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Lightly processed.  Undyed. 

Handspun Cotswold 

Handspun Cotswold 

Handspun Cotswold 

Beautiful Cotswold handspun singles – from Sunrise Mercantile in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. 

I couldn’t believe that they were on the clearance shelf. 

Just looking at these things makes me think of airy lace and summery wraps – both knit and woven.

…and one of the other amazing souvenirs from Nova Scotia…

Antler Buttons 

Moose shed their antlers naturally at certain time of the year.  This artisan collects the antlers and turned them in to beautiful buttons!

(Click here to see all of the lovely yarns that I picked up in Nova Scotia)

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30 Responses

  1. Melissa A.

    I really want some of those buttons. I don’t know if they’d go with my Sesame sweater, but I could find a use for them ;)

  2. hpny knits

    I adore undyed yarn. beautiful colors. and the buttons will be a great treasure.

  3. Leslie

    So pretty! I especially love the dark gray yarn. And the buttons are fabulous!

  4. Amanda

    Oh my! Didn’t you do well to find these on clearance. Can’t wait to see what you do with them. Love the buttons too!

  5. Dawn

    That yarn looks like heaven and those buttons, what a way to recycle. Bravo. I hope she/he does a booming business. We need more artists like this.

  6. Anya

    The colours of the yarns are gorgeous. It looks like one of those yarns your knit with for 2 seconds and then spend 5 minutes looking at it. It would be nice to see what you’ll make out of it.

  7. mai

    wow, what beautiful yarn. and on clearance?? even more awesome! do you have a project in mind? or are you going to ply them yourself?

  8. Mome-rath

    Gorgeous buttons—just beautiful.

  9. Harpa J

    The yarn is lovely and it reminds me a lot of Eingirni – the Icelandic laceweight. The buttons are very beautiful too.

  10. Nadia

    Those buttons look amazing! What an innovative idea!

  11. Emma

    Wow, those buttons are astounding! So cool! And the colour of the yarn in the second picture is EXACTLY what I am currently searching for..

  12. Jody

    Wow that yarn is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what you make with it!

  13. Sonya

    Such wonderful subtle tones. Gorgeous souvenirs!

  14. k

    oooh! pretty! I am excited to see what you do with it and the buttons.

  15. Melanie

    Hi! Stumbled upon your blog today and it’s absolutely enthralling!! I’m a new knitter…just started my first camisole. :)

  16. Aunt Kathy

    I collect buttons, how cool are those?

  17. Sarah G

    Hmm, I’ve always sort of wondered what antlers looked like on the inside! Very cool, sort of like mother-of-pearl, perhaps? What a great use for them (antlers), instead of hanging them creepily on your wall.

  18. molly!

    Oooh those buttons are so interesting! I like the sound of your idea for breezy shawls. Can’t wait to see what you make!

  19. Preita

    OMG MOOSE BUTTONS! ok, I have a thing for moose but hey they are COOL! :D Also I can’t believe that yarn was on the clearance wrack either. What a great find, the colors are stunning & I know you are going to make something incredible out of them! Nice treasure hunting!

  20. Anna

    How beautiful those colours are! I agree, they’re just crying out to be made into something summery and ethereal.

  21. Jewel

    Wow! you got a boat load of yarn. I love the buttons they would be great on a sweater.

  22. Erin

    A friend of mine bought some of those antler buttons for me when she was in Alaska. I love them, but I don’t have a project to put them on yet!

  23. whitney

    Wow, beautiful yarns and buttons! I can’t wait to see what you make with these.

  24. brooke

    The yarns are gorgeous! So natural and rustic, yet delicate.

  25. Dee

    You have been awarded the Pico y Arte award for your beautiful photos and essays about Canada.

    I wanted everyone to know how much I enjoyed taking the “tour” with you and Chris. It was the next best thing to being there.

  26. courtney

    wow. that yarn is so beautiful…i love loosly spun singly plied yarn. those buttons are so special too, nice buys!

  27. mary lynn

    sorry to hear about the Lymes disease, you would have thought you had got in the Alabama national forest.hope you are feeling better. we harvested honey this week got about 10 gallons and we have saved some for you, will bring it in October.much love and see you in October, have us something adventureous to get into.

  28. Lin

    I have a thing about buttons and those are just lovely.

  29. Moni

    gorgeous yarn! I love the buttons, too.

    Take care, Lolly! Hope you are feeling better soon :)

  30. Josiane

    Those are great souvenirs from your trip! I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll create with them.

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