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  1. katie m.

    Yay stashbusting! I love the mitts — and after seeing so many cowls around teh intarweb (spring is cowl season, I guess), I’m getting inspired myself. Yours is a lovely color, too!

  2. kelly

    beautiful mitt!!!

  3. Carole

    Those are awesome projects!

  4. Nell

    Great stashbusting! Very pretty mittens.

  5. AmyDe

    WOW – those are lovely projects. you DO have a queue a mile long – 98 items or so? I was looking at it this morning and adding to my favorites and queue as well – you have lovely taste.

  6. Heather

    Thanks for the link to the Classic Elite newsletter, I had completely forgotten about it and now my queue is replete with its’ contents!!

  7. AmyDe

    My mistake – that’s 98 projects and OVER 200 queued! So much inspiration!

  8. Carie

    Isn’t it lovely when yarn emerges from the stash into something so pretty – and twice!! Have fun at the hockey – I’m sure seeing it live compensates for needing to leave the knitting at home!

  9. k

    those mitts are great – way to use the stash; and the cowl too. a good way to enjoy the hockey playoffs too!

  10. Kat

    Thanks for the ravelry link — I’ll be working on some stashbusting whilst cheering for the Avalanche! Where did you get your glasses? They’re beautiful — very unique and distinguished. :)

  11. Emily

    Wow, both of those projects are so lovely! But then, I always find your projects to be beautifully inspiring. Hope you had a great time at the game!

  12. Avice

    Love those mitts! The cowl is really nice, too, but the mitts are elegant and inspired! Who knew that hockey could be so conducive to great knitting?

  13. Thalia

    Can I just tell you that you are adorable? I love all the textile and WIP and FO photos you post, but you are just radiant when you smile.

    (I hope this is not creepy – I just think you’re lovely!)

  14. LizKnits

    Ohhh… love those mitts. Thanks for sharing the pattern link.

  15. Lazy Ass Sunday « GreenSparrow not only knits…

    [...] was thinking of making May my stash busting month, then Lolly beat me to the punch. Hockey and getting rid of odd balls of yarn? I think so. This woman is [...]

  16. Stacey

    Fantastic idea! I was going to stashbust for the month of May, but your idea is much better. Isn’t everything better with hockey? Maybe if my Devils would win…

  17. caitlyn

    Lovely cowl and great mitts! I am currently stashbusting as well…at least through the end of September, but if I make it that far I’ll see how much longer I can hold out!

  18. Sarah

    It took all the strength I had not to scream with glee when Malone got that power play goal (husband was sleeping). What a great game!

  19. stacey

    now you’re making room for all the stuff you buy at the festival!! :) love the mitts….

  20. Rosie

    I love those armwarmers!

  21. Lisa

    Those mitts are great – always love colorwork!

  22. courtney

    Great stashbusting Lolly!
    What an awesome game to get to go to…my hubby and I were watching at home.
    I love the cowl and the mitts…so perfectly PS colors! :)

  23. nova

    You stashbust like a champ. Nice cowl, and the mitts are great!

  24. alison

    Great projects, both. And I must add: Go, Habs! :)

  25. Moni

    Love the cowl! I’ve been thinking about doing a bit of stashbusting myself. I have tons of oddballs that would make great cowls or hats.

    The fair isle mitt is gorgeous! Truly beautiful! great work, Lolly!

  26. Lin

    Lovely knits!

  27. Michele

    Go Rangers!!!!

  28. Emily

    Lovely FOs! I love the color combination of your mitts! Despite my love affair with brown, my stash is surprisingly void of the color…. must go correct that problem, haha!

  29. Jenna

    Oh my gosh, you wished me a happy birthday and I didn’t even see it until right now!! I’m sorry I’m such a lame friend, but thanks so much! Your kind wishes and gift are so, so thoughtful and I couldn’t ask for a better friend on my birthday :)

    Sounds like this hockey season will help keep your needles clicking! It may only be with simple projects, but sometimes those are the best kinds.

  30. tiennie

    That is wonderful on you! You are so photogenic. :)

  31. astrid

    great photo! and stashbusting is totaly my thing. Love the mitts.

  32. priscilla

    Pretty, pretty mitts. That cowl is also neat…

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