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Pintuck Tee… er Tank
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Pintuck Tee… er Tank

It is a very rare occasion when I knit something that has had so little “face” time on this blog.  The Pintuck Tee has been steadily growing over the last few weeks, and on Friday night, I looked at it and knew that I could finish it soon.  So, once I set my mind to it…

Pintuck Tank

Pattern: Pintuck Tee [rav link]
Yarn: Schulana Sojabama (bamboo/soy blend)
Source: The Loop in Halifax, NS
Needles: Size US 3 / 3.25mm

You may recall that I purchased this yarn in Nova Scotia.  Mimi made a beautiful Wyvern Wrap [rav] out of it, and when I talked to her at the shop in Halifax, I decided to take the plunge and try the 55/45 bamboo soy blend.  This pattern had recently come to my attention on Ravelry, and right there in the shop, we did the math, and I walked out with 7 balls of yarn specifically for this project. Beautiful gray with blue and purple flecks.  I should have picked up another ball (hindsight is 20/20, don’t you know) so that I could have added sleeves.  Honestly, I don’t wear too many tanks because… well, I don’t like my arms.  But, this one will get worn.  Maybe with a shrug on some occasions :)

Other than the sleeve, I also omitted the buttons on the little “bib” portion, favoring the open neckline more.

Pintuck Tank

[More photos of Pintuck here]

This pattern was well-written, and the designer, Lien Ngo, incorporates some great techniques to keep the shaping and inserts interesting.  I really liked the short rows; they provided a crisp look on the armholes and neckline.

I have a feeling that the yarn is going to grow – I have heard that about bamboo and soy yarns.  That is why I chose the 37″ size, hoping that it would relax a little with wear.  I think it may get a little longer too.  Have you had this experience with these fibers?

It is nice to have such a timely knit – it is soft and cool to the touch and will be perfect for the hot summer days.

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73 Responses

  1. Jenna

    Hey lady, it looks fabulous on you! I love the color and the shaping is really flattering on you. Very current and wearable – I hope you get good use out of it and that it doesn’t stretch out too badly. I haven’t worked with soy, but the bamboo I used in my Orangina has not stretched a bit.

  2. del

    Amazing tank! I have some bamboo yarn that I’ve had forever & think this would be perfect for it. Thanks so much. The V-neck really flatters you. Great job!

  3. Kessa

    Great job, Lolly! You look awesome in it!

  4. bells

    Lovely. The neckline detail is beautiful. I don’t like wearing tanks for the same reason. I hate that I used to be ok with it and one day, everything changed. Still, it looks beautiful on you.

  5. k

    Looks great on you – I love the colour. The necklace is really cool too.

  6. Wanda

    I love the modifications you made. It really looks great on you. I like it with no buttons definitely. I might add the sleeves, but if not, as a tank, it looks great too. Hmm, now I really want to start one! :-)

  7. iHanna

    Wow! You’re so pretty – and so is the sleevless! You take such yummy photos too, love all of them!

  8. Elysbeth

    Great Tank! Very flattering.

  9. Nicole

    I agree with everyone. Very pretty! Love the colour and the fit.

  10. Lin

    I love that Lolly, it looks great on!

  11. Karen

    What a great tank! It really looks lovely on you Lolly! Nice knitting!

  12. Jewel

    That color is beautiful I love the pintucks, very cute!

  13. Stephannie

    Very pretty! show off that triathlon bod!

  14. courtney

    LOVE IT! Nice work Lolly! It’s very flattering on you….I love the little pintucks! :)

  15. Heather


  16. Sarah G

    Excellent! I really like the way the collar lays open without the buttons. Looking at your picture, I had a weird minute of confusion on why you were wearing a tank top… but then I realized it was summer! I don’t know where my mind was… anyway, it looks great on you!

  17. laura b

    I think I prefer it as a tank rather than a tee. It looks gorgeous on you!

  18. mf

    Lolly, It is beautiful!!!! snf it looks gorgeous on you. congrats!!!

  19. Karisma

    You have the most beautiful smile! And your tank top looks gorgeous too! Great job!

  20. Moni

    That is adorable! I absolutely love it on you! The yarn looks nice and summery.

  21. lekkercraft

    I don’t have experience with this yarn, but I’d like to because I love how your pintuck tee knit up, and I think that the color is really flattering on you.

  22. Kara

    You are so cute! And the tank is too. What a great pair.

  23. Carol

    I like it much better without the buttons! Very nice.

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