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Last fall, I picked up some bulbs at the nursery – just a little whim to add some color to my front yard. We don’t usually plant “non-functional” plants in our yard, favoring sustenance plants instead. I didn’t think the [...]

Jacquard Resurrection

After a good three months, I picked up the Jacquard Pulli again, itching for a little colorwork action.  With my audiobook* in the background, I completed most of the body of the pullover.  The armholes are bound off, and soon [...]

She’s Four!

Four years of LollyKnitting Around. I can’t believe how time flies. Sometimes, I can’t imagine my life without the blog, and in turn, all of you.  I am blessed to be a part of this vibrant community. I thank you [...]

Pintuck Tee… er Tank

It is a very rare occasion when I knit something that has had so little “face” time on this blog.  The Pintuck Tee has been steadily growing over the last few weeks, and on Friday night, I looked at it [...]


I may be behind, but I saw this meme making the rounds again (thanks to Andrea and Parikha) and remembered that I answered a similar one a few years ago… but, it kind of looked like fun, and since the [...]