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Thinking :: Doing
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Thinking :: Doing

I have been thinking a lot about the blog lately, but my silence around here shows that I have not followed through with action.  The past few weeks have been a challenge:  I got pretty sick and had a lot of questions about what was going on and what the future held… luckily, with the help of a good and experienced doctor and her solid treatment plan, I am back on the road to health.

Upavistha Konasana

My road to health involves a lot of medicine (fortunately, most of them are vitamins and herbs), daily doses of yoga (which I was uncomfortable doing for two weeks, but now I am back!), amazing fresh foods (with no additives – sugar, dairy, gluten be gone!), quality time with family and friends (Stacey was in town! Quick trip to PA to see family! Jenna is coming tonight!), and copious amounts Olympic television coverage.  That last ingredient is very important – if for nothing else than the inspiration factor.  You could say I am kind of addicted to the Olympics… I have to force myself to turn it off in order to sleep… so much so that Kris and I are already planning our getaway for Vancouver, British Columbia in 2010 to see the Winter Games!

My knitting has faltered a bit:  I had three false starts.  Grand plans for new garments, and for some reason, things just weren’t flowing, and all of them ended up getting ripped.  I even got 2 inches into a circular project before I noticed that it was twisted.  Perfect for a moebius, not-so-perfect for a pullover.  (I blame Michael Phelps and the gymnasts for this mistake.  I couldn’t peel my eyes away from the TV.) Sooo, nothing much to show.  I did start a new project last night while watching the men’s synchonized diving.  So far so good on that one.


I have had quite the introspective temperament lately, and I feel the need to embark on a journey of sorts – some sort of personal expression.  I am feeling the push in two ways:  yoga and writing.  I began to research yoga teacher training more seriously.  I think that my short sickness made me value my yoga even more.  There are several good programs in my area, I just need to choose the one that is right for me.  As for the writing, I have been feeling a push in this direction for many months.  This blog has served as a creative outlet for my writing and photography for over four years.  As I continue to write for the blog, should I also pursue other outlets?  How far should I / can I take this?  What is the next step?  Just a little of my internal dialogue for you.

Blue Dragonfly

If you read this far, thank you.  I realize that this post is a little disjointed.  I felt that a week of blog silence needed to be broken… and since my knitting and weaving are not getting anywhere, you get this stream-of-consciousness with some photos thrown in for good measure.

Photo 1: The featured asana, Upavistha Konasana (Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend), in September’s issue of Yoga Journal.  It’s a great one for the spine and leg muscles.

Photo 2: Summer rainstorm on the way home from family visit in Pennsylvania on Sunday.  It rained like crazy for three minutes, and then the sun returned.

Photo 3: Beautiful blue dragonfly in my parents’ flower garden.

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81 Responses

  1. Nicole

    Oh, no, I had no idea you were sick (I’m not good at checking Flickr). So glad you’re on the road to recovery. I admire your discipline to do what you need to get better. No dairy/sugar/gluten? I’m not sure I could pull that off!

    It sounds like this time has had some positive effects from a personal development standpoint. I’m sure that whatever path you take, yoga, writing etc.. you will do it beautifully!

  2. erica

    So sorry to hear about the illness wreaking havoc on your system. Sometimes it takes a serious illness for us to look inwards. I’ve also had to do the no dairy/sugar thing for other health reasons and I’ve come out better for it. To help with the sweet cravings, a piece of advice is to drink lemon water. Since our bodies aren’t really craving something sweet, they’re just lacking in the fulfillment of the sour flavor in our diets.

    I’m also an Olympics addict! I haven’t gone to bed at a decent hour since they started.

  3. jackie

    i am so glad you are starting to feel better! and i must say, when you write about yoga, it makes me want to try it as well. especially now, as i get older, i think i would be more open to something like that, where you become more grounded both physically and emotionally through exercise. i gotta look into that.

    the dragonfly is lovely, by the way. i took about 40 pictures of one in my friend jennifer’s driveway the other day, too!

  4. Sonya

    It’s not disjointed at all, in fact it’s quite a beautiful and inspiring post. I know that I need to continue to looking at my health and wellness choices. Must do more yoga. I think that will be my fall commitment.

  5. Anne Lindenfeld

    No apologies necessary. I understand where you are coming from, having survived a drug resistant infection this spring (hospital, drugs “of last resort”, whole 9 yards). Like you, my prescription was rest, walking, yoga, being nice to myself, lowering my expectations for myself (drop the being driven already), eating healthier, and reiki. I am pushing 50, so formulating a plan to help me live better — and liking that plan — has been such a gift!

    Your blog is wonderful, and I am an avid reader, but I sure don’t expect you to blog it at the expense of your well-being! Personally, I welcome whatever you do (for what that’s worth) or write or knit.

    Glad you are on the mend. Best wishes. Anne

  6. ulli

    glad to hear that you are doing better. isn’t it interesting how sickness (or any kind of hick-up in our daily live) gives us a chance for reflecting on where we are, what defines us. and that is a good thing….

  7. lekkercraft

    I didn’t realize how rampant Lyme disease is, but I’m glad to hear that it sounds like you’re doing much better. Here’s to a continued upswing :)

  8. Dorothy

    Lyme disease really sucks! I do hope you are back to your normal soon. I don’t know how you feel about deet, but if it isn’t something that worries you, Watkins has a great bug spray/lotion that works on ticks too. People around here use it while blueberry picking and no one I’ve talked to has gotten either wood ticks or deer ticks on them.

    Knitting isn’t the only thing interesting about you. If you want to write something else, go for it. If you never publish it, you’ll always have it to read when you are at a different phase in your life. If you do publish it, others will read it.

  9. Ann

    Beautiful post. Take your time and breathe!

