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A Rarity
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  1. Josiane

    Cute booties for a cute baby!

  2. Sarah

    I can’t decide which bit of that scrumptious little fellow I’d like to eat up first! Super cute, and how fun that his new footwear matches his shirt.

  3. Amy

    Oh, darn! I have to miss it again–Selma’s birthday party is this Sunday, but I hope to join you soon! Did you go to any Willow Street free classes?

  4. mai

    knitting and yoga sounds like fun! but i’ll be out of town this weekend. enjoy yourself!

  5. Nicole


    Thanks for not rubbing it in about the Sens’ pathetic performance in the playoffs. Ah well, there’s always next year…

  6. Keatyn

    Cute baby booties and a cute baby. It’s so funny that he was wearing an outfit that matched them when you gave them to him.

  7. Taueret

    oh he sho cute! booties not bad either.

  8. Lin

    Very cute!

  9. gleek

    so cute! perfect for a wee lad :)

  10. Heather

    How cute!

  11. Laura

    Awww how cute! Whenever I knit something for someone I work with I get the EXACT same thing! :)

  12. Dee

    Awww…cute baby with very cute booties.

  13. ragan

    Very sweet, both booties and the baby. Awww.

  14. astrid

    yes, me 2.

  15. tiennie

    Aw…. how sweet!

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