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Half and Half
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Half and Half

I forced myself to finish these two socks so at least I could have a pair… albeit, not a matching pair.

Not a (matching) pair

1/2  Noro Silk Garden socks  – 1/2 of Laila’s Socks

The lovely Noro Silk Garden sock yarn was purchased before the yarn was even on the market – I lucked out at an NYC yarn shop.  The sock is a 4 x 1  ribbed pattern because I wanted something simple.  I started the Laila’s sock back in April, and just now finished sock one.  Of course, now that it is done, I am completely loving and admiring it, but I have zero desire to cast on for sock two anytime soon.  *sigh*

Breezeway Sock #1 Laila #1

I am hoping that the sock love will roll back around in time for Socktoberfest… but the thought even crossed my mind that Socktoberfest may have reached expiration. With the amazing amount of KALs and Ravelry, it doesn’t seem like there is room for this sort of thing anymore. And that is okay with me.  I would even venture to say that that takes some of the pressure off… but it also means that these socks may not get mates until the year 2012.  I am not making any final decision here… just throwing it out there.  So, if you strongly object, let me know.  If you agree, let me know too.


My sister’s wedding is about 11 weeks away, set for October 18th. (Remember their engagement story?) Quantifying it this way makes me realize that I had better hurry up and get my bridesmaid dress… but it also means that my parents’ home is becoming wedding central.  When I went over last weekend, mom and I worked on ribbons for the wedding favors, and she showed me the lovely wreaths that she finished to decorate the church windows.  Sarah’s colors are autumnal, reflecting the season, and mom’s wreaths turned out so beautiful.  She made a total of six using a twig base and synthetic leaves, fruits, and berries.  I brought over some herbs from my garden to add to the wreaths.

Autumn Wreaths

Invitation Mockup

Addressing and mailing invitations… planning center pieces for the reception… oh yeah, and I still need to get my dress and Kris needs to get fitted for his tuxedo.

I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by…

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55 Responses

  1. courtney

    I know that Socktoberfest is something that I look forward to each year, however, if it’s a lot of work we’d all understand you taking a year off…we can all still knit socks, after all! :)
    Both socks are beautiful, but I mist admit that I love the zen simplicity of the Noro sock…it’s just so beautiful.
    The wedding preparations look great, those wreaths are fantastic…I’ll think of your sister while I run in the Baltimore Marathon that day! :)

  2. Sarah

    I’ve always thought that October is the perfect month for a wedding. Congratulations to your sister! The wreaths are lovely.

    And the socks – so very pretty!

  3. Robin

    The wreaths are beautiful! Fall colors are my absolute favorite. Great job on the socks!

  4. stacey

    that silk garden sock is beautiful. i love the neutral color. your sister’s wedding is going to be amazing – that has to be my favorite palate of colors…..

  5. Jo Ann (shamrockknits)

    We need Socktoberfest for our mateless socks–maybe a wedding theme for mateless socks!

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