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Quintessential Cowl
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  1. Christy

    I love how the pink stripe is more or less centered. love the colors

  2. Josiane

    Interesting project for your upcoming trip! You’ll certainly won’t have any trouble finding wondeful backgrounds for the FO pictures!

  3. Elinor

    That pink stripe is definitely cool. I never knew cowls were such a great stashbuster! Actually, I think I’m going to make Beatrix some for the winter because it seems like it would be easier to keep a cowl on a toddler rather than a scarf. Maybe?

    Are you going to stop at Cottage Craft on your way to NS? That is definitely worth a detour.

  4. Queta

    The pink strip! That stuck out for me when I saw the picture at flickr! I like it’s sneakiness…

  5. mick

    What a pretty, simple design. It really shows off that yarn wonderfully. I love that bright pink among the more subdued colors; it’s such a cheerful surprise!

  6. stacey

    What a great idea! I have to go thru my stash for some cowl-potential odd skeins. Perfect for quick gifts and stashbusting at the same time!!!

  7. Carole

    I love it! Do you use a pattern for the cowls or do you just wing it?

  8. Genuine

    That’s supercute. It looks like it can totally help with the, “my nose is so cold that it’s about to fall off my face but pulling my hat over my eyes would look kind of stupid” syndrome that I tend to suffer from.

  9. brenda in toronto

    great gift – i think the colours will look great on her too!

  10. traci

    funny thing about cowls, they’re simply everywhere now! i’m not sure about completely succombing to them just yet, but you are making it more and more tempting!

    p.s. the pink stripe is parfait!

  11. Nicole

    Love the pink stripe. Ingrid is a lucky girl. I’m sure you’ll have fun with her, she’s so lovely.

    Exactly how many cowls are you planning to knit for your trip? You are crazy!

  12. Ingrid

    Of course I loveLOVElove it! You are such a sweetheart!
    And the pink stripe is right up my alley.

  13. elizabeth

    I love that yarn! The little bit of pink is my favorite.

  14. Leslie

    I am so happy to see you using the San Franciscou souvenir yarn!!!

  15. Nonnahs

    Another cute cowl- and what a great gift!

  16. Kristyn

    So I will think of you knitting your cowl on Saturday while watching my Wings play your Pens. May the best team win (Go Wings!)

  17. tiennie

    This is beautiful! You wear it well. :)

  18. Lin

    That is great, you have convinced me that I can’t have too many cowls, so I can knit more!

  19. gleek

    all of your cowls are turning out so nice!

  20. whitney

    Ha, I went stash-hunting for cowl-making materials yesterday, before I even saw this…I love yours! That pink stripe is awesome.

  21. Jenna

    I hope Ing loves the cowl! It seems to have all of the perfect cowl elements in place. I think the construction of that yarn will help it hold up really well when the cold Nova Scotia winds blow.

    I’m excited to hear about your cowl project – go go stashbusting!

  22. Janice

    I haven’t tried a cowl yet, but yours just might inspire to try one. This one has such a beautiful colorway! Now I just need to find that perfect cashmere-silk blend…somewhere.

  23. ann

    Your cowl is beautiful – I’m inspired! What pattern did you use?

  24. lekkercraft

    I had never really understood the use of cowls, but as I’ve been knitting more and more, and I think thanks in part to all the pretty ones that you make and post photos of, I’ve really turned around to them! I haven’t made one, but I have a few in my queue now :)

  25. katie m.

    Your cowls are turning out really lovely. The pink stripe is great, too … just the right bit of BRITE.

  26. Emily

    Oh…I love that. It’s beautiful.

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