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Fundy Fun / Sunrise Trail
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  1. Ann

    OH how I wish I was with you on this trip!
    My greatest joy will be when I can spend some time there.
    Thought it was to be this October but could not get in our timeshare until late October and early November and afraid weather will not be good.
    However we may wait and see.
    Continue to have a great trip!

  2. Nadia

    Don’t worry – we’re not gettig tired! I am thoroughly enjoying reading these entries. I wish I could have been there!

  3. brenda in toronto

    nope – certainly not tiring of these updates! chad and i booked our flights to halifax this morning – so excited – and these posts have been so helpful and inspiring!

  4. Bertha

    The Canadian Maritimes are one of my favorite places on Earth, so definitely not getting bored with these! I can’t wait to see Cape Breton!

  5. Kristin

    The foggy picture is stunning – I wish I could have been with you on the trip. It all looks so wonderful. The yarn-craft-local shop looks great, too. I wish there were more ‘combined’ shops around.

  6. AmyDe

    Not tired yet – keep ‘em coming!

  7. Sarah G

    Yarn…wine…hiking…SHEEP!! That sounds absolutely fabulous! And the fog really is quite beautiful. It seems like you had a wonderful vacation, and I’m enjoying reading about it.

  8. emily10

    Oh, fog. My big backpacking trip on Lake Superior was nothing but rain and fog. However, once I got immune to having wet feet, I thought it was sublime! There was even someone hiking the whole trail just to get pictures of the mist and fog and rain. I hope your trip was like that.

  9. whitney

    Definitely not tiring of your travel posts! I’m thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to vicariously experience these places :)

  10. Megan

    More more more! I’m loving this – you’ve inspired Amy and me to change our summer vacation plans and head to NS again rather than VT. Thanks!

  11. Lisa

    Keep writing and posting pictures. Its been really fun to read!!

  12. Serenknitity

    I’m really enjoying taking this trip with you – love the photos.

  13. Kim U

    Your photos and descriptions totally make me want to go to Nova Scotia for my next vacation!

  14. Heather

    I’ve never been out East, but you are peaking my interest! It’s on the to-do list for sure.

    Trilliums, the official flower of Ontario. Pretty picture.

  15. shelby

    Looks like you had an amazing time! I was in Nova Scotia when I was 14, and was blown away by what we saw. I’m loving your descriptions of things, it’s triggering lots of memories. And I also love icewine! I was first introduced in Niagara-on-the-Lake when I was on my honeymoon, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. Canada makes some fabulous wine!

  16. tiennie

    I’ll never tire of your travel pics!

  17. margaux

    wow, simply wow! what great sights… and you had me at “lolly swishing” ;-)

    how cute is that sheep!

  18. margaux

    yup i can read! i mean swilling! haha i’m just staring at the wine… obviously!

  19. Marlyn

    I’ve always wanted to go to the Maritimes, so I’m really enjoying reading your travel diary.
    And I LOVE ice wine, so please have a glass for me. It’s so expensive in the US, if you can find it, that is.

  20. knitography

    Marechal Foch is a fabulous grape – I would definitely recommend trying it again and again (I’m always excited when I find a winery that grows it). Enjoying your pictures as usual!

  21. chris

    Wow! Just wow . . . I’m so inspired by your pictures and writeup that I’m going to put Nova Scotia on my Must Go list (the one in my head). Hiking and flowers and wool and wine? What could be better?

  22. mai

    wow, that mill is absolutely gorgeous! your photos are amazing!

  23. gleek

    this sounds like an excellent trip! thanks for sharing it with us :)

  24. Heather

    Oh wow, can’t wait for the Cape Breton post, I’ve always wanted to go there!!!

  25. Ali P in the Qc

    It warms my heart that you all love my home province so much. I can point folk here to see why I get so homesick…especially for a good ol’ thick Atlantic FOG!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed the trip, Lolly. You’re making me wanna go home.

  26. Jody

    Wow – I love the photo of you on the bridge – such a cool shot!

    I’m enjoying reading all about your trip!

  27. Amber

    Wow, those photos are amazing. That first one made me wonder if you were on the Oregon Coast, with the fog against the trees… That hike sounds wonderful, too!

  28. Josiane

    How could we get tired of this?
    This is the area of Nova Scotia I didn’t have the chance to see when I visited that province. Of course, whenever I go back, I’ll make sure to head in that direction, so I’m taking note of your recommendations!
    I’m looking forward to reading your post about Cape Breton Island, and to seeing your pictures, of course! It’s such a beautiful area…

  29. Meg

    Thank you so much for sharing all your travel adventures and the wonderful photos. I’m bookmarking these for future reference – I was in Halifax for a conference last year and after just a little taste then it is on my must-do list for a family vacation. Looking forward to the remaining post(s).

  30. Lin

    That looks fabulous, the flowers are so perfect.

  31. Taueret

    Ever since I was a little kid playing with a globe (you know, spinning in round and putting your finger on at random, etc) I have wanted to visit the Bay of Fundy!

  32. Lía

    I’ve wanted to go to Nova Scotia for so long and now just after reading your trip it’s a MUST. Last night I showed all your photos to my boyfriend and made him promise that someday we will go there ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

  33. stacey

    too bad about the fog, but even the little scenery you can see is amazing!!

  34. Jewel

    That is so beautiful, we have always wanted to go Prince Edward Island. We’ve have made it as far as Maine. Thank you for sharing your trip, did you pick up any yarn to weave?

  35. Shannon

    Well, I have been reading your blog for a short while and love going along with you on your trips. I do not travel so I am getting to travel and see wonderful things that I would love to see from a much better perspective than from the travel logs on TV. Your pictures are great fun and quite beautiful scenes. Thanks for sharing. I am a fiber fool and knit everyday so I really enjoy your knitting stuff too.

  36. Denise

    I remember barely these places when I visited NS. I wish I had taken notes. I remember the Bay of Fundy too, but can’t tell you what’s what from my old photos!
    Love looking at your pics, and thanks for sharing them.

  37. Elinor

    I’m absolutely enjoying your trip vicariously! The pictures are so beautiful.

  38. Peruvian Flowers And Vine Beret

    [...] Lolly Knitting Around » Fundy Fun / Sunrise Trail Some of the premiere Nova Scotia wines are the ice wines, the sweet dessert wine made possible by the colder climate – virtually allowing the grape to freeze on the vine locking in all of the sugars. Dessert in a bottle, I tell you. Just wow . I'm so inspired by your pictures and writeup that I'm going to put Nova Scotia on my Must Go list (the one in my head). Hiking and flowers and wool and wine? What could be better? # mai on 16 Jun 2008 at 12:48 pm . [...]

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