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Berry Pickin’
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Berry Pickin’

Kris found out from one of our co-workers that there was a “Pick Your Own” farm in our county (Larriland Farm in Howard County for you locals).  We don’t venture that far north often, but the call of fresh berries and veggies was enough to make us go out in the heat and humidity for a couple of hours.

… and oh!  the rewards …


Blueberry Picking

We met an adorable little girl and her father at the blueberry patch.

He asked, “Are you picking the berries for our basket?”

She answered, “Nope, I am snackin’.”


My sentiments exactly.

Most went into the basket, but some went into the mouth.

After picking a six pound bag of blueberries, we headed to the raspberry patch, further down the road.  The farm has so many pick-your-own fields, and now that we know about its location, we will definitely go back.  There were several fruits and vegetables in season this time, but we only had two hours, so we chose blueberries, raspberries, and beets.  (Sweet cherry season ended today, so they were planning a “Cherry Dash” this morning for the last of the fruit on the trees… too bad we missed it!  I have been eating some great cherries from the farmer’s market!)

The raspberries appeared to be overpicked, but upon closer inspection, the best and juiciest berries were deep inside the bush.  So, you put aside all decorum and reach right into the thorny patch for the best berries.  With scratches on our arms and purple stained hands, Kris and I managed to get six pounds of these as well! 

Freshly Picked Black Raspberries 

In all, we got some amazing berries and some fresh beets (I pulled them up myself!) for a very reasonable price.  It was great fun to spend the evening outside, meeting new people, and enjoying the fruits of the season. 

…Now I have to figure out what to do with all of these berries! We split up the berries with half in the freezer, and half in the fridge.   Right now, I have visions of muffins, smoothies, crumble cake, sorbet, and some yummy borscht for the beets.  Do you have a favorite berry recipe to share?

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  1. Karen

    Yum! I went berry picking last week and loved it! I made jam with most of mine and froze the rest. I wish they had blackberries there though…they are my absolute favorite!

  2. tiennie

    How fun! I love that picture of that sweet girl!

  3. ohsewcrafty

    Larriland Farm! I love that place; I have been going there since I was a little kid. Beautiful in all seasons. Be sure you check out the apple festival in the fall… my favorite of the pick your own varieties are stayman winesaps; these make superlative apple pies. They also have cider, and fritters, pumpkins, hayrides… so much fun!

  4. eyeleen

    Yum! I haven’t been berry picking in quite a while. How about a nice creme brulee with fresh berries…

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    [...] was getting along with the digital camera maybe I could turn berry picking into a sweet story like Lolly did, but nope, we’re fighting at the moment. So instead I’ll be attempting to keep up with [...]

  6. amanda

    How fun! I’ve been to Larriland for pumpkins in the fall, but never for blueberries. My husband grew up just a few miles from that place (in Mt Airy).

  7. Mome-rath

    Your photos are stunning, as always…and you’re making me hungry! Mmmm….berries!

  8. Rebecca

    I made black raspberry jam with my berries… 4 cups jam, 3 cups sugar, 1 cut up apple (I removed the core)… cook at low heat until jam stays together when you pour a spoonful on a plate. (I take out the apple at this point, I just use it for the pectin).

  9. laura b

    I’m so excited that you posted about this. I just heard of Larriland farm recently and have wanted to go ever since. I didn’t know anyone who had been, though, so your first hand account came at just the right time… thanks!

  10. Amy Jo

    Make jam as Rebecca suggests. Black raspberries make fabulous preserves! I always test my jam on a plate that has been in the freezer rather than at room temperature. It cools the jam quickly so you know within a minute or so if your jam is jelled enough or if it needs to be put back on the flame.

  11. Sarah G

    Oh, I forgot to mention on your post about reading…. you should check out titlepage.tv, if you haven’t already. I’ve enjoyed every episode, but one of the more recent ones has an interview with the author of “The Man Who Loved China.” (I found it – its Episode 5.)

  12. melissa

    ooh, looks like fun!
    i’ve never actually made anything with berries i’ve picked because they don’t last very long!
    i have it bad for raspberries. i buy them every time i pass one of the local farm stands that sell them. my old car has a permanent stain on the seat from all the containers that i ate while driving. i don’t think a single one made it home.

  13. Kristin

    Looks delicious – are those raspberries? They look awfully dark (more like blackberries; or is that an American thing?)

    Makes me want to go out and pick fruit and bake cupcakes!

  14. Jessica

    No favorite recipes, just pure, unadulterated lust for your berries! :)

  15. Miss Scarlett

    That little girl is so cute!

    Mmmm your berries look fabulous. Yum.

  16. LizKnits

    I love picking my own fruit from a family farm! We were lucky enough to get to do the same (blueberry picking) on a visit to my family recently. I’ve been popping frozen blueberries into smoothies with strawberries, bananas, and soy milk for weeks now. Enjoy them!

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