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Knitting in the Sun
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  1. Amy

    Great shot of the pony! That makes me homesick. My parents used to take all the kids to Chincoteague Island every summer which inevitably lead to Assateague in search of ponies. *sigh* Fun times.

  2. mick

    Holy mackerel, Assateague Island! We were there every summer when I was a kid; my nana and pop-pop had a trailer on Chincateague (spelling, much?). I love it there; such great memories.

    P.S. I’ve really enjoyed all of your posts from your Nova Scotia trip. I’ve been pushing for it pretty heavily as a contender for our honeymoon next May, and I’d love any tips you might be willing to share!

  3. moiraeknittoo

    Misty of Chincoteague was one of my favorite books as a child. I’m so pleased to know that the ponies are still on Assateague. As always, your pics and your WIPs make me marvel.

  4. theresa/t does wool

    oh…I really must try the bamboo…and the pony is beautiful…

  5. Josiane

    That looks like really nice yarn. The first picture totally said gray, but I can see the other colours in the following pics. It will make for a lovely t-shirt!

  6. Coleen

    I thought that stitch marker looked oddly familiar! ;)

  7. tiennie

    I really love the photos from this post. Gorgeous colors!

  8. Heather

    The pony makes me homesick. I grew up in Georgia and was able to see the beautiful feral horses on Cumberland Island several times. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your photos- thanks for sharing!

  9. Sharon

    I took the Mr. camping last year on Assateague for his birthday. It was great. I loved the whole experience and can’t wait to go back this Fall. The first night, we woke up to the largest horse I’ve ever seen rummaging through our stuff. When we made noise to scare him off, he just kind of huffed at us and moseyed his way over to the next camping sight. Ahh, wild ponies.

    The yarn is gorgeous, btw. Oh, and enjoy your long weekend!

  10. carrie

    Aw, I miss my wild ponies! I used to work at Assateague Island NRA, what seems like a lifetime ago (really it’s been 10). I know you were responsible and did not try to feed them Twinkies. :) (Seriously, some tourists are so clueless – what part of “wild” is so hard to understand?)

  11. carrie

    Er, 10 years I mean, not 10 lifetimes.

  12. Sarah

    Ooh sounds like a wonderful weekend

    Love the shade of that yarn – very subtle, great choice

  13. sue

    Your holiday destination looks so beautiful and relaxing too. The new yarn looks very pretty indeed. The color is beautiful too. Have a great few weeks relaxing and swimming too.

  14. Lin

    How nice, have a lovely time with that knitting. It loooks great.

  15. AmyDe

    WOW You’re an on-the-go gal! The sweater is lovely and the vacation looks amazing. We never could get a decent photo of the sand crabs this spring – boy they’re creepy little guys aren’t they!

  16. margaux

    so beautiful, the yarn, the photos of the beach, and the wild pony!! i love it. sounds like a wonderful way to spend the summer! Lazy knitting days… i heart them!

  17. stacey

    Awwww!!!! Coming from a horsey gal, that is amazing! It gave me goosebumps! We saw the wild ponies up close when we were in Delaware – amazing……

    Love the new knit – that color is beautiful!

  18. Specs

    You’re right in the area where I grew up (the Eastern Shore of Maryland). My family still lives down there and my uncle got married on the Assateague beach two summers ago.

    Have fun! And avoid the horse files.

  19. Jacey

    I’ve got that tee in my queue as well, but I haven’t found the right yarn (plus, I don’t really need to cast on for anything at the moment!). That yarn color is lovely.

  20. Ali P in the Qc

    I’m so jealous! When we went to Virginia in March I made the demand that we go to the Islands. We ‘ran out of time’. grumblegrumblegrumble

  21. Nicole

    What pretty yarn. You really managed to capture the “multi-toneness” of it.

    And wild ponies? Sigh…

    Have a great long weekend by the beach. I’m headed towards my own beaches, in New-Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Can’t wait!

  22. rebecca

    always wanted to go to Assateague Island, too! you have all the best adventures!

  23. rebecca

    Aw! I *always* wanted to go there!

  24. Janice

    Wow, Lolly…you take some amazing pictures. I just scrolled through your last few posts and now, I’d love to go to Nova Scotia!

    And I love that bamboo/soy yarn you’re working with. I’ll be working soon with some soysilk yarn myself, SWTC Phoenix, for a scarf/stole.

  25. whitney

    Oh, how cool! When I was a kid I read the novels about the horses of Chincoteague and Assateague (I can’t remember what the titles were), but would never think to actually go visit. What a neat photo of your close encounter!

  26. Julia

    Ooooo…more pretty pictures. I love the ones with the crab and the beach chair – perfectly muted with a touch of saturation in some areas. So beachy!

  27. Jenna

    I was wondering where you were these last few days! I bet a trip to the beach was nice in the insufferable weather you’ve been having.

    You’re right, those little hidden tones in that yarn are lovely. I love gray-lavender combos. I just saw that yarn for the first time at a local store, it seems quite nice. Plus, I love some alternative plant fibers in the summer. Ooh, temptation…

  28. caitlyn

    Beautiful photos of lovely yarn!
    And I like the pony photo, too!

  29. Mintyfresh

    that bamboo/soy must feel great. it’s going to make such a great-draping sweater.

  30. Heather

    Wow – Zac and I are following you guys around this summer! I have had Asateague on the list of must-visit places since last summer, but never made it! We DO plan to make it there this year! How funny!


  31. Alicia

    Lovely WIP!
    I used to go to Chincoteague for vacation as a little girl. I stayed in one of the last hotels by the Assateague reserve. The view was amazing!
    Such a cute pic!

  32. Sonya

    I love those complex colors. Lazy summer knitting at the beach – ah yes. That sounds like the life. Have a great time.

  33. melana

    i am SO looking forward to seeing your pintuck tee all finished, especially since you are modifying the sleeve and i think i would want to do the same.
    the depth of that color is unbelievable. wonderful photos!

  34. Gudrun

    Stunning crisp photos…love them!

  35. Rebecca

    I loved reading those books to my girls when they were young and have always wanted to go to Assateague to see the Wild Pony Day! Thanks for sharing the pics. Your shots are great. My favorite lense is also my “L series wide angle”.

  36. Amanda

    Great photos! Your knitting pictures have inspired me to break out my yarn and needles in this Florida heat!

    Have a happy day!

  37. Jewel

    You seem to be always on the go! I love how nice that yarn is knitting up, very nice color also. What a cute stitch marker.

  38. jodi

    awww, wild ponies!! I so loved the “Misty” series of books when I was little and still remember visiting them with my parents (I must have been six or seven)

    Beautiful shots. That bamboo/soy looks yummy.

  39. lekkercraft

    I just love all of your photos of your adventures :)

  40. Hege

    How great it must be to see ponies in the wild!
    And your pintuck is beautiful!

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