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Camera : Gardening
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  1. shannon

    the crappy little point and shoot i’ve been using to photograph yarns for my website is finally biting the dust, and i’ve been ogling canon DSLRs for a while. i was a film photography major, and it has been KILLING me to use a point and shoot for my “professional” work shooting for my website. i’ve been amazed to actually get some decent shots, however, too low res to ever think about printing. anyway, i need a tide-me-over until we can afford to outfit me with a decent professional-ish DSLR (and i am a devoted Canon girl)…was wondering which point and shoot model you have and if you would recommend it? i am having pangs of camera envy from this post! my “crappy” model is still a decent Canon, but is more of a photos-of-the-fam type hand-me-down from the folks. i adore your blog, btw. :)

  2. Kelly

    *drools* that lens is fabulouso!

  3. Melissa A.

    I wouldn’t mind having a DSLR some day, as they are coming down in price. But my little 3.2mp Canon PowerShot isn’t too bad either. ;)

  4. Heather

    How exciting! I am loving my new Canon as well…

  5. stacey

    cool!!! your photos are always beautiful!!!!

  6. Josiane

    Your creativity coupled with great tools make for gorgeous pictures!
    When you get to making your homemade chamomile tea, would you please share the details? I’m really into chamomile tea these days, but I’ve never had the pleasure to have some that wasn’t from a tea bag… the organic one I buy is really good, but I’d love to eventually be able to make my own from homegrown chamomile!

  7. felinemagnet

    I have *finally* caught up with your blog after being away myself, and I really enjoyed your photos and narrative! And I think you have convinced me I need to make a cowl. Then I followed your link to Kris’s blog and it was interesting to read about your pond. We inherited one when we moved into our house last year – I’ve never had one before, and it is cool. It doesn’t have very many plants, but we do have almost a dozen koi, and until recently we had some frogs…but then we saw a snake! And now we have no more frogs. :-(

  8. Jenna

    That Kris is so crazy, buying fancy cameras when you’re not around. I hope that you both have fun playing with it and seeing what it’s really capable of. The garden shots are certainly a nice taste of what’s to come…

  9. whitney

    I have always enjoyed your photography, Lolly…I’m excited to see what the new camera brings!

    And how exciting, all those grapes! My grandpa has always grown grapes, down in Missouri, and he makes the best jelly ever with them. It spoiled me, and now I can’t stand eating storebought jelly.

  10. Jody

    I love the new camera – I definitely see lots of amazing photos in your future!

  11. Rene'


  12. Dorothy

    The new camera looks like a great one. I am looking forward to seeing the learning process.

    Your photos are always amazing now though.

  13. Mintyfresh

    i’m going to just keep telling myself that it’s the lens that makes the photo–and the photographer–and not the body. it’s not the body. it’s NOT the body. (don’t tempt me further!!)

  14. KnittingKel

    Your flowers are beautiful. Your new camera seems really nice. I’m excited about seeing all of the gorgeous pictures you will take with it.

  15. Mimi

    Exciting! Beautiful photos! XXOO

  16. Sungopolis

    WOW! So cool.

  17. Sarah G

    Are you growing grapes in your yard?? I’m impressed by that! You really take some stunning pictures… I have a film SLR that I really love, but when it comes to traveling, size always wins out. I guess I’m willing to sacrifice picture quality for the ability to stash a camera easily in a bag. Looking forward to some beautiful pictures!

  18. Cara

    The 24-70 is my go to lens! I do most of my indoor stuff with it. The 70-200L is a GORGEOUS lens and the 100mm Macro is nice too.

    Have fun!

  19. Nonnahs

    Well, your photos are incredible. Thanks for sharing all the info on your cameras!

  20. Dawn (Knitting Diva)

    You have a totally awesome blog and I can hardly wait to see the fabulous shots yet to come. Love, Love reading about your travels, life and of course knitting ventures! Cheers!

  21. Dawn (Knitting Diva)

    Sorry, my website was incomplete on my prior comment.

  22. tiennie

    Beautiful photos! Dueling Canons!

  23. nova

    Or did he get you the camera just so he could use his more often? That is what K did. We are a 2 Nikon fam (3 if you count the point and shoot, 6 if you count our film slr’s…i know, it’s pathetic–you’d think we would be better with photography).

  24. Moni

    Wow! You guys are really getting into photography! Your photos are absolutely beautiful. I’ve been wanting Lightroom for forever but I need to get a better computer first. I’m also dying for some new glass. I soo want a wide angle lens. I’m getting all geeky. I stop now :o )

  25. Jess

    What a super-sweet camera! Very nice, congratulations!

    Regarding the grapes and what to do with them – there is a fantastic grape *jam* recipe in the Ball Blue Book. It’s a bit fiddly, what with separating the seeds and possibly the peels (it’s been a while since I made it) and cooking them separately, but it is so very worth it.

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