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Tomorrow morning, I will be heading to the west coast for an archivists conference in San Francisco.  These work conferences are a time to mix business and pleasure – especially when events are planned in such a fun city.  I have a whole load of vegan/raw restaurants to sample, as well as some exhibits/shows I want to check out at museums and galleries.  I even found a yoga studio near my hotel that looks like a nice treat.  Meeting friends, touring… and oh yeah – by complete coincidence, I swear – my hotel is only a few blocks down from ArtFibers - on the same street even!  So, I have all of those things to look forward to on top of the titillating discussion about metadata, cataloging, preservation, and archival processing :)  

Lolly @ Twin Peaks 

This is a photo from our (brief) November 2006 trip to SF, and I am looking forward to seeing the city through my (better) camera this time around…  and no, unfortunately my camera lens is not as big as that telescope up on Twin Peaks.    (Funny, I barely recognize myself with the long hair!)

California has made the family news lately too:  my brother-in-law got into graduate school, and he and my sister will be moving to the Monterey area next spring.  So, the bi-coastal thing may be happening more often in the coming years… something to look forward to!

Have a lovely weekend/week, all!  

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  1. lynnewio

    Have fun! I was in San Francisco last month and it was fabulous having a whole slew of restaurants where I could order *anything* on the menu. The only problem is that now I seem to have a problem making a decision when I have that many options! Sort of like when I’m in a yarn store, I guess.

    Speaking of which, I stayed a few blocks from Artfibers, too (but in a B&B), and it’s such a nice store. I’m sure you’ll have a great time. SF is a fabulous city. Plus, you’ll definitely get a workout from all the hills.

  2. jane

    Happy travels Lolly! I’ve always wanted to go to SF. Why did they have to put it (or me, I guess!) so far away?! I’ll have to go vicariously through your photos. I bet there are some really great and healthy places to eat there, too – you’ll have so much fun! It sounds like a great trip – enjoy :)

  3. gleek

    enjoy your trip to SF! what a great city :) i wish i could have spent more time there when we went.

  4. Leslie

    Wuh-hooo! Can’t wait to see you. :)

  5. Heather

    You should try to hook up with my buddy Wondermike who does the Y Knit podcast when you’re out there! He’d love it:)

  6. Anna

    Have a great time! San Francisco is one of my favourite US cities – I look forward to seeing pictures of your trip!

  7. Martha H

    You lucky duck!

  8. (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    Have fun in SF! And if you end up becoming a frequent Monterey visitor, I hope you blog about it. I’m not that far from Monterey and I’d love to meet you in person over tea/knitting some day!

  9. Margit

    I love ArtFibers. For me, it’s only a 45 minute drive, but I hardly ever find myself getting up there. San Francisco is so close, yet so far away. Have a great time! I wish I could join you…

  10. Nadia

    I love San Francisco! Have a wonderful time!

  11. Josiane

    Emjoy your trip! It sounds like you’ll have a great time!
    I’d be interested in reading about your vegan/raw restaurants sampling when you’ll be back – if you feel like sharing, of course.

  12. claire

    Oh have a great time! Artfibers is luscious, but you should try and make it to Imagiknit as well, and then go to Samovar Tea Lounge across the street.
    and when you come to visit Monterey, let us know, there’s a great knitting group in Monterey waiting to greet you!

  13. Ingrid

    Have fun in SF! I would love to go there one day.

  14. Sonya

    Hey Lolly, SF is my town! Speaking of Wondermike, I am having him and his fellow Y Knit podcaster Hizknits and others over for a knitting brunch on Sunday – if you could swing it. I live near ImagiKnit.

  15. Aunt Kathy

    Ride on the Trolly once for me, OK? But you have to hang off the end and say “Rice A Roni… the San Fransisco Treat” LOL Doesn’t that sound like fun?

  16. Meg

    “by complete coincidence”…? mmmm-hmmm.

    Have a great time!

