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Pintuck Tee… er Tank
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Pintuck Tee… er Tank

It is a very rare occasion when I knit something that has had so little “face” time on this blog.  The Pintuck Tee has been steadily growing over the last few weeks, and on Friday night, I looked at it and knew that I could finish it soon.  So, once I set my mind to it…

Pintuck Tank

Pattern: Pintuck Tee [rav link]
Yarn: Schulana Sojabama (bamboo/soy blend)
Source: The Loop in Halifax, NS
Needles: Size US 3 / 3.25mm

You may recall that I purchased this yarn in Nova Scotia.  Mimi made a beautiful Wyvern Wrap [rav] out of it, and when I talked to her at the shop in Halifax, I decided to take the plunge and try the 55/45 bamboo soy blend.  This pattern had recently come to my attention on Ravelry, and right there in the shop, we did the math, and I walked out with 7 balls of yarn specifically for this project. Beautiful gray with blue and purple flecks.  I should have picked up another ball (hindsight is 20/20, don’t you know) so that I could have added sleeves.  Honestly, I don’t wear too many tanks because… well, I don’t like my arms.  But, this one will get worn.  Maybe with a shrug on some occasions :)

Other than the sleeve, I also omitted the buttons on the little “bib” portion, favoring the open neckline more.

Pintuck Tank

[More photos of Pintuck here]

This pattern was well-written, and the designer, Lien Ngo, incorporates some great techniques to keep the shaping and inserts interesting.  I really liked the short rows; they provided a crisp look on the armholes and neckline.

I have a feeling that the yarn is going to grow – I have heard that about bamboo and soy yarns.  That is why I chose the 37″ size, hoping that it would relax a little with wear.  I think it may get a little longer too.  Have you had this experience with these fibers?

It is nice to have such a timely knit – it is soft and cool to the touch and will be perfect for the hot summer days.

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  1. Elinor

    Wow! It looks fabulous! That is an adorable tank. It looks great on you. I love. =D

  2. Kelly

    It looks gorgeous! And you look fantastic in it!

  3. t does wool

    such a beautiful tank…it suits you perfectly!

  4. Josiane

    This tank looks awesome on you! I totally hear you on the reason why you don’t like wearing tank tops, but still… you did a great job and it fits you perfectly, so… enjoy wearing it!

  5. jillian

    It looks beautiful! I bet it’s nice and cool too :)

  6. Sarah

    Oooh lovely! You look so happy in the photo and with good cause, it’s a beautiful knit and the colour is fabulous on you.

    I’ve recently started wearing tanks a little more with long sleeved tees underneath, would look cute with this pattern I think and would extend its use into autumn.

  7. kelp!

    Lolly, it’s stunning! I’m almost tempted to knit one, even though I’ve sworn off sweaters for a while. I agree with Sarah – you could probably get away with wearing it over a sleeved layer, and still look super cute.

  8. villapeikko

    It looks wonderful on you! Beautiful!

  9. tiennie

    Look at how cute you are! So is the tee. :)

  10. connie

    You did a great job. This is super cute. I actually like either sleeveless or long sleeves. I hate short sleeves – so your version is perfect!

  11. midgeling

    It turned out great! And I really love that photo of you. You look beautiful!

  12. Bee

    You look amazing in that top…and same goes for that top! Very very nice!

  13. kris

    lolly, that is one beautiful tank! it fits you perfectly and the colour is gorgeous. hurrah!

  14. Phoe

    Looks great!

  15. Anna

    It’s gorgeous! I love the colour on you and the shaping is fabulous. I just finished making a top in a bamboo/merino blend. I’ve not worn it much yet, but the weight and slipperiness of the bamboo are making it stretch a little already.

    I agree with Sarah’s idea about wearing the top over a long sleeved tee or blouse, that would look lovely too.

  16. Elena

    Lovely, lovely tank! I have had my eyes on it for a few days and now that I see your version I am convinced! ;) The colour and the drape is really nice!

  17. fifiquilter

    Lolly, I love the version you’ve done and the colour is just great!

