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Half and Half
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Half and Half

I forced myself to finish these two socks so at least I could have a pair… albeit, not a matching pair.

Not a (matching) pair

1/2  Noro Silk Garden socks  – 1/2 of Laila’s Socks

The lovely Noro Silk Garden sock yarn was purchased before the yarn was even on the market – I lucked out at an NYC yarn shop.  The sock is a 4 x 1  ribbed pattern because I wanted something simple.  I started the Laila’s sock back in April, and just now finished sock one.  Of course, now that it is done, I am completely loving and admiring it, but I have zero desire to cast on for sock two anytime soon.  *sigh*

Breezeway Sock #1 Laila #1

I am hoping that the sock love will roll back around in time for Socktoberfest… but the thought even crossed my mind that Socktoberfest may have reached expiration. With the amazing amount of KALs and Ravelry, it doesn’t seem like there is room for this sort of thing anymore. And that is okay with me.  I would even venture to say that that takes some of the pressure off… but it also means that these socks may not get mates until the year 2012.  I am not making any final decision here… just throwing it out there.  So, if you strongly object, let me know.  If you agree, let me know too.


My sister’s wedding is about 11 weeks away, set for October 18th. (Remember their engagement story?) Quantifying it this way makes me realize that I had better hurry up and get my bridesmaid dress… but it also means that my parents’ home is becoming wedding central.  When I went over last weekend, mom and I worked on ribbons for the wedding favors, and she showed me the lovely wreaths that she finished to decorate the church windows.  Sarah’s colors are autumnal, reflecting the season, and mom’s wreaths turned out so beautiful.  She made a total of six using a twig base and synthetic leaves, fruits, and berries.  I brought over some herbs from my garden to add to the wreaths.

Autumn Wreaths

Invitation Mockup

Addressing and mailing invitations… planning center pieces for the reception… oh yeah, and I still need to get my dress and Kris needs to get fitted for his tuxedo.

I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by…

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55 Responses

  1. knittinandnoodlin

    Love Laila’s sock! And, those wreaths are gorgeous!

  2. Bex

    Laila’s sock is very pretty – I suppose it is worth the wait for the pair!

    Personally, I still think socktoberfest is still relevant. In fact, I was just starting to think forward to it today. Maybe it could have a loosely-organized format, similar to this year’s project spectrum? I also imagine a lot of people would be interested in a ravelry knitalong. Just some ideas. Of course, if you are feeling tired of the idea, or simply don’t have time that is certainly understandable!

  3. Josiane

    Your socks are great! The wreaths your mom made are beautiful, and adding in something from your garden is a really nice touch.

  4. Sarah

    Your sister has an awesome name…my middle name is spelled differently, but we have the same name! An autumn wedding is going to be so beautiful.

    Both socks are lovely, your colorwork always inspires me…I’ve yet to try it, but you make it look so easy!

  5. Emily

    Matching socks are so last season. I assume you’ll be wearing them that way with your bridesmaid’s dress? Very hip.

  6. lucy

    I could gladly wear them as pair just as they are unless you really feel compelled to knit mates before then. They complement each other!

  7. Terry

    I had to laugh when I saw this post. That’s how I avoid second-sock-syndrome. I knit one sock from one particular pattern and yarn, then another from a second pattern and yarn. When the first sock is finished, I’m ready to go back to the first yarn and pattern and I’m not bored with it. Unfortunately, this plan sometimes leaves me with four socks on needles all at the same time, but the do get completed………..eventually :)

  8. mick

    Those wreaths are gorgeous. We really wanted an autumn wedding, but being in grad school, it just doesn’t work. It looks like it will be a beautiful wedding!

  9. Sarah

    Please, please keep Socktober – last year was my first and I enjoyed it very much. I love this little extra reason to focus on the socks – and seems like you need it too ;o)

    Very exciting to see wedding central in action – what a lovely time

  10. Birgit

    Oh my, I NEED Socktober! Although I knit socks all year round I so loved it last year (my first). I don’t see how ravelry’s existance should change anything about the joy of planning an entire month around socks! I guess if it seems like too much pressure on you, you might just want to “announce” the event without actually “taking part”. (I mean: you could host the event but need not feel pressured to knit gazillion of socks!) Who says the host has to be the most active member? It just would not be the same if you didn’t host it! Have you heard of “Open Space Technology” by Harrison Owen? It’s a great way of holding meetings of any kind: “OST meetings have a single facilitator who initiates and concludes the meeting and explains the general method. The facilitator has no other role in the meeting and does not control the actual gathering in any way.” (taken from Wikipedia). The so called facilitator is the key element to get the thing up and running. But once it is on the run, the group does everything by itself. Hm? What do you say? Will you give Socktober another chance, please, pretty please?