  17. connie

    Coincidence? Right… ;)

    The Monterey area is lovely. Your brother in law and sister are so lucky to be moving there!

    By the way, after listening to you and Erin go on and on about Project Runway, I watched 4 seasons in 2 weeks. You’ve totally got me hooked!

    Enjoy your trip.

  18. Jenna

    I hope that the beauty of San Fran will help keep your spirits and good feelings going. I’m so glad that you’ll finally get to Artfibers, it’s the best! I also saw that there’s a Frida Kahlo show at the SF Moma, which would be great fun to see. Safe travels and enjoy yourself!

  19. Gaile

    Have fun! I hope the weather treats you right.

  20. cici

    i wanna go back to san francisco too!:( I didnt get to stay long enough last month. Take some great pictures for us! :D

  21. Moni

    yay! SF! Have a fantastic time!

    Monterey is a gorgeous town, too. Great visiting opportunities there :) . I really miss living down there.

  22. sixoneseven

    Happy travels! If you make it over to Millenium for a bite to eat, do report back on how it is :)

  23. Jo

    Not such a bad place to go if you *must* visit your family ;)

  24. Nell

    YAY! If you’re in SF, you should definitely try to get to Imagiknit!

  25. Nicole

    Sounds great! Have fun and tell us all about it when you get back, k?

  26. felinemagnet

    It sounds like you have gotten a lot of energy back! I visited SF as a teenager and had a blast, I’d sure like to go back again. Hope you have a little knitting packed, maybe one of those pretty socks? Have fun!

  27. tiennie

    Have a great time!!

  28. yvette / overanalyzer

    and what kind of things are discussed at an archivist conference? oh to be a fly on the wall. come back with a full report, please!

  29. Kristen

    SF is just a wonderful place. I love living close enough to visit the city on a regular basis, and I’m always excited when other people get to come and share the love.

    What’s making me sad now is the realization that I’m just across the Bay and I’ve never been to ArtFibers. Something is wrong with this.

    I hope your trip is fan-diddly-tastic and that you have enough time to really explore the city!

  30. Jody

    Have a fantastic time in one of my favorite cities!! I love the Golden Gate park – smell a flower for me!

  31. Margarita

    Lolly, how good to see that you are recovering!!! Good for you!! I love your new project. That coat is beautiful. and your trip to SF. OHoooo!!! enjoy it!! walk for me on those streets and look at the bay. Take care. I will be waiting for your pictures and ” if you are going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”…. probably you have never listened to it it is so old!! and if you are going to SF, …..

  32. courtney

    Have a great trip Lolly, I can’t wait to read about your adventures and see the photos (and yarn) when you return.

  33. Jewel

    My hubby and I spent four days in Monterey last October and its just beautiful. I love all the old houses down on the bay and they have a great knitting shop. There is one bad thing, my hair does not do well in California.

  34. Amanda

    Wow! Your ‘work-related’ trip sounds like the holiday of a lifetime! Have fun!

  35. stacey

    Have a wonderful trip! San Fran is one of those places I’ve always wanted to go!

  36. Nonnahs

    Have a great time in SF! And, on one of these upcoming trips you will need to come to Southern California for a visit! :)

  37. Sarah G

    Have fun in San Francisco! I am willing to be that the food will be amazing. Good food + yarn = a guaranteed good time!

  38. mai

    monterey is one of my favorite cities in california! san francisco is also right up there. have a great time! it’s funny – i didn’t recognize your long hair either!

  39. Caryn

    Sooooo jealous you will be so close to Artfibers! I was in SF two weeks ago, and the only day during our trip that I could have gone there was a Sunday, and they are colse on Sunday. So…before you leave, memorize their hours!! ;)

  40. Kristin

    I know I should have been an archivisit – then I’d go to archival conferences instead of boring academic ones :)

    Can’t wait to hear your tales when your back…

  41. Ruth Ann

    Miss your posts. Hope you are well.

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