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Shinano Shenanigans
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  1. Bells

    loving all the neckwarmer things you’ve been doing! I kinda thought Noro might be too scratchy to wear that close to your neck but perhaps it washes up well.

  2. Wanett

    Beautiful! I love it worn as a hood.

    Btw: Your hair looks great in that first shot!

  3. mick

    That cowl is lovely, as is the yarn! I adore Noro. One of the first projects that inspired me to really get into knitting was Lizard Ridge (swoon). I bought up a bunch of single skeins of kureyon, and they’ve since turned into several beanies, hats, scarves, and wrist warmers. I want to do a cardigan, and try some other Noro yarns too. Lovely!

  4. Taueret

    ah, I always wondered where the ’12 step’ in 12 step programmes came from ;-)

  5. Corrina

    I have been loving the cowls. Florida doesn’t ever have cowl weather, but I think some folks might be getting some for Christmas presents this year!

  6. Sarah

    Ah Noro – I’m definitely a fan too

  7. Liz K

    I bought a bunch of cowl yarns at MDSW, but Noro is a great choice. And um, go Flyers!

  8. turtlegirl76

    Very pretty! Noro has an irresistible lure. I long ago gave up trying to ignore it. I always seem to have a noro project on the needles.

  9. Josiane

    Gorgeous cowl! That colourway is beautiful, and the texture of the fabric looks nice, too.

  10. Kessa

    That’s really pretty, Lolly! You’re inspiring me to join the cowl bandwagon!

  11. Heather

    Pretty! Thanks for the great links too.

  12. Nadia

    This cowl looks so beautiful, Lolly! The colors look really lovely! This is definitely one of the nicest cowls I’ve seen this winter!

  13. erin

    It’s so pretty, love the flecks of happy colours.

  14. Stacey_CrimsonPurl

    I knew right away that was Shinano when I saw this pull up in my reader!! :o D

    I made my 1st pair of gloves out of this last winter in the exact same color and LUV it! So glad I grabbed it from someone’s stash off of Ravelry!

    I still have 2 more balls in #8, and now have 4 more balls in #1

    You just now showed me what I could do with my 2 balls of #8 leftover! YAH!

    The cowl will be a perfect twin to my gloves! Yours looks great and I plan to “fav” it over on Ravelry :o D

  15. katie m.

    I love the cowl and the Noro is great. Hmmm … Noro.

  16. Lin

    The cowl is beautiful, the yarn such a lovely blend of colours!

  17. Amanda

    Hi there, I love the cowl – it is too bad that Noro discontinued this yarn, the subtleness of the colors is really beautiful and looks great on you.

    By the way, thanks for turning me on to Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food – I’ve been listing to the audiobook while I knit lately. I’ve been a longtime advocate of the food philosophy that if you can’t explain how a food is made to a child; or recreate it yourself in your own kitchen – you should probably think twice about eating it. Pollan fits right in with this and the history he describes is fascinating.

    Have you stumbled on to any of Lorna Sass’ cookbooks yet? She is my culinary soul mate and her Whole Grains Every Day Every Way is a gem – everything I’ve made from it has been phenomenal.

    Happy eats!

  18. Nicole

    Good ol’ Noro. So, so pretty. Great colour for you by the way.

  19. kate

    damn. i have to knit me a cowl. i love your version.

    it was great to meet you at MdS&W!! (which now seems like FORever ago. Sigh).

  20. anne

    gosh, that’s the prettiest yarn I have seen in a long time. What a great stash you must have!

  21. stacey

    so pretty!!!!

  22. windloop

    oh..thats a really nice color!!! and I love Noro, I can’t get enough of it..:)

  23. deb

    That is beautiful! What a great stash busting project. I got a sneak peak at the silk garden sock yarn this weekend. The colors and feel of the yarn are wonderful.

  24. Jenna

    Go, go stashbusting! Make some room for some lovely fleece artist yarns that you’ll surely find in Canada :)

  25. Steph

    Yay for stashbusting! It looks very comfy and you can wear it with a lot of different colors.

  26. tiennie

    That is some beautiful yarn! It makes a lovely cowl!

  27. lekkercraft

    PRETTY! I’d never seen that type of Noro yarn before–shame it’s been discontinued! Anyway, the cowl looks lovely on you!

  28. penny

    ooh! so very lovely! I have one skein of #1 (lot E I think) I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with. Hmm…

  29. Lauren

    Pretty! I just discovered your blog and I’m in love! I look foward to reading it!

  30. emmms

    Hallo! Thanks for mentioning me, I’m so glad you liked the way my cardie turned out! Your cowl is just gorgeous. The colours are so involved and it looks super snuggly. It hurts me everytime I think Noro discontinued Shinano — it’s just so wrong! I’ve got one and a half balls left of mine and I’m struggling to find That Perfect Pattern to do it justice, but that cowl might be it!

    Hope you’re well xx

  31. Janice

    Found your blog through ravelry and just started reading it, too. I LOVE Noro, so I’m glad this yarn in no longer available…I’d be hoarding it!

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