  18. AmyDe

    It looks GREAT! My friend AmyN just finished that this week as well only she used the sleeves and the buttons – I can’t believe how different they look. Her’s is pictured here:

  19. kv

    that is very elegant. love the mods. and jealous–i have a pin tuck tee languishing in a drawer–it’ll never see the light of summer, and yours looks so cool and comfortable. enjoy it.

  20. An Abundance of Lisa

    It’s so cute on you!! I love it as a sleeveless tank – your mods are great! Nice job.

  21. whitney

    I really love your version, and I think it looks fabulous on you.

  22. lucy

    Like it! You have a good choice in selecting natural fibres to work patterns that suit you! Bravo!

  23. stacey

    very nice!!! i love the open neckline!

  24. Kelly

    sooo cute I love the little bib area! You suit that colour well!

  25. Susie H

    That looks FABULOUS! Absolutely professional work, and very flattering :)

  26. Aunt Kathy

    I love it. Great color too. I actually love that there are no sleeves. I don’t like my arms either but I dislike sleeves more, LOL

  27. Amy

    It looks wonderful on you. The color is perfect for you skin and eyes.


  28. Viktoria

    Looks great on you!

  29. jessica~

    Very cute top, L! You look fabulous!

  30. Amber

    So cute! I may have to make this one! You are gorgeous in that photo too. And yeah, the bamboo tee I knit definitely grew. I haven’t washed it yet but I’m hoping it will shape back up.

  31. disentangled

    Super cute! It looks like it would be a great layering piece, too.

  32. Rosie

    This is wonderful! I love seeing “surprise” FO’s on people’s blogs!

  33. Holli

    Wow, what a great tank. I’m going to follow the link to the pattern on Rav — it’s adorable.

    Aren’t FO the best!?

  34. rebecca

    adorable. love the modifications you made. and the yarn? oh, that color is fabulous on you. but i priced some of it, and i-yi-yi, whew. what an investment.

  35. gleek

    ah this is a great adaptation of that pattern! it looks great on you!

  36. Nonnahs

    This looks great on you! Cute picture, too! :)

  37. Mary-Heather

    I love this SO much!! It looks fantastic!!

  38. Jody

    It looks fantastic! I love the color!

  39. Skylar

    You know, I had taken a look at this pattern on Ravelry a couple of weeks ago, but wasn’t that impressed. Your version, however, is very appealing to me. It looks well made and flattering. Thanks for showing a different version!

  40. Genuine

    Very sharp and appealing. Now, to get my rear in gear so I can finish the second sleeve to my almost completed t-shirt! Maybe it was better that you didn’t have enough for the sleeves!

  41. Steph

    You know, I like it much better as a tank than a tee; the color and drape make it look very elegant, and it looks beautiful on you.

  42. Barb

    Wow, thanks for the link. This tee looks great on you. Perfect for summer!

  43. megan

    It looks wonderful! I love the color you chose.

    I just finished a camisole in 100% bamboo, and yes, oh my did it grow! I wore it out on Sunday afternoon and let’s just say I was VERY glad I wore something underneath it. It had stretched significantly by the time I got home a few hours later, mostly lengthwise but widthwise as well. Hopefully yours stretches just to fit!

  44. yaiAnn

    I LOVE what you did with this! I think the tank version is super flattering and I like it open without the buttons too. You did an awesome job!

  45. mai

    lolly, it’s beautiful! and it looks really great on you. i saw this pattern on ravelry a few weeks ago and loved it, but i think i like your version even more!

  46. knithoundbrooklyn

    This is gorgeous! I like the modifications you make and you look great in it.
    There’s some of this yarn over at my LYS, now I’m going to take a closer look!

    Just curious? How warm is it to wear this in summer heat?

  47. Nadia

    This looks so, so beautiful on you! I really want to knit one now!

  48. Sarah

    So cute! I might need to make one for myself!

  49. Dan

    Once again, another outstanding project… and like a lot of people have mentioned, the color is perfect.

  50. sixoneseven

    oh, i love this color on you!

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