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Lichen It
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  1. Candice

    Delurking to say thanks so much for this pattern. I’ve been looking for some simple stashbusting patterns and I’ve added this to my Ravelry queue.

    And I just have to say how much I LOVE your blog. It’s one of the best out there in knitting blogland. Well done.

  2. jillian

    It’s beautiful! I love seeing your unusual color combos.

  3. mick

    I love this! The colors look so lovely together. Thanks for the pattern!

  4. Heather

    Love the color combo! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  5. sixoneseven

    I know exactly how you feel about pattern-writing; all that math is just too off-putting for me. I love the colors you chose for your cowl, and even better that it’s a stashbuster!

  6. Josiane

    That will be a nice way to use up bits of handspun! Thanks for the inspiration and, of course, for sharing your pattern!

  7. Bee

    I saw this on your flickr photos. Very lovely!

  8. gleek

    very cute! i love how both sides are equally enjoyable!

  9. maryse

    this is very cute and it’s my kind of design. i have tons of design ideas as well, but right now i’m just too busy to follow through and write a “proper” pattern, and then to have it test-knit and proofread, etc. i’m not even afraid of the math! but i think of my patterns more as knitting suggestions, if you know what i mean.

  10. Phoe

    I have just finished five cowls and added this one to my queue. Addicted? Maybe. :)

  11. Liz

    I, too, am terrible at swatching, sizing, etc. I prefer to stick to the available patterns of this world, like this one!

    I love it, and will definitely be knitting it.

    Now off to place it in my Ravelry queue…

  12. Preita

    Looks great! Love the colors. I wear cowls & scarves constantly at work, they are a nice add on when the weather can’t deside if it wants to be 60* or 80* gotta love SO CAL. :P

  13. Sarah

    Love the colour combo

  14. Alyssa

    Love it! The colors are great!

    The cowl really has been going around lately…hahaha sounds like a disease…I amuse myself sometimes.

  15. margaux

    very cool!! i heart this cowl craze going on! Must get my entry in too ;-) Love yours!

  16. tiennie

    Great pattern! Looks fab on you!

  17. Stacey

    I really like those colors together. Good job!

  18. Koko

    Lovely idea and color combination!!
    When I see great projects, I always want to ask about how they knew the colors went well together. What do you consider when putting together several colors? value? tone? Actually, I have just started learning my personal color one month ago.

  19. Jenna

    Lichen it – ha, you are too funny! I’m so glad to see your first foray into pattern-writing. It’s a great little accessory, and I hope many others make it.

  20. Kessa

    Very cute! I love the color combination you chose and the texture. Thanks for the pattern!

  21. Genevieve

    Congrats on publishing a pattern! Love the colours.

  22. Heather

    Mazel Tov to you, you budding designer!

  23. liz K.

    Congratulations on the new pattern! I just bought a hank of the new Manos Silk Blend to make myself a cowl…maybe I’ll make lichen!

  24. Mrs.Hipp

    The colors are unexpected together, but they are beautiful. Good job!

  25. Debi

    I’m with you Lolly- I always “customize” a patten to make it my own but why re-invent the wheel? While I technically could write patterns, I’m perfectly happy to knit what’s already out there.

    The cowl is lovely!

  26. Lin

    Thats lovely Lolly. I have got serious cowl addiction at the moment! I love the ease of them, knitting and wearing.

  27. rebecca

    Yikes! I did it too! (I didn’t even realize.) I love the colors you used so much.

  28. Kirsten

    So cute Lolly! I keep thinking of you and this pattern every time I pop over to Webs’ sale. (They’ve got 220 on sale for cheep-o!) Yes, I do revisit their sale more often than I care to admit!
    I really love the name you chose for this pattern.

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  30. orinda5

    I am lovin’ the cowl craze that’s happening these days.
    Very fun – Lichen has such cute stripes. :)

  31. Karma

    That’s a really cute cowl. I wouldn’t have thought to put those colors together, either, but now that I see it I really love the combination. I got to try on owlandacorn’s Malabrigo chunky cowl today and now I want one, too…

  32. Meg

    Wow! that’s a great color combo – thanks for sharing the pattern.

  33. katie m.

    Thanks for the pattern! I was just thinking stipey cowl thoughts … and then I remembered your Lichen. Yay!

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