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I try to remain as neutral as possible with the Project Spectrum colors, but I knew that EARTH was going to be a favorite early on. The colors of the earth just sing to me. I love the deepness of brown and the vibrancy of greens. I just feel “at home” with the EARTH colors…

My Earth

I photographed, I cooked, I knit, and I crafted with the colors. I observed them everywhere I went – it is hard not to with the beauty of spring pulsating all around me!

Which of the elements speak to you the most?

While EARTH is definitely my number one, I am also quite fond of the WATER element. Blue has been a favorite of mine since I was a young girl, and looking at my past projects, it seems to be the color that I have used most in my own crafting, at least in sweater knitting


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  1. sprite

    I’m definitely a water girl, although many of this year’s projects seem to have fallen into the fire category.

  2. Nonnahs

    Earth, definitely. Always been earth, no question! :)

  3. Jewel

    I’m a tree girl for sure, I love the color green. The lot we are building our house on is a hill with lots of pine trees going up the hill. We have wild rabbits, fox, deer and a cougar that people see about once a year. My Central Park Hoodie that I’m working on is green and I just finished my grandson a vest that is green and I’m going to start a sweater for my son that is green! So definitely a tree girl!

  4. Elinor

    I’m a water girl. I wear a lot of blues, and I knit a lot of blues, and I love it. My bedroom is a turquoise-blue, like the color of the ocean in Hawaii, and it makes the room so bright and calm and cheerful.

  5. Anya

    I am a water girl too.. I have been making a lot of blue-purple things lately.. I just started a Rusted Root in Raging Purple! I do wear a lot of red/dark pink/purples, but I enjoy green and brown (earth) a lot as well. Colors speak to me. I would hate to have the world be black and white.

  6. AmyDe

    I’m a fire girl myself – well fire and greens. It’s interesting to look at your stash photos on ravelry; they are mostly blue and green/earthy with little variation. I once found a girl’s stash that was entirely blue – everything was blue – it’s fun to check them all out just looking for color families.

  7. megan

    I surprised myself with how much I’ve felt at home with the Earth element. Green and brown are not traditionally “my” colors, but I am actually feeling sad about leaving this triad behind. The colors I wear tend to stay constant – red/pink, black, gray, murky lavender, ivory. So I think it’s more of the feeling of the element itself rather than the particular colors. Maybe. I’ve found myself loving green lately. If you want to get all woo-woo with astrology, then maybe it’s because my chart is heavy with fire signs and earth grounds me. Water depresses me (douses the fire) and air fans the flames too hot. I’m not sure I actually believe that, but it’s interesting to think about.

  8. whitney

    I love all your EARTHy photos!

    I’m definitely an earth girl, that’s for sure, with water being my runner-up. Earthy colors have just always called to me, and I love digging in the dirt and all that good stuff, too. But having always lived near water in some capacity (Atlantic Ocean, Mississippi River, Lake Ontario), I do enjoy its calming effect, and have a fondness for blues and purples as well.

  9. Susan

    Earth and fire are my favorites. I love the soothing earth tones and the warming reds and oranges and yellows.

    Water is ok if there isn’t too much blue.

    Air? Bleah. Unless you are talking sunsets, sunrises, with their wild mix of colors.

  10. Phoe

    I’m an air and water girl. Blues and greens with sparkle. That’s what I like best. :)

  11. fawn

    Ooh, that photo collage hits me in all the right color places! Soo pretty!

  12. rebecca

    when earth means green, well, it is my favorite color of all. brown? eh, not so much. but then you have those red and orange clay dirt, esp. in my part of the world, and i love them so!

  13. Lin

    Beautiful pictures, I love the greens.

  14. Wildwool

    I’d say Water and Earth…hmm. I’m having trouble deciding.

  15. Aunt Kathy

    Normally I’d say PINK, but can’t think of any real pink themes so I guess I am into the Fire colors, Reds, Yellows, Oranges and even a little Blue too. I loved the photo collection, what great pictures.

  16. k

    oh definitely Earth. I think I ‘ve actually been accused of being a tree myself when wearing green and brown too much! I’m sad that this element is nearly over – there was more I meant to knit! But I’m sure I’ll get over it as all colours appeal, really. And of course I’ll still be knitting “Earth” colours no matter what the time of year.

  17. Bells

    Earth here too! It was brought home to me looking at my stash page on ravelry recently. I try to veer away but, you know, I just get stuck on earth!

  18. lucy

    Surely an earth girl with a little fire thrown in. Sadly I didn’t capitalize on this triad but will surely do some catch up with the other colours.

  19. Stephanie

    If my house is any indication, I’m definitely in the earth camp. Browns, greens, and reds are my favorites.

  20. Brianna

    All of the elements inspire, motivate and help us appreciate and create!

  21. Ilix

    I am a fire/water child….. odd but true

  22. tiennie

    Your earth photos are beautiful! I’m loving the way you grouped this year’s Project Spectrum!

  23. Terri

    I am a water girl – always drawn to the blues and greens – well also purples and reds….hmmmm…..maybe also fire & water……

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