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Seed Stitch Infinity
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Seed Stitch Infinity

Feeling an intense desire to start something new, I went through the stash last week and surveyed my options.  I reacquainted myself with some of the yarns, and I rediscovered something I already knew: I have a lot of options.  Too many.  So, I just kind of chose at random.  A yarn that has been the stash for over a year, but a new pattern that I picked up earlier in the summer…

I chose the lovely purple/red Peace Fleece that I got at the festival in 2007.  (The colorway is “Moldova Burgundy”, and while it does have a burgundy cast to it, I see it more as purple – perhaps it is more red in the sun?) For the pattern, I chose the  Crotona Coat, from the Berroco #281 collection.

My creation

I really like the asymmetry of this piece.  I haven’t picked up the buttons yet, which are a key element of the garment for me.  My heart is kind of set on wooden buttons to make this a more “rustic” piece.  It would sort of match the heathery wool…

Seed Stitch Infinity

I give you about 9 inches of seed stitch – knit exclusively this week during my Olympic viewing.  (Yes, I have been watching a lot of Olympic coverage…)  I decided to make the coat shorter than the pattern – probably skimming the hips.  I adjusted some of the pattern to work with this, but I think I may have a slightly more flared edition.  To avoid seaming seed stitch later, I am knitting the front panels and the back in one piece – 200+ stitches for the 40″ size.  Surprisingly, the seed stitch is going along quite well, and I haven’t felt that it is a slog at all.  In fact, it is quite relaxing – the rhythm of the stitches in and out.

…Now back to the Olympics and to endless seed stitch!

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  1. t does wool

    this is divine-I love seed stitch,but at one time, just about everything I did encompassed that stitch in some way-I had to detox…I think I’m ready again!!!

  2. Steph

    I really like this cardi, and the little blue flecks in your yarn. Can’t wait to see what it looks like finished.

  3. Nicole

    Such an incredible colour. It will look divine with your golden hair.

    And I ADORE the lines and pattern of this cardi. Seed stitch heaven!!!

  4. penny

    It’s funny (?) how certain stitches and pattern lines grab us and beg us … but only at certain times. I avoided both garter and seed-stitch until recently where I seem unable to get enough of either. I generally prefer perfect symmetry, but certain asymmetric patterns have grabbed my eye. I agree I think a nice wooden button would be beautiful with the yarn and the stitch texture. How beautiful!

  5. Aunt Kathy

    That’s a great coat… and I agree wooden buttons would be perfect

  6. Kara

    Oh, that is going to be so lovely. And what a perfect pattern for an Olympic junkie. (I can’t get enough either!)

  7. tiennie

    Wow! That is going to be really lovely!

  8. yvette / overanalyzer

    very pretty. seed st drives me crazy, i find that the continual switching of the yarn from front to back slows me down too much. oh and good call on shortening the coat – much more flattering that way (especially on ppl like me that have hips).

  9. Bells

    i admire your fortitude. That’s A LOT of seed stitch but I think it’s so worth it.

  10. Leslie

    beautiful yarn! can’t wait to see it all worked up. i admire your devotion to seed stitch — it can get on my nerves after awhile. :)

  11. Hope

    it will be lovely but looking at those seedstitch pics is giving me flashbacks to knitting Roam… NEVER AGAIN!

  12. Jenn

    I just finished the Minimalist Cardigan and I just couldn’t get people to believe that that moss much stitch can be relaxing. It really was!

  13. whitney

    I really love that yarn. And I love all the seed stitch, too…very nice! I’m eager to see how it turns out!

  14. Josiane

    Your version of this coat will be lovely! In my opinion, making it shorter than the pattern calls for will make it even prettier than the original. The yarn you’ve chose is beautiful, too; its colour is really interesting.

  15. Amanda Cathleen

    that is a pretty purple! your coat is going to be lovely

  16. Kristen

    Beautiful! I love seed stitch so very much – it really does have a certain beautiful look to it. Your color choice is great.

  17. Kelly

    I love seed stitch! I really find the rhythm much faster than stockinette.

  18. stacey

    that is beautiful – I love all those heathery/tweedy type colors. The shorter edition will look great on you! You have the flair for it!

  19. Harpa J

    The color is really lovely – this is going to be a great coat.

