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Silk Stripes Scarf
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  1. felinemagnet

    The folklife festival looks like it was awesome this year, and I wanted to go down especially for Bhutan, but I couldn’t make it work. Are the last photos of a sand mandala? A few years back when Tibet was featured I watched the monks working on one. When they are finished they simply sweep it away – what a lesson in non-attachment!

  2. Sarah G

    What beautiful colors! I think weaving is something I could definitely get into. I remember making little cardboard looms when I was a kid.

    I’ve always wanted to go to the folklife festival – the last time I was in DC they were just taking it down. I’ll have to take a look at your pictures and see what Texas had to offer :)

    Been spending a lot of time on goodreads, huh? I told you it was addictive!

  3. Miss Scarlett

    So many beautiful things to see at the festival!
    Those paints are gorgeous.

    Your scarf is lovely – you accomplish so much, so often. Wow.

  4. tiennie

    So many beautiful photos in this post!

  5. gleek

    what colorful photos! i love your new scarf.

  6. Harpa J

    The scarf is very beautiful, congratulations on a jb well done.

    The pictures from the festival are wonderful, so bright and full of life.

  7. Hillary

    The scarf is really beautiful and so are your pictures from the festival. We were there on Sunday and learned a lot too. My family really got into te NASA stuff but my favoritie was the Bhutan area with all those fabulous craft displays. So colorful and interesting.

  8. Moni

    Love the scarf, Lolly! absolutely gorgeous!

    Great shots of the festival, too!

  9. Pam

    Did you have a pattern for the scarf? If so would you share what it is?
    It is beautiful.

  10. eyeleen

    Beautiful scarf!

  11. marie

    your scarf is a piece of art, and so are your photos – just amazing, all of it!

  12. lekkercraft

    Great scarf colors! I would imagine it’s lovely to spend a day doing that along with an audiobook.

  13. nova

    The scarf is gorgeous, Lolly! It would have never occurred to me to manipulate the colors, I always feel compelled to let the colors do what they want, but now I think I must try this!

  14. Estee

    Wow, Lauren you are so talented. I love that scarf!!

  15. Jennifer

    I love woven scarves. Yours is beautiful–so airy and elegant.

  16. Andrea (noricum)

    Your scarf is gorgeous!

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