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Fourth Year: MDSW
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  1. Holly

    It was GREAT to see you again and thank you for giving me such a sweet mention in your blog. Quinn doesn’t actually belong to me, but to our sister farm Eden View Llamas. We work together and between us have a HUGE herd of llamas as well as my suri alpacas. He is a beauty, isn’t he? All of those spots! We thought he would be the perfect llama to show off at the festival on Sunday.

    Anyway, I would love to see you again sometime soon. It has been far too long since the days of laughing in the lunch room and struggling with those toothpick needles…

  2. margaux

    wow what a great time!! love all your pics – i’m totally living vicariously through you ;-)

  3. Bells

    I’m so envious – getting to be there surrounded by so much good stuff. Your sense of being overwhelmed really comes through here – people, yarn, connections….a huge weekend. Glad it went so well.

  4. Carole

    I wish we could have gone to the Ravelry party!

  5. stacey

    Yay!!! What a fun time. Too bad we didn’t get to hang out more. We really need to plan ahead next year! :)

  6. Jennifer

    Thanks for taking us with you to MDSW. It was the next best thing to being there. Looks like a great time that will keep you smiling for some time to come.

  7. jessica~

    Fabulous pictures, L!! Looks like it was a great time and I love the fiber colors that you chose this year. So happy for Jess and Casey – they really put a lot of hard work into Ravelry and I, for one, and thrilled with it!!

  8. jessica~

    I meant to write “am thrilled with it.” Need. more. coffee.

  9. erica

    Thanks for the MDSW update, you obviously enjoyed all of the fibery goodness there is to be had. The yarns you bought are beautiful are they all for knitting or are some for weaving?

  10. maya

    I only made it to the festival for a few hours on Saturday; it’s too bad we didn’t run into each other. Glad you had fun. :)

  11. Amy

    Beautiful fiber, weather, and friends. What could be better?


  12. Nicole

    It looks like you had a wonderful time! I’m thrilled for you. Wish I could have been at the Ravparty!

  13. biglug

    Hi Lolly, it was great to meet up with you, even for a short time! Your pictures are really impressive, I can see how you’ve gotten into your photography!

  14. ann

    oh, so sorry I missed you! but you definitely had a great festival. And the yarn!! I will live vicariously through your purchases.

  15. Jody

    It was great seeing you!! Awesome pics!!

  16. Sarah

    Looks like a wonderful time. I’m hoping to get there one of these days!

    Now, the important question: did you get home in time on Sunday to see the game?

  17. Leslie

    Wow, what a fun time! So much to see, buy, and do! I’ll bet the Ravelry party was especially great.

  18. felinemagnet

    I’m so glad I had a chance to meet you on Saturday! I wish I could have made it to the Ravelry party too, but that might have been sensory overload. You picked out some beautiful yarn. I stuck mostly to sock yarn this year. I’m sure I bought enough to keep me busy til the next festival and beyond! Now that we have figured out we are nearly neighbors, I hope we can get together sometime, for knitting or hockey purposes. :-)

  19. Hillary

    It was great to meet you. I wish i’d made it to the Ravelry events but there’s only so much you can fit in in one day – especially when you spend most of it on lines. Ugh! In the past we always went on Sundays and I think I prefer that. It’s still fun but a bit less crowded.

  20. Valerina

    I loved your recap of the festival! I also enjoyed learning that when you first moved here you didnt know how to knit yet – gives me hope that one day I’ll move beyond knitting and purling, be able to read patterns, and more importantly learn to knit socks! This year was my first festival and I had a great time!

  21. Jessica

    So great seeing you, as always!!

    Thanks for all your kind words about our party and Ravelry in general- you are the best. :)

  22. mai

    as usual, your photos are great! it looks like you had a fabulous time and scored a lot of great stuff!

  23. Stacey

    I’m going to say it again (as you could probably go back to your post from last year and see the same comment from me)….next year. I will be there.


  24. Ingrid

    You’re photos are beautiful. I especially love the sheep.
    Looks like such a fun event!

  25. liz K.

    Meeting you was definitely a highlight! Now I can read your blog and associate the sound of your voice! Oh, wait, that sounds a little stalker-ish.

    Anyway, you got some great yarn, and I can’t wait to see what you create with it.

  26. Kessa

    Looks like a great weekend! I definitely have to try and make it next year.

  27. Alice

    Sounds like a fantastic time! Oh I am so so jealous of all the yarn purchases I’m seeing pop up in my flickr contacts… Your pictures make me feel like I was there though, thanks!

  28. Heather

    Such a fantastic event, almost like old home week!

  29. Elinor

    Lolly, you pics make it look like so much fun! I’m glad you had a good time. I hope someday I’ll live closer to fiber festivals. I’m so jealous of all you guys that can go!

  30. connie

    I love that photo of you and Mary Heather. You guys are adorable in your glasses :)

    Ahh, stash acquisition! I love your picks and can’t wait to see what you do with them. You don’t need to feel guilty because you actually use your stash – I instead have them holed up in a rubbermaid container, hidden from sight because they make me feel bad when I look at them.

  31. KSee

    what a great report and beautiful pictures.

  32. Thalia

    It was so great to meet you! I’d love to get together and have a cup-of-one’s-choosing and hang out sometime. :)

  33. cici

    great pictures.. sorry i missed seeing you there. Maybe you could enter the photo contest next time.

  34. Josiane

    Great recap! It really sounds like you had a wonderful time. I hope to be able to attend one day… I’d be delighted to get to meet you!

  35. Sheila

    Nicely done! Thanks for the post-fandango pleasures. As you so ably show, it comes down to the folks, the four-leggeds, and the fiber! For me, seeing you–several times!–on the fairgrounds was a highlight. See you soon!

  36. amanda

    Too bad I missed you! I was there on Sunday afternoon. Next year I will have to take part in the Ravelry activities. Looks like fun and great to meet everyone!

  37. Nadia

    I am sooo jealous! It sounds like everyone had so much fun! I’m going to try my hardest to go next year – maybe I’ll see you there!

  38. Jenna

    You’re so right, it is a sensory overload! I couldn’t believe how quickly it passed, and how it seems so far away already! I don’t know if I thanked you adequately for your hospitality and lovely companionship, but it was so wonderful as usual. Let’s do it again some time soon xoxo

    As for the stash, you’re an artist and you need your materials to create. Most of that was an amazing deal, so you were really SAVING money, not spending it.

    Ravelry definitely added a fun dimension to the festival. I hope their presence there will continue to grow.

  39. deb

    I love post festival blog posts. I can vicariously enjoy the thrill of being there. Especially this festival. I look forward to reading your posts:)

  40. courtney

    It looks like it was a blast Lolly, and like you had enough fun for both of us! I wish I’d been there, but maybe we can meet up soon somewhere else local. :)

  41. msloloknitter3

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the festival. At the last minute, I had to back out and was admitted into the hospital. I am gearing for next year.

  42. Laura

    My brother lives in DC; I clearly have to time my annual visits to coincide with MD Sheep & Wool! I loved reading your report.

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