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Long arm or short sleeve?

The Jacquard Pulli has once again fallen by the wayside as I ran into a little snag… Either I have the arms of an orangutan, or the pattern is just too short.  I think it is the latter. Rebecca patterns, as beautiful and innovative as they are, have a notorious reputation for errata.  With the advice of some Flickr comrades, I have decided to extend the cuff a bit, but also extend the brown color band at the top.  The key concern is matching the Fair Isle work with the body of the garment, and accounting for the stitch count in order for the colorwork yoke to begin.  It should be a pretty simple fix, and I am hoping that it will look acceptable too.  As you can see from the magazine photo, there is already a large color band above the colorwork on the sleeve; I will just be adding a little bit more. 

This sweater has been hanging around the stash in one capacity or another since the end of April, and I have set my sights on finishing it up by the end of this month.  It will be a lovely garment for fall and winter (I hope) and with only one sleeve remaining and the yoke, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.  The colorwork really zips along once I start working on it – especially with the aid of a good audiobook. I never have a shortage of those to choose from!

The Crotona Coat - renamed Moldova because of the yarn color – is moving along so nicely.  Thousands of seed stitches all coming together in a very wearable garment.  The yarn is knitting up well, and the coat is taking shape so quickly!  I realized that I had better blog about it once more so that I didn’t have a finished object to show you without any progress shots!

Moldova Coat 

Only a sleeve and half remain, plus the finishing details of picking up the small collar stitches and adding the buttons.  It will need a light blocking too to even out some of the decreases and increases along the sides – seed stitch tends to bunch up a little when doing subtractions and additions.  It feels like I saved a lot of time with this coat by knitting it in the round – and it made so much since to do that instead of trying to seam it up later.  Once I got to the armhole and neckline decreases, I worked each part separately (back, left and right front) and after the three-quarter length raglan-style sleeves are complete, it will be quickly completed.  Mine is shorter than the version in the pattern, but still skims the hips and falls right above the thigh. 

…now I just have to decide which buttons would look best

Could I have TWO finished garments in September?   it is quite possible!

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35 Responses

  1. stacey

    Great solution to the sleeve problem. Hopefully the body won’t be too short also! The purple of that coat is stunning – you look great in it!

  2. Jewel

    I know about sleeve problems but they can worked out. I love, love your coat its going to be so cute. I may have to give that pattern a second look.

  3. mick

    Bummer about the sleeve, but it seems like you’ve got a good strategy for fixing it. Love the coat, too. Such a fantastic color for fall. Can’t wait to see what they look like completed!

  4. Harpa J

    Both projects look great and will be great fall/winter pieces.
    However – given the shortness of the sleeve – you have tried the body on carefully right? I would also try the yoke on along the way, just to make sure.

  5. whitney

    I’m so eager to see how your Jacquard Pulli turns out with your modifications! I always have to lengthen sleeves, because I really *do* have the arms of an orangutan.

    I love the color of that coat! I can’t wait to see it all finished up.

  6. Heidi

    Two soon-to-be finished garments….nice!!! I bet they’ll become nice staples in your wardrobe.

    That sleeve is gorgeous. I’m sure the end result will be fab. :-)

  7. claire

    I so adore the richness of that purple on you! These are both going to be fabulous, and so wearable. You’re making me really itch to do some colourwork too!

  8. mai

    the sleeve looks great despite the length issues. i still can’t believe you knit all of that seed stitch, but it looks great so far!

  9. melissa

    two beautiful garments! i’m knitting a sweater in peace fleece right now, and i agree, it’s absolutely lovely.

  10. yaiAnn

    You know.. I just had a thought. Hold off on fixing the sleeve and start knitting the body first (or did you already do that? If you did ignore this comment entirely). What if the body ends up short or longer somehow and you’ve already fixed the sleeve, it may not match anymore. … oh and another thought.. you could just leave the sleeve entirely alone and have 3/4 length sleeves if that suits your fancy.

  11. Jody

    I love how that coat is coming out! I’m not sure if I’d have the patience for seed stitch myself. But I love how it looks!

    The long wooden buttons are just amazing! You know I’m in a button frame of mind lately :)

  12. Victoria

    They are both looking lovely. I am curious about the audio books, having never listened to one before. Are you able to recommend a good source? I have seen them in my local library but only on tape and I no longer have a tape player!

  13. Mome-rath

    Oof. See, this is why I’m still terrified, all these years later, of attempting a sweater. You’re handling it all in stride though (can you see me frantically taking notes here for when my day of reckoning comes?). Keep going—that color work is going to look great on you!

    Love the seed stitch piece, too, and it’s super-flattering! Do you think it would work for someone like me, who has a substantial bust?

  14. Karen

    I think the sleeves will be perfect with your solution. The color work looks great!
    The Crotona Coat looks wonderful! You’re brave…that’s a lot of seed stitch!

  15. Amanda

    The Crotona coat is going to look fantastic! The purple works really well with your skin tone. I know seed stitch can be a real pain to knit, but it’s definitely been worth it in this case!

  16. Heather

    Oh that purple is just amazing on you:)

  17. knittingkel

    Those are both so beautiful! You have really good taste when it comes to picking out projects and yarn. I can’t wait to see the two finished objects! That must feel so nice to be that close to finished for the two projects.

  18. Anna

    They’re both really lovely garments. I agree with other commenters, the purple looks lovely on you. I do hope your fix for the sleeve length works out ok!

  19. Margarita

    Yes, manhy of us think the same. That color looks really great on you. I have already told you I love the coat design also!! I am glad to see you are doing well. I saw some of the SF pictures but only the onew on the page. Still could not go to see all of them. Oh beautiful san francisco. I can tell you had a wonderful time. Good for you. Take care. bye now

  20. Cassy

    Those look great. I’ve never had a Rebecca pattern that I didn’t have to make some change to to look like the photograph.

  21. Josiane

    The coat will be stunning! The colour is beautiful, and fits you very well. I can’t wait to see the finished piece!

  22. Bells

    My God that’s a lot of seed stitch. But worth every bit of it, that’s for sure. Beautiful.

  23. lekkercraft

    Both are looking great! I think I’m partial to the Moldova coat – I just love all that seed stitch :)

  24. Jenna

    Since I feel like I’m knitting on a slow boat, I’d be thrilled for you/jealous if you finished two sweaters this month! With the changes that you’re making they’re both certain to be utterly fabulous garments. I’m especially excited to see the coat – you know how I love it!

  25. ulli

    i think the sleeves will work out just fine. and what i see so far, oh man this will be a good looking sweater!
    the moldova coat color looks stunning on you!

  26. tiennie

    Beautiful knits Lolly! I love how you always look so pretty too!

  27. Nicole

    They both look so promising and pretty!

  28. Sarah G

    I looks like you’ve been busy! I don’t think there’s any question of you being warm this winter :) I love the color of your jacket, that’s probably my most favorite color.

  29. Ande

    Lolly, that purple looks stunning on you! 2 FO’s in one month?! It can happen! Go for it!

  30. Allegra

    they both look great. i am especially in love with your Moldova!

  31. Lin

    I would have despaired at that sleeve! The coat is looking beautiful, what a great colour.

  32. Mia

    I am loving the Moldova sweater. That color suits you.

  33. Cara

    that eggplant colour is gorgeous on you!

  34. Nonnahs

    The coat is looking fabulous! The color is amazing!

  35. péitseoga

    gee, that is some error in the sleeve! do they not test patterns before they publish? on me that would not even reach my elbow ( i do have the arms of an orang utan…)

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