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PS Fire Retrospective
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  1. Sarah

    It was great to see you! And your yarn haul is quite beautimous :) Can’t wait to see the projects that result!

  2. Amy

    What lovely local yarns – the full range of Project Spectrum in your choices. :)

    While I didn’t showcase fire as much as I had hoped, ever cooking/baking time was a fire opportunity – I just didn’t have the lighting to capture pictures.

    Your beet risotto inspired me – I did something similar last week but used a packet of the Kashi pilaf as the starter – so good!

    I’m definitely looking forward to earth – especially digging in the dirt! :)

  3. Josiane

    The hand dyed yarn – induced smile is totally appropriate: those yarns are gorgeous! And now, you’ve got your green, brown, and metallics covered!

  4. sprite

    It was great to see you yesterday. And I’m glad to see you got some sparkly yarn, too!

    BTW, I have an extra copy of Interweave Weaver’s Companion if you don’t already have one. My mom already had a copy when I bought one for her as a gift and I purchased it at a place that doesn’t allow returns.

  5. tiennie

    Gorgeous recap!

  6. Lin

    Lovely photos! The yarns look rather good too especially the orange one.

  7. margene

    I enjoyed FIRE but I think it Earth is going to be wonderful!

  8. stacey

    ooh – that orangey yellow yarn is AMAZING!!!!! Looks like you’ll be knitting more socks or mitts! :)

  9. Raina Vitanov

    Beautiful collage of fire colors.

  10. Kessa

    Gorgeous yarn! I really like the deep green!

  11. courtney

    I’ll have to keep an eye open for that get together next time…I would have loved to come! I can’t believe all of the beautiful yarns you’ve picked out….nice haul!
    I can’t believe how quickly “fire” passed either…it was speedy, and very fun. I’m looking forward to the next two months! :)

  12. Stacey

    Oh, the hand dyed yarn is gorgeous!

  13. Kristin

    ‘Made with real silver’? Awesome! Though I think the green is my favourite…

  14. Laura

    I really hope that the handspun party wasn’t a precursor of what MSW will be like for me. I spent way more than planned and came away with yarn I did not expect to buy!

    I ended up with 2 skeins of Woolarina (totally new to me) and 3 of Loop’s outstandingly beautiful batts. :)

  15. Moni

    great idea! I’m going to make a mosaic for the fire months, too! Should have done it yesterday but, oh well.

  16. nova

    You know, I am a fire girl, but I am excited to think outside the box a little for the following months of PS. I am very excited to work with green. I think I like green quite alot, actually.

  17. PrincessPea

    I love your Project Spectrum pictures, and the thoughts and explorations that lay behind them. It’s really inspiring to see this kind of thinking about how the world looks. Is the project open to anyone to join, at any time?

  18. Jody

    It was a great time wasn’t it :)

  19. Terry

    Nothing beats the feeling of coming home with new members of the stash family. It was very nice to meet you finally. I hope you enjoy your yarn. Good thing you bought the “fire opal” colorway with one day to spare in Project Spectrum :)

    I had a really good time for my first fiber fest on the selling side of the table. Those ladies did a great job of organizing. So glad that you came too.


  20. Jenna

    That is the smile that only wonderful, local yarn purchases can elicit. You picked out some absolute beauties, my dear.

    Hopefully, I can be a bit more involved in PS as we move to Earth.

  21. Caren

    Glad I’m not the only one who didn’t manage to finish a Fire project in the Fire months :) Nice yarn haul, too.

  22. Rebecca

    Love the Project Spectrum FIRE collage! I’m going to have to figure out how to do that. Thanks again for hosting this!

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