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Prep Time
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Prep Time


I try to be mindful and present – thinking about the here and now.

Sometimes, though, it is fun to think about the what is to come. Especially when the future holds a vacation and a big personal challenge…

We bought a tent and some sleeping bags. Kris and I both grew up camping with our families, and we have been hoping to continue that tradition in our own family. We have been together for ten years been have only camped once. So, now we can camp a lot more, starting with our next vacation. Camping gear is so much easier and lighter than it was twenty years ago. Perhaps it is childhood memory fog, but I seem to remember the tent setup taking a good forty-five minutes. And it weighed a lot too. Well, new tents don’t take as long… the new tent was up in a flash, and it feels “roomy” too! (Yes, it is in the living room…) And the sleeping bags! so nice and comfy and light as a feather! Stuffed with down, instead of polyfill! (can you see my excitement?) So, yeah, we are ready to go… now we just have to wait for the day to arrive. That gives me some time to decide what knits to take along with me…

I mentioned it already, but it is now official. I signed up for the SheROX triathlon in August. I am excited and nervous at the same time. With 13 weeks before the event, I have really picked up the training. I detailed my training plans over on the Journey page in a little segment I am calling “Tri’ing Times”. I will try to update it once a week with results and milestones. I have also found some inspiration and tips from two great sources. Ravelry has some great fitness-oriented groups: Fitness Knitters, Yarn and Sneakers, and Tri Knitters. The groups are perfect for the beginners and the more experienced. BeginnerTriathlete has a large free section where users can enter their training log data and goals, as well as an active forum and Q&A section. The site has already helped me learn the answers to some of my novice questions. I still have a lot to learn (and a lot to practice), but if motivation means anything, I am there! So much so that E and I are planning to practice the swim this coming weekend!

Spurred by this training, and the effects that [I think] it will have on my body, I am joining the 365 Project on Flickr. The basic requirement is that you take a self-portrait every day for one year. Kris says it is narcissism, but I tend to think of it is a motivational tool and a way to really express creativity. This is Day Three, and I haven’t taken today’s photo yet… but I will. If you are interested, you can keep up with my 365 photos here (only two so far). I hope I can keep it up. There are several crafty 365-ers too, even starting their own group, Knitterly365Days.




The shoes at the top of the post were an added bonus: I wanted comfy walking shoes for the summer. After I tried on about 10 pairs, I decided on these cuties – Ahnu Benicia. The left photo was my official “first” photo for the 365 Project – jump!

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  1. Elinor

    Congratulations on signing up for the race, Lolly! I think this is wonderful! I’ve thought about doing a local tri but here in the Midwest, the swimming leg is usually done in a lake and I prefer ocean critters to snakes! Eek. I think open water swimming is way better anyway, if colder. I’m trying to talk some knitters into a race (somewhere? some distance?) next year – you should think about it! It would be so much fun. And there would be gratuitous yarn shopping afterwards!

    Good luck with your training – remember that it’s more about logging hours than distances or pace times! You’ll be great! And have a wonderful time on your trip!!

  2. Moni

    yay! Good for you! I would love to do a triathlon but I’m so not there yet :) . My goal is to just be able to run for a half an hour at a time.

    I look forward to your 365 project! how fun!

  3. kelly jo

    Camping is so great! My husband and I used to go a lot, now with the little one we haven’t gotten to go recently, but by the time she’s 1, we’re hoping to have her in the tent!
    By the way, I just got a pair of Ahnu’s too, and I love them!!!

  4. Josiane

    I totally understand the excitement! Nova Scotia is such a lovely place, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time!
    You mean that in addition to being that cute, those shoes are comfortable walking shoes? Wow, I definitely need a pair!
    Happy unbirthday! :)

  5. Lisa

    Best of luck with the training for the triathalon! I’m sure you’ll do great!

  6. Aunt Kathy

    I never camped as a kid but when I was first married we camped every summer, eventually bought a trailer. But once we bought the house we stopped. I kinda miss it. Now that I have a grandson I’d love to take him camping.

    I agree camping equipment has really improved over the years.

  7. Dee

    Best wishes with your triathalon training. I know you can do it!!!!

  8. liz K.

    I am so very inspired, and look forward to following your progress as you train for the tri.

  9. mai

    i totally want a remote for my camera now. so much fun! i think i am too lazy or maybe forgetful to do the 365 self-portraits, but i love seeing all of them on flickr! i look forward to seeing yours :) congrats on your training! i’m glad it’s going so well. and have fun camping. i also love camping but don’t go as often as i should. and now this has become the longest comment ever :)

  10. tiennie

    You amaze me! Adding camping and training to your life resume? You amaze me!

