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  1. An Abundance of Lisa

    I’m with you on colorwork. Love it. The colors you put together for that cardi are smashing! Can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. Kessa

    Fabulous! You have a great eye, Lolly. I don’t really have a thing. I’ve tackled cables and socks and am getting ready to try out lace. I’d really love to learn to do some colorwork, too.

  3. tiennie

    Like everything else, you are amazing at colorwork! I love it too. I think I love everything about knitting!

  4. Lin

    Its funny you should post about colourwork being your knitting thing because this week I have realised that it is not mine! I was looking at my Venezia yarn and I really don’t want to knit it again now. I might try something simpler like a yolked sweater but complicated knitting isn’t my thing. Knitting for me is relaxation and gorgeous yarns!

  5. Sarah

    So lovely when you find a seam of inspiration for projects – love the latest belnd of colours

  6. Erin

    I think you may be inspiring me to get back into fair isle. It’s been so long since I’ve done color work that it might be just what I’m looking for!

  7. messie

    I think my *thing* would have to be knitting sweaters from the top down with minimal seaming. I just love the feeling of lots of knitting in my lap and watching it take shape, and knowing I will only have to weave in ends and MAYBE patch the holes under the arms. Tee hee. I guess I am simple.
    Your fair isle just has me in awe. I am afraid I’d get all mixed up!

  8. Saun

    What needles are you using? They look pink

  9. Nicole

    Wow Lolly, the sweater is looking so fine. I have to admit, I was having difficulty picturing how the colours would work when you posted them the other day, but they look fantastic together.

    My thing? Nubbly textures: garter, reverse stockinette, seed stitch, even a bobble or two…

  10. Claudzilla

    Cables. The more complex and Celtic-looking, the better!

  11. Nadia

    I can’t..stop..knitting…lace! I try to knit other things, but it seems like I end up doing lace even when I’m trying not to. I’ve been getting better about it recently, because I really do love cables and colorwork and knit-purl patterns, but I just really like how lace garments look! They’re so light and airy and feminine, and work so well with San Diego weather. Anyway, Lolly, I’m not surprised that colorwork is your thing, because you’re extraordinarily gifted at it. Your colorwork projects are so beautiful! I’m especially excited about your Lailas – that’s such a great pattern!

  12. Mintyfresh

    Just got the new Interweave, which is all colorwork. you’re psychic! I don’t know if I have a “thing” with knitting. It all just come and goes.

  13. lekkercraft

    Oooo that’s a good question… Your colorwork is always so pretty. I don’t know if I’ve found my “thing” yet. I tend to go toward simple-stitch patterns with some sort of interesting feature thrown in.

  14. geeky Heather

    I just had to say that when I first saw your color combo (in skein form), I thought you were nuts! But it’s beautiful! …and…I guess my “thing” is cables.

  15. Laura

    Lace is definitely my thing right now. I’ve been through a cable phase, and I think someday I’ll fall into stranded colorwork too, but lace lace lace is all I want to knit right now. I have four shawls on the needles!

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