  11. Kristin

    I think you should wear the socks as a pair – who cares about matching?

  12. Harpa J

    The sock pictures made me laugh. They reminded me of my lovely stepdaughter who still wears unmatched socks on a regular basis ( not as a fashion statement, she always loses her socks and can´t find a matching pair) although she is now married and a mother of a baby girl.

    The wreaths a beautiful. Enjoy the wedding preparations, your sister is lucky to have you to help and to take pictures of everything!

  13. Elemmaciltur

    Hey Lolly, been a long time since I commented last. Love the Laila’s sock. Your mum’s wreaths are absolutely gorgeous…and I’m looking forward to see the report of your sister’s wedding. :-)

  14. Amanda

    You know both socks co-ordinate really well with those beautiful wreaths!

  15. JudyInMaine

    I am new to knitting and enjoying your blog, I have dreaded starting socks cause everyone writes that they hate making the 2nd sock. I think you have the right idea, knit up two totally different socks to go together, this I think I can do, if I can just figure out the heel. I know you mean to make them both into pairs, but I wouldn’t have to now would I?

  16. Denise

    I love Laila’s socks, wonderful colours!

  17. Jewel

    Love your socks! I also was married in the fall its my favorite time of the year. The only thing wrong with it is that winter comes right behind it.

  18. caroline

    Those wreaths look very much like the one I made last year:


    I can’t wait for fall to arrive!

  19. mai

    the socks are lovely! i’m not opposed to wearing unmatched socks, i don’t think you should be either :)
    i can’t believe it’s already august. your sister’s wedding will be here before you know it.

  20. felinemagnet

    Each sock is lovely in its own way. I have a skein of Kureyon sock that is very bright which might get made into a small shawl or cowl rather than socks. About Socktoberfest – well, just the word is so great that even if there is not an “official” event this year I will still be making socks then.

    Your sister is getting married on my DH’s birthday! So it is an auspicious day IMO. ;-)

  21. Heather

    I think you need to put your energy where it is best spent, esp. right now. If Socktober isn’t your bag this year, then just announce it and let the Ravelry group do its magic. And both socks are lovely, when you refind your sock mojo you’ll have two more pairs of stunning socks!

  22. margene

    Since my sock mojo has skipped out on me I was a bit worried about Socktober, but might have found a way to knit one pair…maybe. Both socks are very cool and look like fun knitting. When it turns cold we might feel the need for more socks. Until then….
    Wedding preparations are a good reason to stay busy in lieu of sock knitting! ;-)

  23. Leslie

    I *love* the socks! The green one is especially beautiful. How fun to be involved in your sister’s wedding. I would love it if my sister got married — I’m enough removed from my own wedding that it would be fun again! :)

  24. Octopus Knits

    Both socks are beautiful. You can just wear them like that – what a pretty mismatched pair!

    Your mom’s wreaths are lovely – fall weddings are so nice :)

  25. snailstitches

    The Laila sock is lovely! The colors you chose look wonderful.

  26. amanda

    Oct 18 is a wonderful date…it’s my wedding anniversary. In fact, this year is our 5th anniversary! You sister picked the right year because every 5th anniversary will fall back on a Saturday (2 leap years fall in between).

    The weather was perfect for my day…60′s and sunny in Baltimore. She should have a wonderful, beautiful day :)

  27. Nadia

    That laila’s sock is soooo beautiful! What a shame it won’t have a mate for a while!

  28. Steph

    Beautiful socks! I would be sad to see Socktoberfest go, but if it’s too much to take on this year, you certainly shouldn’t feel obligated. I know I’ll be knitting up socks anyway–Socktoberfest is just too catchy a term not to!

  29. Aunt Kathy

    Socks have matches??? No one told me this!!! LOL

    The wreaths are wonderful. I bet the wedding attire is all going to be just beautiful.

    This year has flown by.

