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*Spring* in My Step
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  1. Heather

    Lovely, such a springy pair of socks you have there!

  2. Josiane

    That first picture is stunning! And the socks look great!

  3. Grace

    Hi, currently drowning in the Chicago area with nary a flower (but my daffodils have buds!!!). Love your socks AND your shoes; I am totally a mule girl and a maryjane girl and to find the two together! My favorite shoes for the longest time were a pair of black kenneth cole maryjane mules. Could you please let me know where you got yours? They are too cute!

  4. Amy in Ottawa

    I remain a bloggy friend – but I don’t care much about hockey – except that a local pizza place has a game night special.

  5. Deb

    Great–let’s go, Penguins! My son is crazy for them and we are excited about their performance last night. I will knit through the Cup with you!

  6. Melissa

    I have those shoes as well (in brown and black)!! Love them!! I also wear them with my handknit socks. Speaking of that, the socks look great!

    P.S. I am in the Chicago area and I bought my Mudd shoes from Kohl’s.

  7. Stacey

    Wooooo Pens!! I will no doubt be knitting through a bunch of my stash during the playoffs!

  8. caitlyn

    Lovely socks, Lolly! I love the colors.

  9. Hege

    Love your socks!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Christine

    Excellent socks! I will keep an eye out for GGH sock yarn for you (there’s a lady down the street who is a GGH vendor and it tends to be cheaper here, too!). Enjoy your weekend!

  11. stacey

    very nice! i love those stripes also….cute shoes!

  12. Nicole

    Oh, Lolly, despite being a rabid Ottawa Sens fan, I think I can find it in my heart to stay bloggy friends with you, despite your questionable taste in hockey teams. (I’m just bitter because you guys now have Hossa).

    Ok, you beat us pretty bad the other night (Damn you, Gary Roberts!). And you threw that last game so you could play us instead of Philly. But don’t count us out just yet… you never know, Alfie might make a miraculous recovery and blow you guys out of the water like last year (who am I kidding?)

    Puck This is a great idea! Hopefully I’ll be stashbusting for the full two months! (a girl can dream, right?)

    Very pretty socks btw.

  13. ccr in MA

    Sadly for me, my Bruins did not do well last night. Why did we have to get Montreal in the first round? Still, happy for you; I know what that joy feels like (just not recently).

    Pretty socks!

  14. Heather

    Lovely socks. I think you should make the beautiful photo of the blossoms into notecards!

  15. kate

    My brother and I (both huge Pens fans) were joking one night that I should knit a Stanley Cup. There are now small prototypes all over my house. They’re very cute, and I’m using up all my ancient grey yarn! Everybody wins. (Especially the Penguins!)

  16. Mome-rath

    Hooray for hockey! I’m a college hockey fan myself, but none of my favorite teams are still in the race, so I think I might be done for the year.

    I wanted to mention something to you about the Project Spectrum—I don’t usually knit specific projects with PS, just because I can never rely on myself to finish in the “allotted” time, and because I’m *trying* (not necessarily succeeding) to use just the yarn I already own (since we’re moving soon, we’re trying not to accumulate stuff!). HOWEVER: seriously, almost every freakin’ time I go to choose a new project, I pick my yarn, start knitting, and then look at your blog, and 9 times out of 10 I realize I’ve picked a PS color for that moment! Weird! So I guess that means I’m following PS subliminally! I think it’s official: you’ve tapped into my subconscious!

    (Maybe you’re closer to working in the color trend industry than you think!) :)

  17. jillian

    Lovely springy socks! Yumm, berries.

    I was also going to ask about the shoes, but I see your response to Grace. Love DSW!

  18. nova

    I really do like these socks. I like how the plain stockinette make the colors pop. I also like the shoes.

  19. brenda in toronto

    i envy your sock-making skillz :)

  20. Preita

    LOVE your shoes! They show off your socks so well :) Very springy colors, I can see why you love them :)

  21. AmyDe

    Your socks are beautiful and I am so glad you are enjoying spring. Right now spring in Atlanta SUCKS. We need rain so the pollen averse (myself included) can breathe again. It’s really really bad like pollen count of 3240 with 120 being Very Extremely High. So enjoy it while you can and may I say with all the love blog friends can muster – you suck with your pretty spring day *grin*.

    Love You – really and again your socks are really just gorgeous!

  22. Jenna

    Pretty socks and pretty shots! Didn’t your fingers get itchy from not knitting socks for a while? I know I’m feeling it.

  23. courtney

    Beautiful socks. I do love me a complicated lace pattern, but there is something so nice and comforting about a perfectly executed stockinette sock. I do believe I’m going to have to start a pair soon!
    Lovely flower photos too!

  24. Alice

    The socks are fantastic but seriously I can not get over how cute the shoes are! I may have to stop by our local DSW to see if they have something similar….

  25. astrid

    have you seen your rug at this: http://whipup.net/ ?

  26. Sarah

    Great socks. I have to say….. we are Wings fans here. But, of course, we’re all still bloggy friends.

  27. Lin

    I love your shoes! And of course the socks and the spring pictures!

  28. Leslie

    auch don’t you just love spring…..very pretty socks too….warm socks in spring colours….perfect for the season

  29. Debi

    The socks are perfect – I’m so glad you enjoyed the yarn once again :)

  30. ali

    Love the socks- but next time you post such lovely socks on feet with shoes that show them off… could you leave the shoe info too?! Hehehe, always looking for shoes to show off socks…

    Happy knitting-

  31. tiennie

    Such great socks Lolly! Love the colors.

  32. Tina

    Nice socks in a beautiful colourway! I had a ball of the GGH Marathon in greens and made a pair of socks for my DBf with it and the left over went into a pair of patterned ones, mixed with a beige, for me. I loved to knit with this yarn and we so much love our socks made with it. It is so beautiful and I have never seen it again. Bought it in a little shop north of Hamburg and when I came back months later all the other skeins were gone…

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