  11. Hope

    Those truly are the cutest shoes evar.

  12. Anna

    Congrats on entering the Tri world!! It IS addictive! You can SO do it!!

  13. Jennifer

    Lolly – you’re going to have a blast. Camping gear is so much better than it was 20+ years ago. I’ve got the perfect place for the 2 of you to go – White Water Rafting with http://www.whitewaterchallengers.com – I go every year and it’s a blast. It’s in the Poconos – not a bad drive for you. You’ll love it! Have fun camping. You already have the look of a happy camper.

  14. Heather

    Oh wow, camping brings back major family memories. Have a great time!

  15. melanie

    Best of luck with the training!
    Now I’m off to look at those shoes……

  16. Angela

    My husband has done a few triathlons and he found that Beginner Triathlete site to be extremely helpful. He’s a big guy and it’s great to see him complete these races each summer (I’m usually all teared up when he crosses the finish line). I wish you the best of luck!

  17. Lin

    Camping is great, when the weather is good, which is rare here! Your shoes look so comfy.

  18. Amy

    I just got my copy of the new book How to Knit in the Woods, so now I can suggest you knit a cooler hammock to hold your food up high and away from critters! :-)

  19. Hillary

    Congrats on signing up for the race. Camping is such fun but people don’t do it enough these days. When we went a bunch of years ago we bought a tent and practiced by setting it up on the front lawn. People thought we were nuts!

  20. Preita

    You are going to have a complete blast. My husband & I just came back from camping in Joshua Tree National Park (california) and I tell you, I’ve never been in the high desert before & it was amazing! I don’t think you ever experience a place unless you’ve camped it. If you ever do California make sure to camp in Big Sur. There is this camp ground that is run by tree huggers & they didn’t change any of the topography of the canyon, so you are litterally in the middle of these huge redwoods & every site is diffrent. At night you only know your not alone by the glow of other people’s campfires. It’s amazing!

  21. Skylar

    Yay for exciting trips! I just wanted to let you know that I work for a company that provides yoga teacher training and we focus on all body types. We are accredited through Yoga Alliance and you can get your 200 hours or 500 hours RYT. We are often in the MD area hosting trainings, as well. If you would like more info, let me know and I’d be happy to get a few pieces of info together to show you!

    Take care and have a great trip and good luck w/ your trainings!

  22. Anne

    How wonderful! Let me know if you want some pointers or other info – my SIL is an avid triathlete. She even lives in your area!

    And I know you know, but the first step towards a new (somewhat scary) goal is just taking that first step, so you’ve done the hard part already!!

  23. Nadia

    Wow, Lolly! It sounds like you have such a wonderful summer ahead of you! You are such an inspiration – you make me want to motivate myself to have a richer life! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you have fun on your vacation!

  24. Jenna

    Lol, I have so much respect for you for signing up for the Tri. It is both a mental and physical challenge, but I think you have so much to gain from it. I think it might really change how you think about yourself – hopefully, in a good way :) I wish you lots of strength and determination as your train and I hope to emulate it someday.

    Even when you try to stay present, it is hard to not get excited for a trip, isn’t it? Especially one that will be so awesome. Enjoy your new camping gear, both home and abroad.

    I’ll be sure to closely follow your 365. I’ve thought about doing it myself, but you know me and time management for these things…

  25. chelsea

    Hey Lolly!
    So stoked to hear about the Tri… I LOVE triathlon. And I was NEVER an athlete. If you ever want to feel really good about how you are doing, you can check out my tri blog… two years ago I was SOOOO slow, but I still finished, and that’s what counts. (http://small-triathlete.blogspot.com/)…

    And the work is cumulative: I haven’t run since last fall, but I joined a 5k bootcamp and RAN all the way thru to the finish of my first 5k at a faster pace than I ever had in training last year.

    Good luck, and I hope you become totally addicted! Then we could have a crazy tri meetup somewhere next year!

  26. connie

    Good for you for signing up for that triathlon. I used to run regularly, but bad knees have sidelined me for the moment. I hope I’ll be able to take it up again in the future.

    I’ve never been camping – other than a one week orientation on Catalina for my freshman year at Caltech. Seems like ages ago. Have fun!

  27. Nonnahs

    A triathalon- Lolly, you truly are an inspiration. Best of luck with the training. Oh and PS: those shoes are adorable! Good thinking, letting everyone know ahead of time where you got them- you must have KNOWN you’d get questions about them! ;)

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