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Taking it Slow
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  1. Dawn

    The blanket is looking fantastic. I love the delicious colors you have chosen for this piece. Sometimes it is fun to take it slow. You can savor the process better.

  2. stacey

    Taking it slow is AOK in the summer – that’s what it’s meant for!! :) Enjoy the down time while you can – savor it!

  3. felinemagnet

    Ack, sorry to hear about the Lyme disease. Glad you caught it early.

    The afghan is pretty! But they are so time consuming – I have a log cabin blanket tucked away that hasn’t seen the light of day in months! I saw the Jojoland yarn for the first time at MD S&W and nearly came home with some.

  4. margene

    Lovely afghan…lovely curling vine, too. Take care and may you recover quickly!!

  5. Robin

    Love the afghan. I agree, there’s something nice about that comfort project. The ticks here (in VA) have been horrible! It’s nothing to pluck 5 or more ticks off the cats daily. Glad you caught it early!! Also, the blueberry picture in the last post is wonderful!!!

  6. mick

    Oh Lolly! So glad you caught it early. I’m glad you’re feeling okay and taking it easy.

    The afghan is so so pretty.

  7. jillian

    The afghan is looking lovely! Wow – 60 hexagons :) And oh no – Lyme! So glad you caught it early. I hope the vicious antibiotics knock it completely out of your system! As always, love your photography.

  8. margaux

    that blanket is looking lovely! and i trully hope you feel better too! i was just out camping for the first time and have some questionable bites… mostly spider and mosquitoes – they LOVE me too!! I hope you get well soon!! :-) Enjoy the slowness


  9. Lin

    Your Afghan is gorgeous.I was reading an article about Lymes disease the other day, and how it is becoming more common as we spend more time out in the countryside and also growing bug friendly plants in our gardens. I hope you feel OK and it gets better soon x

  10. Elizabeth

    Yucky on the Lyme disease – hope you continue to feel okay and get better soon.

    That is an incredibly gorgeous orange wall behind you in that second photo – so warm and glowing.

  11. Victoria

    Ticks are horrid! We find on the my dog quite regularly but touch wood there haven’t been any on me so far…! Hope you feel better soon x

  12. amanda

    Sorry about Lyme’s. My husband had it last summer and he was pretty fatigued while on those antibiotics, so hang in there. My mom pulled a tick off of herself a few weeks ago and it was so tiny and barely noticable – which was scary, because even if you check yourself, you might miss it!

  13. alison

    Only a knitblogger could smoothly segue from afghans to Lyme disease. :) Take care of yourself!

  14. Amanda

    So sorry to hear about the Lyme’s disease but at least you caught it early, hope you feel better soon!

    The afghan is coming out great, the colors are very comforting.

    Happy Knitting-

  15. Aunt Kathy

    Oh Lyme disease always scares me. Mostly because it’s the thought of that squirmy bug digging in me. Eweeee. Don’t feel guilty about those naps, resting=healing.

  16. suzanne

    I had a tick illness too, a few years ago. I had been bitten in the Fall and by Spring I was feeling WIPED OUT and very very grumpy. I had an odd rash all over my eyes, hands and feet. I went to about 4 doctors before the genius eye doctor (and osteopath) figured out it was Lyme, or one of its relatives. After a month of tetracycline I was much, much better. The odd red rash and the exhaustion was gone.

    Good luck with the pills and just be aware of how you feel! You will know when you are cured. I am so glad that you caught it early!

  17. lucy

    Glad you’re kicking back and enjoying the summer, knitting and all.
    Wishing you a quick recovery!

  18. gleek

    oh no, lyme’s disease! argh! what a way to put a damper on summer, eh? but i’m glad to hear you went to the doctor early and are now on antibiotics. here’s hoping you can take it slow and enjoy the time off from the fast life!

  19. Stacey

    Eek! I don’t know too much about Lyme’s disease..I don’t think there are too many issues with ticks here in California (but then again, what do I know?) but I know it’s not good! Glad you caught it in time!

  20. Péitseoga

    love the komb! i love any honeycomb and bee patterns… in my mental to do list i have many variations of honeycomb blankets and quilts, made with knitting, crochet (you’ve seen moonstitches’?) or patchwork…
    in reality none of them are started, just too big a commitment!
    hope you get over the infection soon, good job you noticed the rash!!

  21. Kristin

    Lovely afghan – can’t wait to see more of it (as always).

    Hope you’ll feel better soon – I’m always terrified of getting tick bites when I’m out and about…

  22. Sonya

    Take care of yourself, I hate ticks. Plenty of cool melon and rest sounds like it could be just the ticket. And knitting too.

  23. Sarah G

    Oh no, Lyme disease! I’m glad you found it early, as I understand it can get pretty nasty. I hope the antibiotics kick its butt quickly and you start feeling better. I’ve never worried about ticks before… I think I’ll have to start paying attention!

    Your afghan is lovely – the colors just seem to melt into each other. It’s nice to have something you can complete a part of and still feel like you’ve accomplished something – you may not have finished the project, but you can complete a hexagon!

  24. Niki

    So sorry to hear about your run-in with a nasty tick. I got a bite a few years back that literally took a year to disappear. Thank goodness you found yours in time and went to get it checked. I’ll be thinking of you.

    Thank you for the link to goodreads. I am an avid reader, but sometimes I find that life gets in the way of my daily reading. I hope to change that, and that site is a great place to get motivated!

  25. Nonnahs

    The hexagons are just gorgeous. That blanket will be a beauty! Wishing you a speedy road to recovery…in the meantime, enjoy the slowness in other areas. :)

  26. mary lynn

    sorry to hear about the LYMES, hope you are feeling better,you would have thought you were in the Alabama forest with ticks everywhere. We harvested honey this week, it was a prettty good crop. I think we got about 10 gallons. There is a jar with your name on it, that will be hand delivered in October. Find us something adventerous to do while I am there for 2 weeks,can’t wait.

  27. Josiane

    The afghan looks as fantastic as it did last time you pulled it out!
    Take good care of yourself…

  28. tiennie

    That is just beautiful!

  29. Kyle Kunnecke

    That’s a beautiful version of the Komb… I have the pattern but haven’t bought yarn yet… I see that you are using Jojoland Rhythm – but I”m curious – what color did you use? is it all one color or are you mixing? I went to http://www.yarn.com and checked out the yarn but I still can’t really tell what you did…

    this one is in my “queue” of things to do … someday… as for now, my “forever” project is my mitered square blanket! :)

    I hope you feel better very soon!



  30. Laura

    So sorry you haven’t been feeling well! Since it’s taken me a while to catch up on my blog reading, I’m hoping that by time you read this you are back to feeling (more or less) normal.

    Also, I just love your hexagon blanket. Every time you share new pictures, I’m delighted. Blankets take a long time, so going slow is just the right thing. I’m planning to start a Barn Raising Quilt (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/barn-raising-quilt) to use up leftover yarn, and expect it will be many years in the making.

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