  10. Lisa

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better – sorry that you weren’t feeling well. Sounds like you are on a regimen that will bring you back into balance! I’m with you on the Olympics and the false-starts. I had to rip back on a cardigan because I re-started it on the wrong size needles for Ravelympics. But the Olympics have been a lot of fun to watch! Best of luck with the yoga programs!

  11. Lin

    Lolly, I am so sorry to hear that you have been so poorly. I hope all is improving. I wish I was as flexible as you, maybe I really need to start yoga and not just occasionally thionk about it! Take care. xxxx

  12. LeAnne

    I’m so glad you’re okay!!!! Sorry you had to go throught that.

  13. Amanda Cathleen

    i’m glad that you are feeling better. : )
    i hear ya, its hard to stop watching the olympics! the gymnasts where amazing last night. wow!

  14. Colleen

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Lyme disease can be a nasty thing.

  15. Nadia

    I am so, so glad you are feeling better! Your post really struck a chord in me (as your posts usually do). I am at a crossroad of sorts as well and totally understand how you’re feeling. I think it would be so wonderful if you branched out into other forms of writing – like I said, your blog is the only one I always read all the way through. You make everything sound fascinating. You have a very special spirit, and finding other ways to express it would be a wonderful thing.

  16. Leslie

    I’m so glad you’re on the mend and getting back into a routine that makes you feel good. Your photos are amazing as always; you have so many talents! Explore those and see where it all goes!

  17. Dagný

    Sorry to hear you got sick, but very happy to hear you’re getting better. :)

    I linked to your blog from my blog, hope that’s okay. I love reading your blog, and it has wonderful photos, very inspiring!

    Continue on your road to wellness,

  18. Marilyn Terrell

    Get better Lolly! I love the dragonfly.

  19. Kate (Fiber Fever Kate)

    Lolly – so sorry to hear of all you have been going through. A friend of mine recently contracted Lyme disease so I second your statement that it IS a public health threat. The word MUST get out of the importance of educating people of this disease. Take care, will be thinking of you!

  20. stacey

    I am so glad you are feeling better! i’m sure the yoga will only help the healing process. Forest and I had such a good time when we were there. We have to do it again!

  21. megan

    I’m so glad you found good treatment and are feeling better! Lyme disease is such a scary thing. I believe I may have contracted it as a child (raising sheep and camping/hiking in northern Idaho), but the unreliable blood test I was given this year came back negative and no health professional will believe me when I try to tell them that chronic/advanced Lyme disease would explain ALL of my “unexplainable” symptoms. I just get referred to a psychiatrist. :)

    I’m happy you decided to share some of your thoughts about yoga, writing, and where you are going – it’s nice when a blog reflects that we are not static, project-producing machines, but are constantly changing.

  22. lucy

    What a clear open window to your heart and feelings. I greatly enjoyed this post. Your writing is so prolific and I have confidence that you can pursue it at a higher level. Through your camera, your crafting, travels and just life, I personally enjoy every bit of it!

    Get well completely soon!

  23. Anna

    So glad you’re finding your way back to health. I look forward to hearing about where your thoughts on new paths take you.

  24. Elysbeth

    Thank you for the public service announcement. I’m sorry it had to come from personal experience.

    Your smile definitely gives off energy, looks like you are feeling better.

  25. Gaile

    I’m glad you’re feeling better!

    You can always tell who the dedicated bloggers are, since I never feel guilty about going months without posting and yet you felt guilty after a week. Yours is a blog I would miss. Mine – not so much!

    Vancouver Olympics eh? I’m about 45 minutes away, and my daughter and her boyfriend live 5 minutes from downtown Vancouver. They are seriously thinking of moving to our place for the duration of the Olympics and leasing their place out. I just don’t know that I’m ready to have the two of them and their cats invade our space for that long!

    Btwm I love the smiling photo of you – it really does look like you are feeling pretty darn good.

  26. Carol

    Hi Lolly,

    Sorry you were struggling with your health. Have you heard about green smoothies? I started drinking those a few months ago and have been amazed at how my body feels.

    A couple books you might want to check out if you haven’t already:
    Green For Life
    The China Study

    Awesome photo of you sprawled out. I wish I was that limber.

    I, too, have been staying up late nights catching the Olympics. It’s been a fun watch.

    You will find your way to new and exciting things!! And we will all enjoy reading about your adventures.

  27. Moni

    Lolly your photos are so gorgeous! and I absolutely think you should pursue writing further. You are such a talented writer. I love reading your very thoughtful and thought provoking blog posts :)

    And I’m glad you are on the road to recovery!

  28. amisha

    lolly, i am so glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery! i am sending thoughts and hugs your way.
    your writing about your yoga practice has been so inspiring to me. today i went and signed up at the studio down the street, a 10 class card… i am really excited to start! i have been feeling the same need for introversion, for considering, quietly + thoughtfully, and i think and hope that this will really help.

  29. Snowbird

    Do what you have to do to take care of your health. If you have to put your knitting aside for a while, it is okay! We all understand that health comes first. If you have a plan, that is the first step to wellness. You have the support of your internet knitting community!

  30. Stacey

    Catching up on some blogs from when I was out of town/sick…
    I really envy your ability to write how you feel. I have a hard time ever putting my disjointed thoughts into words. I have been feeling very introverted these days, tryin to figure out what to do, about everything in life. I feel like its a turning point for me these days…but I can’t seem to figure out what to do. So, I patiently wait, hoping the answer will find me.
    Your blog, it’s writing and photography always calm me and I thank you for that.

  31. DonnaC

    I got Lyme in 2004 and it took me 2 years to get a proper diagnosis, and then another 2 years to get it under control. Herbs, vitamins and antibiotics helped. My 2 specialists (CT. and NYC) were terrific. Good luck and if you ever want to chat about it send me an email.

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