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Acadian Trail / French Shore
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  1. Ingrid

    We had so much fun! I love all of your photos and this post just makes my day!

  2. jillian

    What an opportunity! It’s all so beautiful. And that sounds like one awesome yarn shop!

  3. Wanett

    I have never been a nature person, but you guys make it look so doable. I love your thirst for knowledge, I don’t think any one would accuse you of being ignorant ;) I love all of you photos too, you and Ingrid look so cute in your cowls and life vests.

  4. Amanda

    Looks like you guys had a fantastic time. I really love your lamb and bird photos!


  5. Nadia

    I just wanted to say…that I am enjoying your posts about your vacation so much! It seems like you guys had so much fun!

  6. Deb

    Wanna know what a small world it is?

    I know Ted.

    And I bought my first-ever sock yarn at that very shop. The shopkeeper wasn’t a sock knitter, but the other lady on staff was, so the lady on duty sold me a sock pattern leaflet – after she’d scribbled the other lady’s phone number on it, “just in case I had troubles”.

    I heart the South Shore.

  7. ami

    Oh my gosh! You guys look you had such a fun time!

  8. Josiane

    Wow, what an awesome experience! That truly makes for extraordinary vacation memories!

  9. Samantha

    Wot?!? No pictures of Nigel’s amazing ukulele collection??? Looks like you had a great time, and you always look as though you’re having fun, Lolly! Thanks for the blog!

  10. Terri

    What fabulous photos and water pics!

  11. tiennie

    Catching up on your last 3 posts – what fun!! You make me want to go and visit a place that I really didn’t think twice of before! Lighthouses – I love lighthouses!

  12. Lin

    I love your photographs.

  13. cici

    Girl you pictures rock… Lovely!

  14. Meredith

    Wow, the scenery looks stunning! And I love the sheep pictures. So cute!

  15. Melissa A.

    Great post. I’m stealing some of these tips for my trip.

  16. Taueret

    It makes me smile to see you all having so much fun!!

  17. stacey

    what a wonderful time – seeing the terns up close like that – pretty neat!

  18. Jewel

    Wow! Can I have your life, its so nice to meet new friends. If you ever want to visit Utah I’m here!

  19. LC

    is there anyplace I can vote for your website as “Most Beautiful”? It’s so aesthetically pleasing, I just like to come back again and again!

  20. Rowena Philbeck

    What fun you must be having. I love your pictures,,,its almost like being their myself. Thanks so much….for sharing,


  21. whitney

    Wow, that looks like such a fun time! I love all those photos…so bright and happy, and the blue skies, and the adorable sheep…thanks for sharing!

  22. Alicia

    Awesome! Great purchases, adorable sheep!

  23. milly

    Incredible photos!

  24. KnittingKel

    You are giving me lots of ideas for vacation spots. Thanks!

  25. Kathode Ray Tube

    Your photos bring back a lot of great memories for me of previous trips to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It’s one of my favorite places. Time to go again, I think, this time with kids!

  26. Jay

    Wow… what a beautiful country…love the scenery…just hope it’s not overrun by those ugly windmills.

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