  20. lekkercraft

    That’s a pretty choice. I’m a fan of the seed stitch pieces I’ve been seeing recently, and your mods sound like they’ll be really nice. Where do you find your wooden buttons?

  21. Heidi

    I can’t wait to see your version when it’s done. I’ve grown to love seed stitch, there’s an easy rhythm to it and it lays so nice and flat.

  22. Lin

    What a gorgeous pattern, but I am afraid the seed stitch would put me off! Well done for sticking at it. Your mods sound like they will look good.

  23. Sarah

    That promises to be a really beautiful piece. Hurrah for the Olympics to knit to :o )

  24. jillian

    That will be gorgeous in Peace Fleece. I have avoided large seed stitch projects, as much as I heart that stitch, because I think I would lose some of my sanity :) Good for you!

    BTW – just today I discovered an Etsy shop that sells beautiful handcut, hand polished wooden buttons (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=22786). I want.

  25. mai

    i love the asymmetrical look of the coat as well! but i still think you’re crazy for doing so much seed stitch :) i can’t wait to see it all finished!

  26. Debra

    Love that pattern and the yarn is gorgeous…

  27. Sonya

    I was just writing about booklet #281 and while doing so, thought, I really should get this. Now you are going and cementing the deal! The seed stitch looks lovely with that yarn, yummy blue flecks!

  28. Tara

    Oh THAT is a beautiful pattern + yarn combination! Your picture reminds me of undulating waves…perfect for PS!

  29. lynette

    oh stop!!!! that is going to be GORGEOUS! you don’t mind if i make one, do ya? besides i’m in chicago. we’ll never see each other. ;)

  30. margaux

    i love this coat!! ahh must have the pattern… now! girl, i hear you on the endless seed stitch… i did an afghan in it, god bless continental knitting!!

  31. laura b

    Glad that you’re enjoying the seed stitch… it looks stunning!

  32. Nonnahs

    That’s going to look amazing!! I must admit, the thought of that much seed stitch is kind of overwhelming, but the result is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see yours.!

  33. Poppins

    Incredible colour, Lolly! I wish I had things like that just hanging out in my stash.

    I love seed stitch, too. There’s a really enjoyable texture and rhythm that play off each other. Not to mention the fact that seed stitch makes just about any yarn really show off it’s stuff.

  34. brenda in toronto

    ooh – i can’t wait to see this one finished! i would do a cropped version too, so i’m curious to see how yours turns out :)

  35. knithoundbrooklyn

    what a beautiful color and the choice of pattern is fantastic. Agree with you on the wooden buttons! I am interested to hear your reactions to the yarn! Peace Fleece has been one of my temptations!

  36. Lynne

    Fabulous coat, Lolly. Berocco is doing some great stuff these days.

  37. Jenna Pink Monkey

    I’m so glad you’re making this, I love it soooooo much! The color is so lovely. I can’t believe you’ve done 9 inches already – lots of Olympics! Your words about the seed stitch are reassuring to me, because you know how I feel about it….Keep up the good health and the good knitting. xoxo

  38. tina

    the yarn is so pretty and the sweater/coat is magnificent. Can’t wait to see what buttons you choose, I agree it is going to be key.

    Seed stitch? It has definitely received bad press. I’m currently only doing an 18″ inset piece for Brea Bag so it is a walk in the park compared to yours!

    Can’t wait to watch it progress!

  39. Nell

    OMG- that’s a LOT of seed stitch! Good luck to you!

  40. Anna

    It’s looking beautiful. I love the look of seed stitch, but the endless rib on the Pomatomus socks I’m working on now, and the concomitant aching wrists it gives me, makes me wonder whether the same would happen knitting this much seeding.

  41. mary lynn

    ok….. this is the most beautiful coat I have ever seen. I expect you to have it ready for me to wear when I get there in October.!!!!!

  42. Jewel

    I must be one of those crazy people that loves seed stitch. I love the purple red and what a great pattern.

  43. Jane

    The color of your yarn is absolutely gorgeous and should be stunning for the coat. I love the way seed stitch looks, too, but that is a LOT of seed stitch! Looks like you’re off to a great start!

  44. ulli

    what a great color! and i am loving the pattern.

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