  30. Sonya

    The socks are gorgeous. My very favorite silk garden colorway! Milky and gorgeous. And the other one is a beauty.

  31. tiennie

    That’s a great pair of socks. :) Happy wedding fever!

  32. Karen

    I discovered a long time ago that if I didn’t make both my socks at the same time, the pair never got finished. I still have a single sock that I made a good 4 years ago that will probably never get its mate. I bet you’ll knit the mates eventually….

  33. Rebecca

    Please tell your mother that the wreaths are FABULOUS! Autumn is my favorite time of year and I can just imagine how beautiful the wedding will be. I will look forward to seeing some wedding pics!

  34. Sarah G

    I love your green sock especially! Seeing all of the beautiful fair-isle socks this past year on Ravelry & blogs has really inspired me to learn fair isle, and eventually knit some similar socks. Yours have only fueled the fire…

    I second all the other Sarahs in saying that your sister has an awesome name :) While my middle name isn’t Kathryn, I have a sister named Catherine… so I will also say that your mom is excellent at name picking. I got married on October 20, and also had a “fall themed” wedding. Those wreaths are perfect, and I’m sure the whole ceremony will be very photogenic!

  35. Moni

    eek! your right, this year does seem to by flying by. sigh.

    The wreaths are absolutely lovely! and so are the socks :)

  36. Mandy

    Nice socks! I try to cast on for sock number two when I finish the first of a pair. I know this simple little trick is probably well know, but for me it makes such a big difference.

    Hey! My birthday is Oct. 18! Good day!!

  37. Cassy

    I love the Laila’s sock! I’m very impressed. You chose wonderful colors.

  38. Nicole

    Pretty, pretty socks! As far as Socktoberfest goes, I think it definitely still has its place, and I really enjoyed participating in it, but I realize that it’s probably a lot of work for you, so I think everyone will understand if you let it go. Frankly, I don’t know how you get so much done, between your knitting, blogging, ravelling, PS, reading, yogaing, hiking, traveling, etc… not to mention working and the everyday tasks that I’m sure take up a good part of your day.

  39. Nora

    Beautiful post with beautiful things.

  40. stephanie

    I’ve never been involved in Socktoberfest and really can’t wait to join in for my first time – let’s at least have one more year:)

  41. lisette

    Beautiful site! Realy nice socks.. I can’t knit but I’m definitaly gonna try!!

  42. Anna

    The Laila’s sock is a work of art, and like any good art, is timeless. It can surely wait for its partner as long as necessary, and won’t suffer any ill effects for the wait! The wedding wreaths are beautiful too.

  43. gray la gran

    perhaps socktoberfest can be for knitting up the mates (no starting new socks)? that’s what i may do. i’m tired of hobbling around on a single stocking foot ;)

  44. Nonnahs

    Great socks! And OMG you mom’s wreaths are beautiful!!

  45. erin

    That’s definitely a pair of socks :) Love the green one!

  46. LeAnne

    I, too, am suffering Second Sock Syndrome. Usually I conquer it with the common trick of casting on immediately for Sock #2, but then the Ravelympics started and I had to cast on for my fair isle sweater :-)

  47. tina

    siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Dearest, you know I totally GET the wedding thing. Dealing with brides for a living does give me a sense of understanding, if not the ability to glaze over at times. What a blessing you are to your sister and family as the nuptials rapidly approach. My advice is what I give to all of ‘my’ brides……….. enjoy each and every minute, journal like crazy and add in bits and snippets of sketches and pieces so that you may remember these lovely days and be able to pass on the joy to future generations!

    by the way——— love the socks. I adore socks………. it just seems that there are other things that have been beckoning since my two at a times that were threatening to accompany me unfinished into the home for wayward knitters.

  48. Dorothy

    Both socks are beautiful although I lean more toward the simplicity of the ecru. There’s just something about a sock I can imagine my ancestors to have knit as an everyday thing.

    The wedding wreaths are gorgeous. Your Mom did an excellent job with them. If that is a sample of what has been made in the way of decorations for the wedding, it will be a beautiful ceremony.

  49. April

    Is it selfish if I want Socktoberfest, too? I am not participating in any other extrasockicullar activities and need a kick in the booty to do my socks! pretty preeeze?

  50. April

    oh yeah, LOVE the pair of socks there =) masterpieces! mwa mwa!

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