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Coming Together
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Coming Together

It is funny how you can live in the same area as some of your favorite blog friends, and for one reason or another, you are never really able to get together for a face-to-face meeting.  Parikha and I have been trying to get together for a long while, and this past weekend, we finally did it.  And even better?  it corresponded with Rangsiwan’s visit to the East Coast.  SO, I got to meet two great blog friends in one day! (with the addition of R’s really sweet friend, Marissa). 

We started the day off with a great lunch at one of my favorite spots in DC: Teaism in Dupont Circle.

Teaism Lunch

Veggie bento boxes for P and me – Udon needles for R and M

Over lunch, we discussed travels (Rangsiwan just returned from Brazil), photography (we were all outfitted with our Canons – but I think I am the only one who took photos?) and the yummy food.  And the best part?  It was so natural.  Meeting “old” friends for the first time.  Very nice. 

A freak monsoon-like rainstorm hit DC as we were leaving the cafe – we made a break for Marissa’s car to head to Silver Spring for the Crafty Bastards fair.  It is great to see that the fair has reached such popularity that they can now do it twice a year! 

Crafty Bastards - Silver Spring

Crafty Bastards - Silver Spring

The heat was the resounding topic of the day.  The sun was beating down, and while it was nice to have so much light, it was nasty hot.  Luckily, there was some shade to cool off, and even an indoor area with more vendor/artists.  And some Italian Ice. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a Flickr friend who was showing at the fair – so cool to meet you, Tess! – and met the very talented Abby at Folktale Fibers.  I caught up with Paula at Woolarina - pulled up a chair and made in the shade for a short while.  What a fun time. 

Crafty Bastards

After the fair, we said goodbye to Parikha, and headed into Silver Spring.  Even with the heat, there were a lot of people out and about.  We stopped off in Cake Love and R got a scrumptious cupcake, and then headed to the green. 

Silver Spring Fountain

~Kids playing in the fountain~ (I was tempted myself)

Silver Spring Capoeira

After seeing the capoeiristas, I decided that I couldn’t complain about the heat anymore.  Amazing to see. Great music too!

Rangsiwan and I made plans for later this summer (when I will be in SF) and we parted ways.  I had a permagrin when I got home.  What a nice day! 

…and I even came home with a few goodies to remember it by…


Felted soap kits from Woolarina / Folktale Fibers Handspun
(and the pretty turquoise necklace in the shot above from Block Party Press)



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34 Responses

  1. molly!

    Looks like a fun day! The colors in your photos are stunning.

  2. jillian

    What an incredible day (except for the heat)!

  3. mai

    it looks like you had fun! i’m sorry i missed you. i definitely had some of that italian ice and it was delicious! and so refreshing on a ridiculously hot and humid day. i didn’t see any rain at all, but maybe it rained while we were underground on the metro?

  4. Gudrun

    How nice to meet up with fellow bloggers…..love your pictures (as always)…Capoeira is such a great martial art…my kids did it for a while and loved it but sadly there is no class where we live now!

  5. gleek

    how fun! looks like you ladies had a wonderful weekend!

  6. Josiane

    Lovely permagrin!

  7. Stacey

    How fun! Hey, when are you going to be in SF? I might be visiting up there again this summer…wondering if it’s going to be at the same time :)

  8. stinkerbell

    I need to come to DC and Baltimore :) such fun pictures!!

  9. courtney

    Awww, that looks like a great day!
    I’m down for a meetup whenever you are, I’ve love to meet the elusive Lolly in person!
    (That yarn is SCRUMPTIOUS!)

  10. Jody

    Wow – what a fun day! I am bummed I missed Crafty Bastards – I definitely want to go to the DC one!

  11. Julia

    how fun!!! :o )

  12. Erin

    Looks like a perfect day. So fun!

  13. tiennie

    How very awesome! Glad it was so fun.

  14. Jenna

    Whoa, so much to be happy about in this post! Teaism – yum, I still yearn for their seaweed salad. Hooray for meeting new friends and getting to go to Crafty Bastards! I’m also glad to know that it’s such a success and still growing!

    Are you going to be like Melissa and make mitered mittens with your handspun?

  15. jane

    What fun! Beautiful souvenirs of the day too!

  16. Bells

    hanging out like this is the best. It really is.

  17. Meghan

    oooh…I LOVE those veggie bento boxes. The tofu! and that miso sauce on the sweet potatoes! If you ever run across a recipe for either, please send them my way!

  18. Sasha

    Such fun! Looks like you had a fabulous time :)

    Also.. I’ve tagged you, Lolly! I thought this would be a meme you’d enjoy – seeing as you have such an appreciation for photography and visuals – see the details on my blog post :) (and of course, don’t feel obliged to take part – only if you think it’s fun!)


  19. connie

    Lolly, it looks like you had a great time! Hurray for permagrins! You do look very happy. And what is up with craft fairs and heat waves? I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn two weeks ago and wilted under the heat and humidity.

  20. Nonnahs

    What a great day (and that lunch looks delicious)! I had a similarly fun day with friends on Saturday. Yay for good times with good friends…on both coasts! :)

  21. yaiAnn

    It was so much fun! Thanks for documenting it! It’s funny, for some reason, whenever I meet bloggers, I forget to take pictures of them! =)

  22. stacey

    it was pretty stinking hot up here too, but it looks like you managed to stay cool and have fun!!!

  23. Jewel

    I can’t wait tell I get to the point of meeting friends from my blog. It sounds like you had a great time.

  24. Genuine

    It looks like your day was amazing! Love the pictures. That kit looks very, very cute. Down here in WV, we’ve been dealing with some monsoon like rainstorms, paticularly yesterday. It’s really been insane some days.

  25. traci

    oh how fun! so glad your day turned out so fabulous! i just love your smiling face!

  26. k

    Love that photo of the kids in the fountain! Sounds like you guys has a great day.

  27. Leslie

    Looks like tons of fun! I love your photo documentation of the day. And that felted soap kit is very intriguing…

  28. Tami

    I love your turquoise necklace what a great find.

    I tagged you for the front door/ back door meme if you would like to show us your doors.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  29. mick

    It looks like you ladies had a lovely day. This post makes me miss DC so much!

  30. Lin

    What great pictures of a great day!

  31. Jessica

    Hey, I think I’ve been to Teaism! Really cool spot! It looks like you guys had an awesome time–it’s always so cool to see fellow knitbloggers in the real world. :)

  32. Janet

    Lolly, I love that you’re smiling again. :-)

    Having been a devoted “Lolly” fan since the beginning, I can tell you are a person who invests in your relationships and your friendships. And I love how you’ve always celebrated those relationships in a way that honors others without making the rest of feel we’re on the outside looking in — I feel warmly included.

  33. Sarah

    I missed you at Crafty Bastards – darn! I was there hanging out with Paula in the morning, but the heat was just too much for baby (and Dan and my sister Jenna!), so we headed home around noon. Glad you got some good stuff, though!

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