and I have not touched the French horn. I did rent a trumpet from a music shop about five years ago to see if I still had it in me… and I learned that I didn’t. So, my music career is now relegated to extensive sing-alongs in the car.


Photos in post from the weekend walk at Centennial Lake. Small signs of spring…

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  1. nova

    We went to Nova Scotia and PEI in June a few years ago, it’s beautiful you two will have a fabulous time. A beekeeper, really? As am aside, Chuck on Pusing Daisies keeps bees. I think I will stick to the pies though. The bees freak me out. I took up the flute in 6th grade, but it is such a delicate instrument and I always felt like a giant playing it. In 8th grade I switched to the tympani drums…great for working out all that pent up middle school angst…

  2. Christine

    I learned how to make chapatis when I lived in Kenya–I never knew they were also Asian until I started to eat Indian food. In Kenya, they were such a treat, especially when wheat became expensive. My Maasai friend, Vero, made the best chapatis (she could even get the whole wheat ones to stay together–mine always fell apart!). In Kenya they would eat them with “sukuma wiki” (literally translated to “push of the week” when money got tight and they would use up the leftover kales and cabbages), beans, and other soupy meals. It’s best to make them on a cast iron pan.

    Thanks for sharing your memes–it’s always fun to learn more about you and there’s always something about what you share that makes me remember a good memory from long ago!

  3. tiennie

    Thanks for sharing! I always like learning more about people and you are all that more interesting to me!

  4. courtney

    I love learning more about my online friends! These things are so fun to read…
    Nova Scotia is going to be a blast, and I’m waiting with bated breath to see the photos you two will bring back with you.
    Mmm, Indian food! :)

  5. Tygher Knits

    My husband has a romantic notion of me keeping bees .. which is only made more amusing because bees are one of my really big fears. I really freak out if they come anywhere around me .. and he forgets this all the time.

    Indian food never appealed to me. But have you tried authentic Ethipoian food? A dear friend introduced us to it when we visited Tornonto a few years back, and while I won’t say it became my favorite cuisine, I will admit that it was one of the most interesting culinary experiences I’ve ever had.

  6. Nicole

    I’ve been to most places in Canada (with the exception of the Arctic) and I can easily say that Cape Breton is my favourite place on the planet! It is not only one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen, but the people, the culture there just make it a very special place indeed. And what fun, you’ll meet Ingrid. I’m hoping to hook up with her when she comes to visit Ottawa.

    But yes, bring lots of warm wind and waterproof clothes!

  7. Rebecca

    I enjoyed this post, Lolly! You are a very interesting person, to say the least. I believe it was on your site that first heard about the book, The Secret Life of Bees, which I thought was an enjoyable read. Although keeping bees does not entice me I am always a bit enthralled by those who do it!

  8. Nonnahs

    I’m so glad you decided to share these with us! I especially love the bee keeping idea. That would be SO cool! When you are a beekeeper, I will have to come and visit you. :)

  9. Lazuli

    I was a French horn player for many years – from 5th grade till a year or so after college, then life got in the way and I haven’t played very much since. I take the horn out a couple times a year, try to get back into it, find I’m out of shape and that it’s difficult, put it away. I’m really trying again these days; I’ve played twice in the past week and will probably play again today. I’d love to get back into it and get good enough to be in an orchestra again!

  10. Jodie

    I don’t know what kind of comedians you like, but Eddie Izzard is one of my favorites. He has a great sketch about being a bee keeper. Check it out here.


  11. lekkercraft

    Funny… I’ve started knocking around the idea of beekeeping as well. Especially because the bee sickness is causing so much trouble and because bees are such an important part of our ecology. Of course, this wouldn’t work so well in brooklyn… it’s a lovely idea, though :)

  12. Ingrid

    Yay! I’m very much looking forward to your visit to Nova Scotia.

    Beekeeping also seems so romantic to me. I imagine it to be such a simple, relaxing way to make a living.

  13. Laura

    ha It probably means he had too many flutes. Lovely photos as always Lolly!

  14. Elinor

    I saved this entry in Goggle Reader for a time when I could comment because I want to echo what Marlena said about Sue Hubbell’s books. I think “A Country Year” is the best but “A Book of Bees” is great too. I really, really, really love her writing. She used to write for the New Yorker but I haven’t seen anything recently. Anyway, go check out A Country Year – it will be the best book you’ll read this year.

  15. Kate/Massachusetts

    Regarding your Nova Scotia vacation, have you seen this website:


    She is on my “to-do” list one of these days when family health issues resolve!

  16. Lara

    HA! too funny! When I was little, I wanted to play the saxaphone, but they told ME I had FLUTE lips! {{sigh}}

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