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Minou Wrap
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  1. Kristin


  2. Mom2Schnauzers

    OMG that is GOR-geous! LOVE the color/texture! …so it’s faster than knitting, eh?

  3. stacey

    that is beautiful – I love the thick and thin texture!

  4. nova

    This is gorgeous, Lolly! I was wondering about the progress of the “baby blanket”!

  5. Ginny

    Lolly, you are tempting me to start weaving! (Let’s not let me husband hear that…)

    It is beautiful.

  6. Jewel

    Wow!! That is so pretty I love that color. Isn’t it fun to just go to your stash and find something so beautiful as that?

  7. Sarah

    I’m so glad to see that yarn get put to use! And such a lovely end result, too. I think it’s much prettier woven than it would have been knit…
    Great job, Lolly!

  8. margaux

    you’re making me seriously consider getting a loom…. stop that ;-) i live in an itty bitty apartment!! hahaha… but it’s gorgeous and i love it!! great job!!

  9. Kristin

    Very pretty! The weaving still amazes me. Stunning!

  10. Jacey

    The shawl is amazing; I especially love the texture. Weaving does seem to be a soothing process, from what I’ve seen.

  11. Mandi

    Wow, your wrap is beautiful. I have to admit, I’ve never really had an interest in weaving — but I think I take that back now! ;)

  12. Poppins

    It’s exactly this kind of textured piece that makes me want to weave. So inspiring, Lolly!

  13. shweta

    Very Beautiful Color and Texture.

  14. Sallie

    What everyone else has said. Great color, great texture. Just plain yummy!

  15. cara

    o god I love this and the colour is incredible!

  16. heather

    Ooooh luscious color *drool*

  17. Beth

    Must resist loom… that really did come out gorgeous though!

  18. Meg

    Oh beautiful! I would have thought all those nubblies would be hard to weave with (knowing absolutely nothing about weaving) but they make the texture look amazing.

  19. Nicole

    Wow, that’s what I call instant gratification of the best kind.

    I wonder if I could fit a loom into my little house….

  20. Ingrid

    I can’t even tell you how much I love this wrap. I hope you bring it to Nova Scotia so I can see it in person!! :)

  21. traci

    amazing! and it appears as though you really are smitten aren’t you? as well you should be! C’est parfait!

  22. lekkercraft

    I’m loving that texture too, and it has such a nice drape to it!

  23. Jenna

    I’m glad that you addressed how this went from being for a baby to being for you – I did think that was a little funny :) In any case, I’m glad that you’re keeping, as it is unique and beautiful. The texture is really fabulous!

  24. KSee

    how beautiful from start to finish.

  25. Sasha


  26. Janice

    Wow – what a beautiful color and texture! I’d love to take up weaving and spinning too someday, maybe when I’m retired – still a long way off, though!

  27. Lin

    Lolly, that is beautiful. I think that it must be the best way to use that type of yarn to its full effect.

  28. Josiane

    I love the fabric that was created by weaving this yarn! It is totally different to the one that would have resulted from knitting it. The texture is awesome, and the colour looks great on you! It will be the perfect thing to wear during your trip in Nova Scotia: it won’t make you hot, but it will keep off the chill one can feel on the sea shore.

  29. Meg

    Love the color! It’s always gratifying to make something so perfectly in tune with our personalities and our lifestyles. I kind of wish I could weave now because I would totally wear that wrap daily.

  30. Specs

    I love that yarn as a woven fabric. Look like it drapes beautifully!

  31. sixoneseven

    The scarf so pretty and nubbly, and it totally looks store-bought–and I mean that in a good way! :)

  32. eva

    Absolutely beautiful!

  33. alison

    This is *beautiful*!! The texture, of course, but also the colour. Lovely work, lady!

  34. Lauren

    This is amazing! Lovely color and drape. yum, yum=)

  35. Hillary

    That wrap is gorgeous! I agree that the color and the texture are wonderful. Wear it well.

  36. katie m.

    Now I know why I’ve been so drawn to woven scarves and shawls lately. It’s your weaving voodoo magic! The wrap is truly beautiful — the color and the texture are so lovely.

  37. stinkerbell

    adore it and the colours… brilliant and so suits you :)

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  39. Karen

    So pretty! I love the texture of it!

  40. Alex

    WOW, this is really gorgeous. The texture… just great.
    Learning to weave is something I want for some time now. Your wrap makes my wish a little more urgent!
    Enjoy this beautiful piece!

  41. mai

    this is absolutely beautiful! i have always wanted to learn how to weave, but now after seeing all of your projects, i’m really itching to try it!

  42. Emily

    What a stunning color!

  43. Maartje

    WOW! So beautiful in color and texture! Love it! :)

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