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Flowing Waters
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Flowing Waters

Hiking to a waterfall :: Beach holidays

Water is a destination.

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan, Illinois

Patapsco River Waterfall

Patapsco River, Maryland

Floating in the Dead Sea

Dead Sea, Israel


Weary and thirsty :: sore and tired

Water soothes.

Tambomachay Baths

Tambomachay Incan Baths, Peru

Silver Spring Fountain

Silver Spring, Maryland


Teeming with life :: Providing life

Water sustains.

Boy Fishing

Young fisherman – Amazon River, Peru

Pond Fish

Endlers in our backyard pond


Destruction :: creation

Water holds great power.


Volcanic islands – Oahu, Hawaii

Peggy's Cove

Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia


I have been looking forward to this element almost more than any other.  I have plans for several fiber projects, both knitting and weaving.  I have searched my shelves for water-themed readings.  I am planning to explore more nature writing with this element.  I am also thinking about the sources of water around me, and the growing politics and culture of this resource; consciously noticing  how I use it on a daily basis.

Think about water.  Think about the deep hues.  Think outside of the box.


Project Spectrum on Ravelry :: Project Spectrum on Flickr


What are you planning for the ~water~ element?

Autumn Hike

May the 8 weeks of Project Spectrum Water flow by like a lazy brook, rather than rushing rapids!

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30 Responses

  1. cici

    You picked some really gorgeous waters, really nice that some are within driving distance to me. Thank you :D

  2. Leslie

    Wow! This blog post read like a poem. Beautiful. On a totally unrelated note, I wanted to tell you that after considering it for awhile, I finally opened a little Etsy shop of my hand knits: http://www.LGordon555.etsy.com. I hope you’ll check it out — if nothing else, you can tell me how cute my model is. :)

  3. (formerly)no-blog-rachel

    Lovely pictures! You’ve inspired me – and I have the perfect blue/aqua yarn with which to create something beautiful.

    We think about water here a lot – it’s scarce in our part of CA much of the year so we have removed our lawns. In the front yard it’s now CA natives (drought resistant) and in the back we water only the vegetable beds and fruit trees. The rest is mulched pathway.

    We save a lot of water this way. Now I need to start taking shorter showers – a timer maybe? :)

  4. Josiane

    With such a beautiful post, the water element of Project Spectrum is definitely off to a great start! Have fun!

  5. Lisa

    Stunning photos. Love the saturation of color in the Lake Michigan photo and the way you captured the motion of the water in the Patapsco River shot.

  6. k

    yay! I am excited about Water. It will be tempting to bring green into the mix, as many spots of the ocean here are a dark moody green, but I’m sure I will find lots of inspiration.

    All your photos are gorgeous, by the way!

  7. Aunt Kathy

    Water, I lover water. I am sure my mansion in heaven is under water.

  8. Kristin

    That first picture is absolutely stunning. Not that the others aren’t great, but that one is definitely my favourite.

    I’ve been looking forward to water a lot!

  9. lifexhistory

    For the Dead Sea shot, I would have had a caption that says “Water burns”– particularly if you had shaved your legs any time in the week before you get into that saline water!!!! Kinda gives a whole new color inspiration for the water theme ;)

  10. Amy

    Lovely waters! It was such a beautiful day when you took that Lake Michigan picture :) Just dawned on me that the project I had been planning for my Olympic knitting is water themed – yay!

  11. Avice

    The photos are beautiful. My water project is EJ’s Print O’ the Wave in a blue silk from Tess. In the interest of candor, I started it about a month ago….

  12. Dorothy

    Your pictures are gorgeous! There is something so alluring about water. I find even a booming, flashing rain storm fascinatingly soothing.

    I am looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with this month.

  13. Jenna Pink Monkey

    You’re right about water having great power. I really learned that the first few days I was on Semester at Sea. Even though we were in this huge, incredibly engineered ship, the rough waters made many, many people sick and unable to function. Mother Nature laughs at our attempts to outdo her.

    I plan to crochet at least two scarves for this element, including one for someone very special and dear to me.

  14. whitney

    I love all of these water photos! I, too, am very excited about this period of Project Spectrum; I knew right from the start that EARTH and WATER would be my favorites.

    I second your hope that these 8 weeks flow by lazily!

  15. Sarah

    beautiful pics; what kind of camera do you use? they’re gorgeous.

  16. Evelyn

    Hi Lolly
    I have been admiring the photography on your blog for quite some time and it is beautiful. I remember that you bought a new camera during the past year, if I remember correctly. Can you tell me which camera you bought after you researched it. I’m in the market for a new one and your pictures have been such an inspiration. Many thanks.

  17. Vickie

    The photos in this post a wonderful. I plan on knitting a sweater with yarn that I bought in Bethany. It reminds me of the water at Ocean City, MD.

  18. stacey

    how cool. what a great collection of photos and descriptions. you are so well traveled!

  19. Jewel

    Beautiful pictures!! One of my many dream trips is Peru. I can’t wait to see what you are planning to weave.

  20. mai

    beautiful photos, lolly! you really have a way of lighting a fire under people! i’m looking forward to seeing all of the projects you come up with.

  21. margene

    I’ve not kept up with PS this time. Life has been like the rapids of Cataract Canyon for me lately. Your photos are beautiful and water is my favorite element as well. Maybe I can pull of a PS project the next 8 weeks!

  22. Specs

    So, I haven’t done any PS knits so far, but the water element is right up my alley. Because everything I knit is blue anyway :)

  23. tiennie

    What gorgeous photos for Project Spectrum Water!

  24. Andrea

    What an inspired (and inspiring) set of pictures. I love this post. Thank you for sharing it!

  25. Lizzy B

    Oh Lolly, your Patapsaco picture made my heart flutter! You captured the exact waterfall my husband proposed to me at! We have our own lovely artistic photos of it too. For a while it was inaccessible due to some trees felled during storms. It made me smile. Thank you so much.

  26. courtney

    as always, the photos are lovely!

  27. Leslie

    Beautiful photos. Water pictures always make me calm………………and thirsty!

  28. Moni

    what a beautiful post, Lolly! gorgeous photos! Let’s hope the next two months meander by :)

  29. Jennifer

    Lolly: Your photography gets better and better every day. I can barely believe those pictures were possible. The colors. The clarity. The composition. Oh my! You have such a fantastic photographic eye. It’s so much fun to watch you with your passion for photos.

  30. Anna

    Beautiful photographs, and beautiful writing too. It’s a pleasure to look at and read a post lik this.

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