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Feeling the AIR
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  1. tiennie

    Beautiful. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  2. Lin

    Lovely pictures. I have just cast on for a yellow Swallowtail so that was good timing for project spectrum!

  3. Susan

    I have some gorgeous cloud-like batiks in my quilting stash. More totebags await!

  4. Linda

    I have to say you and your hubby take some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen—they are always so sharp and clear as well as creative–I always enjoy seeing what you two come up with—-you are both very talented!

  5. Stacey

    I just finished thinking about my “air offerings” and it really made me think a great deal about yoga, cleansing breaths and peace. I was surprised at how much sensory effect just thinking about it conjured. Thank you for keeping me inspired, as always.

  6. Jesska

    Stunning photographs, I’ll definitely be visiting again…

  7. There’s Still Time « Knittnfool

    [...] – the last (read only!) projects completed during Earth. Where did 2 months go? Now we are in the Air element. Have I told you I’m afraid to knit with white? I am. I have white yarn. Some beautiful [...]

  8. Jenna

    You’re right – the air is invisible, but it’s possibly the most powerful element. You certainly are affected most quickly if you are deprived of it!

    If you hold a prism up to the air, you’ll see a whole rainbow. That may have to be my PS inspiration this round…

  9. Purl

    Beautiful photos!

  10. theresa/ tdoes wool

    beautiful photos…beautiful words…lots to think about…

  11. Oksana

    It could be said that air is one of the most amazing elements, since its existence is essential for so many other things.

  12. traci

    simply beautiful. well put. i was imagining myself being whisked away by a breeze as i read this. i love when a soft wind gently pulls my hair away from my face!

  13. Sarah

    As always thank you for being inspirational :o )

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