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The Air Up There
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  1. Ingrid

    Such gorgeous photos from the trip! Amazing on so many levels.

  2. Dee

    As anyone that lives in Florida will tell you, in the summertime the air in Florida is like being smacked in the face with a big, wet blanket.

    Our air is so thick you can chew it. ;-)

    I wish for some cool, fresh Nova Scotia air.

  3. liz K.

    Your photos on this trip have been so inspirational. Do you have any grand plans for them? They’d be awesome in a Blurb Book.

  4. Heather

    Well, yesterday we went to a beautiful spot in the Laurel Highlands and we all noticed how different the air was, even 1.5 hours away!

  5. Jody

    Your photos are beautifully done and very inspirational. I hope to convince my husband that we should head to the East more.

  6. Gudrun

    Ah to fill my lungs with some of that clean crisp fresh air…..I’m having to be inside a lot breathing AC air as it’s been over 100 here for a few days……getting to the coast this week so that should be better.
    Love these photos (and all the others of your trip)!

  7. lucy

    Really superb photos Lolly!

  8. whitney

    I have definitely noticed the destructive power of AIR and WATER recently; after all, the air carried the storms that have flooded my beloved Midwest.

    Your photos are absolutely amazing, Lolly!

  9. milly

    Our air is a little tainted lately with the south winds bring the smoke of two semi local wild fires into our area. It is not a good month for air here.

    Thanks for sharing your pics!

  10. Lin

    Fantastic pictures Lolly. I find wind farms magical. When we were in Holland we stood so close to a windmill you could hear a really powerfull whoosh as it went round, I love them. In some areas here residents oppose the construction of them, I can’t understand why at all.

  11. Miss Scarlett

    Gorgeous pictures – and you’re right perfect for this element.

  12. Josiane

    Beautiful pictures! I love the rust in the pebbles, and it demonstrates yet another effect of the air: the oxygen it contains oxidized the iron in those rocks, creating this lovely mix of blues and rusty orange.

  13. tiennie

    Your photos are always so beautiful and you and Kris takes such good pics together!

  14. Susan

    I started Icarus in a sky blue color I dyed myself using Jaggerspun Zephyr lace yarn. The yarn is light as air, the shawl is wings, and the color is sky blue. Can’t get more airy than that, eh? Oh and let’s not forget the name of the yarn, Zephyr, being the god of wind…

    and OMG I CAN KNIT LACE!!! Just finished Adamas, my first ever successful shawl and I’m off and running on Icarus. Woo hoo!

  15. Jewel

    Your trip just keeps on getting better and better. Thank you for the photo’s it looks amazing.

  16. megan

    Beautiful, beautiful photos! I especially love the beach stones.

    Right now I’m very aware of the air around me due to the wind! I can’t remember ever having such a cold, windy spring and early summer.

  17. Vicki

    Hi there! I came across your site by accident but just wanted to say what lovely pictures you’ve got on display! Everywhere looks so beautiful!

  18. Emily

    Lolly, your gorgeous photos have convinced me to add Nova Scotia to the official “must visit someday” list! Normally, I just daydream about which U.S. national park I’ll visit next (I’m on a mission to visit all of them in this lifetime) … but your photos of Canada have opened another can of worms …. :-D

  19. Kara

    Those pictures are amazing. They totally bring the elements alive!

  20. Sarah G

    I think “elemental” is the perfect word to use here. Those rock crags look almost like they are from another world. The picture of the rocks is the perfect visualization of the “earth” element – so beautiful, colorful, yet solid. Your photos always make me appreciate the planet more than ever.

  21. teeweewonders

    Your photos are amazing!

  22. Bea

    what were your overall impressions of nova scotia as a us citizen? we are thinking about relocating, and i’m curious what you thought of your experience! your pictures are so amazing :)

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